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November 30, 2003



The irrepressible Heather Harris, who was, if my memory has not congealed into Marmite, a planner in the New York office, is now a personal coach! And to all of the visitors to the JayDay website, she makes this fantastic offer ...

Have you been showing up as your best self this past year? Would you like to know how to work smarter instead of harder? How about getting around to doing what you REALLY want to do next year? And starting to living the life you really WANT TO live?

A conversation with a professional Coach can move you closer to ALL of this for the coming year! There is a complementary Coaching session on offer for the first 5 people to respond to : coachhh@aol.com. Location and time difference not an issue - Coaching can be delivered in-person (in Manhattan), by phone, or by email.

November 28, 2003

Debra Chiat


It is fantastically coincidental that today, just before heading off to revisit the Dia:Beacon Museum (to which Jay was a benefactor), I received an email from Jay's daughter, Debra, who lives in Italy. Here's is a gorgeous photo of her with her family.

Says Debra: The non-profit organization that Alfredo D’Angelo (my husband) is responsible for - The Human Life Project - has set up humanitarian help in many parts of the world: Cambodia, Burma, the Sahara, Pakistan, and India, as well as the gypsies here in Rome. The program consists mainly of creating schools, (often building or reconstructing), building wells for drinkable water, selling crafts here in Italy to create self sufficiency, micro credits, health programs, etc. It has been such and important part of our lives, and the experience for me as well as my children of living in the villages has been incredibly enriching.

To view the Human Life Project website, click here and then click on the link for Oki Do Human Life Project.

Greener cars


The end of the year is when people traditionally buy new cars. Use the Greener Car website to see how your choice helps or hurts the environment.


November 24, 2003

My that Turkey is moist

At my house Thanksgiving happens one to two ways...the first is that during the general hysteria no one turns on the oven and we have dinner around 10:30 PM. I am sorry to say that some of us are drunk by this time, so we don't much mind.

The other is that some smark aleck person turns on the stove when they should (which no one is prepared for) then becomes engrossed in coversation (probably something I am saying..because I am drunk and facinating at this time), and the turkey is only remembered when the smoke gets to the TV room.

Well Jones Soda now offers Turkey and Gravy Soda. Perfect for any holiday meal. And the proceeds go to Toy's for Tots. They've sold out in the stores, get your case today!


Gobble gobble!

November 22, 2003

Lisa Shelnitz found


Well, I must say that Lisa Shelnitz looks better holding a cocktail glass than I do.

Lisa was at Chiat/Day in the Human Resources Dept. from 1988-1993. Where has she been all this time? In that toddlin' town, that toddlin' town. Says Lisa, "I moved to Chicago about 8 years ago and worked at Hal Riney/Publicis for 6 years and now I'm at Euro RSCG Tatham. Please tell everyone I may know that I said hello." Consider it done, Lisa.

By the way, people often ask me,* "Steve, how can I get in touch with all of these fabulous people who keep turning up on this website?" Well, the easiest way is to click on the Comment link underneath this very entry and type your message. Not only will it be posted on this website for all to see, but I will personally forward your message along to Lisa to make sure she gets it.

* no, they don't actually, this is merely a rhetorical device and you fell for it! Suck-ah!!!

Words, words, words

teen angstrel: noun; 1. an angst-ridden popular singer
dialarhoea: noun; 1. inadvertent dialing of a cell phone in a pocket or handbag
dataveillance: noun; 1. surveillance using computer data

Welcome, all of you copywriters out there, to the world of the American Dialect Society.


November 20, 2003

A plug for Five Points Fitness


An old friend of mine, Kevin McGrath, has opened a new gym called Five Points Fitness. It's on Broadway, between Howard and Grand, just a few blocks south of SOHO and NoLIta.

I went to visit it today and take the traditional gym "walk-through." Just look at the improvement in my physique! That's the old me on the left, holding my favorite objects: a cocktail glass and a cake plate. That's the new me on the right. And that's just after the walk-through! Imagine what I'll look like when Kevin's finished with me.

If you're looking for a new gym and a great personal trainer, contact Kevin ...


(He's one of the funniest people I've ever met.)

Visit the Five Points Fitness website.

November 19, 2003

Alum sightings

Ran into Bob Perkins at Tuesday night's performance of the new Broadway musical "Wicked." Our verdict of the show? Two green thumbs up.

