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April 29, 2004

Cindy Holden


So there I am, crossing 8th Avenue and 22nd St. with my new camera cellphone in my pocket, when who should I run into but alum Cindy Holden. Here she is, folks, slightly out of focus but still as bubbly as ever.

Cindy worked at Chiat/Day NY in 1985 as Assistant Office Manager. (She remembers the year specifically because she was expecting a baby, who is now a college freshman!)

She will celebrate 20 years of marriage to DJ O'Neill next month. Since she left Chiat Day she has worked as an actress, a fundraiser and a mother of two sons - Travis (the 19 year old college freshman) and Patrick (12 year old middle school student). Cindy moved to Chelsea fifteen years ago.

She is currently employed as Parent Coordinator at the Clinton School for Writers & Artists where her son is in the seventh grade.

April 26, 2004



"Stockstock" is online Woodstockian festival of stock photography. Entrants receive a 30 minute tape of stock photography. Your mission? Create a coherent three-minute film using only those images. Some of the past winners can be seen by clicking here.

(Requires a high-bandwidth connection and Quicktime 6, which is available on both PCs and the Mac.)


P.S. 41 Auction and Gala, Friday, May 7th at the Masonic Hall, 71 West 23rd Street, NYC, 7:00-11:00 PM. A benefit auction and gala where important works by Jill Giegerich, which were donated by the estate of Jay Chiat, as well as works of Warhol, Rauchenberg, Roland Roure, Robert Indiana and others as well as couture clothing, watches by Breitling, jewelry by Reinstein/Ross, autographed Memorabilia from Derek Jeter, and so much more will be auctioned. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Information about the auction can be seen by click here.

P.S. This just happens to be the school that the daughter of Annie the Flower Lady goes to!

April 25, 2004

Jay Chiat Scholarships

Got an email last week from Bob Kuperman, who says ...

The spirit and life force of Jay was alive and well on April 15th, as his wife Edwina von Gal, Christine Donahoe and myself went to Rutgers University for the first luncheon with the recipients of the first Chiat Endowment Scholarship Grant.

The students were fascinated to hear about Jay and very thankful for Jay's generosity toward the school and themselves. It was a wonderful experience for all of us telling "Jay "stories laughing, crying and feeling more than ever how much we miss him and what he provided for each of us.

This will be an on-going program and I'm sure Edwina joins me in inviting more people who knew Jay to attend next year.

love Kupe (C/D LA '87 - and forever)

P.S. For those of you who did not know yes Jay actually graduated from Rutgers.

You can find more information about the scholarship program here.

More alums "turned in"


Thank you to Ami Hasan, who is in Finland, for "turning in" Luiz Sanchez, is in Brazil! Luiz worked at Chiat/Day NY in the beginning of 90s. He is currently Creative Director of AlmapBBDO in Sao Paulo, which, according to Ami, is the most creative agency in Brazil.

Nancy Sueflow, who worked in corporate accounting in Venice Beach, turned herself in. She now works at Jefferson Wells, which, according to its website, is a global provider of professional services in the areas of risk, controls, compliance and financial process improvement.

And Zach Rosenberg turned in yet another alum, Rob Siltanen, who runs his own company now named, appropriately, Siltanen Partners. (Those pictures above are from Rob's portfolio.)

April 20, 2004



I received an email the other day from Maria Abraham, the wife of David Abraham, who helped run C/D's London office before founding St. Luke's Advertising.

Maria was running in the Flora London Marathon in aid of the Family Welfare Association and was asking people to pledge money on her behalf.

What caught my eye was the website Maria used to collect those donations. "Justgiving" enables small charities (like perhaps your favorite charity) to collect donations for fundraising events from marathons to walks to weddings.

Alas, the Flora London Marathon is over (how did you do, Maria?)

But if you'd like to set up a website for your next fundraising event, click here.

April 18, 2004

Laura Gonzalez/Gary Sanchez


The real vets of Chiat/Day LA are the ones who can say "I worked at the Biltmore." Who should turn up in my mailbox the other day but just one of those vets, Laura Gonzalez, who is married to another C/D alum ...

Remember me, Laura Gonzalez? I worked in the LA office from 1981-89 (Biltmore to Venice). I started out as floater and when I left I was account supervisor on Nissan. I met my lovely husband, Gary Sanchez, at Chiat/Day and we are still happily married and living in Long Beach, California.

Gary and I have two great kids. Molly, 12 and Tyler, 9. We both still work in related fields. Gary is at Colby & Partners as Director of Production and I am doing marketing consulting.

The photo is of all of the Sanchezes on a holiday in Lake Mead. Welcome Laura and Gary!

Life Balance


Decisions, decisions. Should I work today on writing The Great American Novel or should I alphabetize my spice cabinet? Should I do something to promote world peace or should I read "Entertainment Weekly?" Life Balance is a piece of software designed to help you answer these probing questions.


April 16, 2004

Font Fetish


Are you into Bondini or bondage? Play naughty quizes involving typefaces on this interactive site. But watch out: your answers had better be correct or you're going to be punished.


April 13, 2004



A massive online collection of global contemporary character designs, categorized by artist, country, style, and character.


April 09, 2004

Word and Picture in a Media Age

Art directors may be interested in this essay by Camille Paglia, who insists that today's youth no longer have the ability to see and process still images.




Google News aggregates news stories from hundreds of sources and, after calculating the frequency with which particular stories appear in various news sites around the world, displays the headlines accordingly. (In other words, a headline that appears in 100 newsites will be displayed more prominently than a headline that appears in only 50 newsites.

Newsmap crunches that information one step further. It represents the "popularlity" of various news stories visually, letting you see how the media around the world reveals its particular bias. See what India considers more newsworthy than Germany, for example. Slice and dice using countries, categories, or even time lines.


April 06, 2004



Repeat after me: "Must have this gadget, must have this gadget." Fuseproject is a product design studio responsible for, among other things, this sexy new Toshiba laptop.




An ingenious new way of marketing to the kiddies: a CD placed into the lid of a soft-drink cup.


April 01, 2004

The best of mates


Are friends the new family?