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May 28, 2004

More alums found

from the Sterling Group website

Mike Sweeney writes ....

I stumbled upon the Jay site while doing some research re advertising. I was only at CD NY a short time, but after all these years, seeing all the names brought the memories back.

I was a media planner at CD from '93-95. Worked at FCB as an account guy then shifted into ethnography.

Thanks for the reunion site. Good stuff.

Mike is a senior vice president and senior ethnographer for the Sterling Group.

And welcome Monte Zator, who worked for Tom Patty. Monte ran the Nissan/Infiniti Regional Network business. He worked at Chiat for 7 + years and left in 1999.

Nigel Carr

This just in from San Francisco: a party invitation from Nigel Carr. Where? Says Nigel ...

june 5th between 4.00 and 7.30 at cafe royale (post & leavenworth) much bigger things to celebrate this year than just my birthday come by for early evening drinks and late breaking revelations with jackie and nigel and plenty of nice happy people we like a lot



please let us know if you can come and please rsvp as '1' or '+ 1' so we know how many finger sandwiches to bring in ;)


May 25, 2004

Dede Dalton's b-day!

Dede Dalton McMahon

Let's have the first-ever JayDay website sing-along. Ready? Sitting right there at your desk, let's all lift our voices in song. Everybody:

"Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy BIRTHday dear Dede,
Happy birthday to you!!!"

May 24, 2004

Coots cum laude


Laurie Coots writes ...

And some people have kids graduating from college! For those old-timers, you’ll remember him running around the Biltmore offices in the evenings during pitch rehearsals, playing on the floor with his “He Man" action figures.

When Bob Wolf moved to LA, Christopher walked up to him and said “you’re new here aren’t you? They’ve got candy by the movie people!” (referring to the Venice Beach Editorial sweets bowl.)

When Jay so generously helped me swing a nanny, I must admit thinking that it was about getting the FisherPrice décor out of the offices. The kid’s a fledgling screenwriter now; not aspiring, because he has written several scripts, but fledgling because he hasn’t sold his first one yet. But I’m not proud of him or anything.

- Laurie

[Here's what I can't figure out --- all of us who worked at Chiat/Day are as young as we were when we worked there, and yet the children seem to be getting older. Amazing! - Steve]

May 20, 2004

Jane and Merry

jane.jpg merry2.jpg

On May 13th, Elena Salij hosted a cocktail party in her fabulous Washington Square apartment for two C/D ex-pats who just happened to be in New York at the same time: Jane Newman and Merry Cutler-Baskin.

A veritable Who's-Who of C/D alums were in attendance, as these snaps will demonstrate ...

Note: As a memory aid, I have chosen to use women's last names as they were when they were at Chiat/Day.


Marty Cooke and our lovely hostess, Elena Salij


Dede Dalton


Lauren Turner and Bill Hamilton

bob copy.jpg

Bob Horne


Rosemarie Ryan's husband, Ben. (Rosemarie was in Mexico.)


Heather Harris


Adelaide Horton, Roseanne McNulty, Dede Dalton, and Tom Carroll

Robin Danielson, Jane Newman, and Heather Harris

Scott copy.jpg

Scott Lukas


Stephen Walker


Lorraine Arado and Mary Maroun

May 17, 2004

Jon Shrair


I finally pestered Jon Shrair sufficiently to get an updated bio from him. He writes ...

I'm a Group Account Director at Margeotes, Fertitta + Partners where I've been for 11 years since leaving C/D. I handle a number of different businesses ranging from financial services to information (content) companies to candy, and I still really love what I do. Over the years I've come in contact with a lot of old friends from C/D, many of whom have passed through MFP; I'm always reminded of what a great place it was to "grow up" and of all the great times I had there.

I have two great kids - Joshua (8) and Harrison (6) - and a wonderful new woman in my life who I've been seeing for the past year and half. I'm staying busy. I'm staying healthy and fit (I ran my first 10K a few weeks ago and plan to train for the NYC Marathon). And, I'm playing as much golf as I possibly can. All in all, life is good.

May 16, 2004

Tim Weldon

timhope.jpg marihope2.jpg

Sometimes alums just vanish for a while, then magically reappear one day in my inbox. That's what happened to Tim Weldon. Says Tim ...

When I saw Gary Nelson on jayday.org, well, I knew it must have at long last become the hottest site on the web.

For those who want an update, I'm living in the Boston suburbs and working as a copywriter at a small agency on Newbury Street. My wife, Mari, and I have a 20-month-old daughter named Hope (photos attached from Xmas and Easter).