Ran into Jane Newman in Union Square today. (She refused to let me take her picture with my digital camera I just happened to have in my bag.) Jane now spends most of her year in Nairobi, Kenya, where she is involved in AIDS awareness and prevention.

November 17, 2003

Inventions of the Year


From iTunes to third-world water purifiers to getting the fish in your aquarium to glow in the dark. Browse through Time Magazine's Coolest Inventions of the Year.


November 16, 2003

Brent Thomas

Thomas Family.jpg

I got an email from Brent Thomas (class of '77-'84) the other day and, after some prodding, got him to provide this fantastic photo of his family. That's his wife, Jane, on the far right, with Claire, Amanda, and Henry.

At C/D, Brent was an art director (Lee's assistant and eventually assoc. creative director.) He worked on Yamaha, Pioneer, Nike, etc., etc. and finished up with Apple (the "1984" spot was his--along with Hayden and Clow). Brent's writers were Tom Ziegler, Brent Bouchez, Phil Lanier, Steve Hayden, and Penny Kapousouz. (Now there’s someone I’d love to locate. Does anyone know where Penny is now?)

Says Brent, "I bailed in 1984 to direct commercials--which I am still doing (at Greendot Films, along with Marc Chiat, among others.)"

November 14, 2003

Architects on film


I grew up in America's most satanic contribution to modern architecture: a trailer. View image (Yes, I'll admit it, I'm trailer trash!)

Any interest or taste I now possess for architecture is a direct result of Jay's influence. Today's JayDay feature alerts you to the fact that there are currently two independent films about architects playing in theatres now.

""My Architect" is a documentary about Nathaniel's Kahn's quest to discover the hidden life of his father, the architect Louis I. Kahn, who, when he died in a men's room at Penn Station in 1974, left behind many beautiful buildings (such as the Bangladesh National Assembly (above) and, it was learned later, several illegitimate children.

"A House on a Hill" is a fictional drama about an architect, Harry Mayfield (played by Philip Baker Hall), who is asked to develop a house on the site of what was to have been Harry's own dream home, which he lost in a tragic fire that also claimed the life of this son.

November 13, 2003

Rob Pellizzi finds himself!

Chiat/Day vets are turning up at a dizzying pace. Just today I received an email from Rob Pellizzi, a media maven in the New York office. Says Rob, "Well here I am, now working at TV Land and Nick at Nite... it's been a bit over eight years now." Welcome to the website, Rob!

It's somebody's birthday today!


Let's all have an e-sing-along. Ready? Everybody!

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, Adelaide Horton, happy birthday to you!"

November 12, 2003



A new personal transportation vehicle from Canada may challenge a market Segway currently owns exclusively. This one actually looks like something even George Bush would look good falling off of.


More alums

Three more alums have been found:

Zach Rosenberg, who was a media director in LA and worked on the infamous "Chrysalis" committee with me. [Chrysalis suggested that in the next decade, a company's ethical stance and social responsibility would be a critical component of their survival and success. Silly us! (Enron) What a dumb idea. (Tyco) It'll never work. (Putnam)]

And Joe Sosa! This one's going way back. Joe and I worked together in print production back in the Biltmore years.

And Laura Langdon was lost but now has been found. (Thank you, Kris Becker, for "turning her in!"

Joe, Zach, and Laura: click on the Comment link and let us know what you're up to these days! Inquiring minds want to know!

November 10, 2003

Job from hell

Read this job description, then get up out of your chair and go hug your boss.


Ugly and banal


No, we're not talking about Liza's ex. We're talking about your living room.

Most consumer electronics brands are so focused on studying their competitors' products (benchmarking) that they forget about where their products are going to end up; as part of the customer's life, part of their homes.


More alums found!

More and more ex-C/Ders are discovering this website!

Welcome Martin Grant! And Jack Ginsberg provided me with contact info for Julie Nakagama. (Thank you, Jack!)

Martin and Julie: please click on the Comment line and let us know what you're up to these days. (And for the benefit of everyone, tell us what you did at Chiat/Day and when you were there.)

This is a good opportunity to explain how the Lost and Found list works ...

When I started this website, I received a list of contacts from Adelaide Horton and Roseann McNulty. It was the same list that was used to issue the invitations to Jay's memorial in NY. I also culled some names and email addresses from the emails that Carol Madonna in LA sent out about Jay's memorial.

The list was obviously incomplete, because hundreds and hundreds of people worked at Chiat/Day over the years. Sometimes I had absolutely no idea what the person's name was because all I had was their email address, not their full name. Sometimes I had a name, but no email address.

From these fragmented sources, I slowly started to build the "Lost and Found" list on this website.

If I had a name and a valid email address, your name was placed in the "Found" section. If I had a name but no valid email address, your name went into the "Lost" section. If I had a valid email address but no name, your name might not appear in either the Lost OR the Found section. (How would I know, for example, that hotdad242@aol.com was actually "John Doe?")

So this is the lengthy story of how the Lost and Found list got created and why it is so incomplete.

If you know of the email address of someone who worked at Chiat/Day whose name is in the Lost section, please send me that email address. If you remember someone's name, but don't know their email address, send me their name and I will put them in the "Lost" section.

November 09, 2003

The Three Segalls


Here is a rare photo, taken just a few years ago, showing not one, not two, but three Segalls!

That's Ken behind the shades. He was a copywriter at C/D for many years (his work for Apple was legendary.) He now works for the agency I just love to phone, just so I can hear the receptionist say the company name: Messner, Veterre, Berger, McNamee, Schmetterer / Euro RSCG.

Susan worked in the LA office during the Biltmore days and was the first office manager when we opened the NY office in 1980. (When Susan and Ken were married at the Municipal Courthouse in NY, our one client, the ad manager from Suntory, was the best man.)

And that's their adorable son, Jeremy.

The Super Bowl of Spec

This just in from Reuters:

Indie Agency Auctions Super Bowl Ad on eBay

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Throwing out a long-shot resembling a Hail Mary football pass, an independent advertising agency has offered to develop a Super Bowl commercial for the highest online bidder at eBay, starting at a price of 99 cents.

Independent advertising agency Boone/Oakley, which has yet to create a Super Bowl ad, said on Friday it would devise three concepts for a show-stopping commercial to air during the Feb. 1 National Football League's championship game.

Watch the bidding on eBay
Visit the Boone/Oakley website

More lost lambs are found

More and more ex-C/Ders are finding this site, either through word-of-email or through search engines. They check the Lost and Found page and when they see their name among the Lost (or if they don't see their name at all) they turn themselves in!

Case in point:

- Ty Montague, Desiree White, and Bobbie Hershfield, all of whom now work for Weiden + Kennedy;

- Carrie Berrong (now Carri Berrong Estok) (Carrie, please click on the Comment link below and let us know what you're doing these days!)

- Lori Schrader, class of 1983 to 1987/88(?) (Lori, you too, kid. Add a comment to tell us what you've been doing for the last 15 years!)

- John Odean worked in the mailroom at the old LA office on Olympic Boulevard in the late 70s. John was an old home-town friend of mine and of Eve Luppert. I had hired him to clean out the basement in order to help prep us for the move to the Biltmore, but on his first day, Sharon Stanley grabbed him and put him in the mailroom. John is now Senior Pastor at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship Central in Millersville, Maryland. He and his wife have seven - count 'em - seven, children.

November 07, 2003

Pass The Corn And Dip Your Bill

It’s a foggy night in Frisco.
You stand in a dark alley, in a trench coat a fedora
You light a cigarette

You look up, blow out the match and say…

At a loss for words?

Twists, Slugs And Roscoes, a glossary of hard boiled slang may be jake when you run into that butter and egg man.


November 06, 2003

Open Video Project


The Open Video project offers nearly 2,000 videos from a
variety of sources. A series of classic television commercials
capture old-school advertising, while close to 500 documentaries
tackle everything from golfing on the moon to the story of Hoover
Dam. Go further back in time and watch short films made by Thomas
Edison in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

View just the old ads
View the whole website

NPR Grant

National Public Radio will receive the largest donation in its history, a cash bequest from the will of the late philanthropist Joan Kroc (the widow of McDonald's founder Ray Kroc) of about $200 million.


November 03, 2003



Greetings from Savannah, GA, home of one of the world's largest design schools, The Savannah College of Art and Design. The campus is unique in that it is spread throughout the city.

Founded in 1978, SCAD, has more than 50 facilities throughout Savannah -- many of them architectural treasures that have been preserved by the college -- located throughout the historic and Victorian districts of Savannah, including classrooms, theaters, studios and galleries, computer labs, film and television production studios, photography darkrooms and digital imaging labs, residence halls, book and supply stores, dining halls, an extensive, library and office space.

Visit SCAD's website.