I miss life at C/D and have worked at five agencies since leaving in 1996. Just can't find anything that compares. And account executives often grow weary of me telling them "if we were at Chiat/Day this shit wouldn't be tolerated." (I leave out the fact that I was a Media Planner at C/D.)

That's all for now I guess. Gotta get back to churning out mediocre work.

Best to all.


May 13, 2004

Muay Thai


In my continual quest to get outside of my comfort zone, I will be attending a competition of Thai boxing this Friday night at the old St. Patrick's Cathedral, 268 Mulberry Street. The event is being sponsored by my new gym, Five Points Fitness. Why don't you join me? (The last match I attended was crammed to the gills with SOHO and NoLita hipsters.)

Not only will you be able to see a bunch of sweaty men and women kicking each other mercilessly (yes, people outside of advertising do this too), there will be demonstrations of Thai food and Thai culture. Tickets are $25. (Ringside is $50) Call (212)226-4474 for information. Doors open at 7pm, with the first bout at 7:30.

May 10, 2004

Another Reedy!



Jim Reedy and his wife, Astrid, are the proud parents of their second child, and it's another girl!! That's a snapshot of Zane Mei-Li up top, and one of Marley and her new little sister on the bottom.

Says Jim ...

Zane Mei-Li Reedy was born April 20 at 12:53 AM in our home. She was 7 lbs, 4 oz and 20 1/4". The home birth was planned with a midwife attending, which was a good thing because the labor was so fast we never would have made it to the hospital in time. It's been almost three weeks and we're running short on sleep, but otherwise everyone is doing fine.

Congratulations Jim and Astrid! With all the trouble in the world right now, I find it extremely comforting to know that additional "Reedy DNA" is being replicated!

May 08, 2004

Robert Petkoff


Robert Petkoff, the husband of C/D NY alum Susan Wands, shown recording the Original Broadway Cast album of "Fiddler on the Roof," which is currently playing at the Minskoff Theatre.

Robert plays Perchik. That's Laura Michelle Kelly on the left, who plays Hodel. She'll be going to London soon to appear in the lead role in the new musical version of "Mary Poppins."

May 07, 2004

Visual Record

©Shawna Scherbarth

"The Visual Record" is a spectacular online photo album of travel photography. Don't miss the section on Southeast Asia and the "Lomowall," a series of photographs taken with a Lomo, a hand-cranked Soviet era film camera with manual focus.

The photographer is Shawna Scherbarth, who is so unassuming there is no information about her on her website. The photos, however, speak volumes.


May 06, 2004

Roxanna Karsch

Another alum has turned herself in! Roxanne Karsch worked in Broadcast production in the New York office from 1988 to 1997. She is Roxanne Karsch Palin now, and the mother of three children, ages 5, 3 and 7.

STEP Design Competiton


C/D Alum Ty Montague (who now works at Weiden) will be one of the judges of this year's STEP magazine design competition, which will proclaim the year's most "provocative and daring" ad campaigns. But hurry, entries must be submitted by May 15th.


May 04, 2004



An average household spends $5,000 on utilities and gas per year. The Meta-Efficient website can recommend the most energy-efficient appliances and fixtures. You will not only save money, you will help decrease our dependence on petroleum, electricity, gas for heating and cooling, drinking water and sewage utilities.


May 03, 2004

Christine Barrett


Yet another alum has stumbled upon this website: Christine Barrett!

I was in NY from 88-90. I started on the switchboard and left as the creative manager. I heard about a "Jay Day" that was observed in NY, and that there was a site....Googled it and here I am! I really miss all the characters running around the offices at 79 Fifth Ave. Those were the days!

I work at the newly formed marketing services division of Burnett called Arc. I love living in Chicago and am active in animal rescue. I've attached a photo of me and my rescued pit bull, Henry.

Lisa Shelnitz, also of C/D NY, is at JWT here. We are trying to round up some folks to have a Chicago Jay/Day.

This is a wonderful site. Reading it has brought back so many memories. It's true, we are all connected by Jay. This is a real tribute. Thank you for creating and maintaining it.

If you'd like to contact Christine (or any other alum, for that matter) send a request for info to Steve Alburty (note email address at the top of this page) and I will forward it along to the person you'd like to contact.

Due to privacy and spam concerns, my policy is to not post anyone's contact information on the site, or to give out anyone's contact information. What I will do, however, is forward your request to the desired alum and I will then let them get in touch with you, if they so choose.