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August 31, 2004

movie classics in 2004 time

don't have time to sit through the classic movies? Well, here is someone who has edited some of the greats down to a tidbit. And the casting will make you hop hop hop.


August 27, 2004

Neilan's ball #1

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

First of all, I didn't come up with the name for this posting. When Dede sent me her box of pictures, there was a group of photos with a yellow sticky on it saying "Neilan's ball."

I presume this is the evening on which Neilan rented a recital space at Carnegie Hall and gave a one-man concert.

Finally, let me remind you that my brain is basically mush. I cannot remember dates, names, or faces. So forgive me if I can't remember who is who. It's nothing personal. I depend on all of you to click on the Comment link and add your guess as to who everybody is.

Neilan's ball #2

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #3

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #4

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #5

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #6

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #7

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #8

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's ball #9

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Neilan's Ball #10

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

August 25, 2004

Macher goyems


Steve Alburty, Eve Luppert, Robert Petkoff, and Susan Wands onstage at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway following a performance of "Fiddler on the Roof." (Robert, Susan's husband, plays "Perchik.") We are attempting to do the famous "bottle dance" from the wedding scene at the end of Act One.

Steve, Eve, and Susan are not only all C/D alums, we all grew up in the same home town, Spokane, Washington. Go know!

Evert Eden


See Evert Eden (we knew him as Evert Cilliers) do 20 minutes from his notorious one-man show:

A Fast, Frisky, Filthy Farce about Sex and Love.

This side-splitting show takes a subversive look at love, with stopovers at the organs we use to commit it. Special attention is paid to the way women and men behave, and how that spoils everything.

August 25 Wednesday 8 pm
NY Solo Play Lab
at Where Eagles Dare Theater 347 W 36 between 8 & 9 Ave

Other performers:
Claudine Bryant will present a 30-minute segment of her solo show “Temporarily Yours.”

Jim Sutton will present his work in progress, "Birds Fly South"


August 22, 2004

Eve Luppert Flashmob!


Click here to see photos from the August 20th Jay/Day flashmob for Eve Luppert.

August 20, 2004

The Lupperts off-Broadway


Eve Luppert and her family at last night's thrilling performance of "Spare Change" at the New York Fringe Festival. From left to right, that's Aileen, Eve's niece; Pauline (Eve's niece who wrote "Spare Change") and John "Jiggs" Luppert, Eve's brother and the proud parent of the playwright.

August 16, 2004

Spare Change? You did!

I heard from my niece Pauline that her production company recieved over $500 from my friends at Chiat/Day. She swears she couldn't have done it without you...and looking back over the years, I find that neither could I! Thanks so much for making Auntie look so good! (Opening was Saturday and I hear it was well recieved...of course).

I hope to see millions of you at the Old Towne on Friday night. I'll be at the show on Thursday night so get to the OT early before I get real drunk and braggy!

Here is the schedule of the show,

Saturday, August 14 at Midnight
Tuesday, August 17 at 7:30pm
Thursday, August 19 at 5:45pm (see many lupperts at this performance)
Wednesday, August 25 at 3pm
Saturday, August 28 at 10:15pm

SoHo Playhouse
15 Vandam Street
New York, NY 10013
Tickets: 212-279-4488 or 888-FringeNYC

August 15, 2004

Eve Luppert Flashmob!


Don't forget: this Friday night in New York (August 20), at 6:30 pm, there will be a flashmob in honor of a visit to our fair city by Eve Luppert. See you at Old Town, 45 E 18th St.

Name that party!

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

From Dede's vast collection of C/D ephemera comes this series of photos from a Christmas party. Can you identify the year and the people? Click on comment below to add your ideas. And if you'd like to see a larger version of the photo, click here. (It may take a few moments for the photo to appear. The size is about 768k.)

August 04, 2004

Go away Denzil!

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

A picture of Denzil Meyers. The note, which Dede has been saving in her treasure trove of C/D ephemera all these years, was from Robin Danielson (now Robin Hafitz), who was apparently on the phone and saw Denzil's inisistent face peering over the cubicle divider.

August 02, 2004

Nigel Carr

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Circa 1990. And you know what? I'll bet Nigel still looks this young.

August 01, 2004

Rosann Calisi


A photo of Rosann Calisi taken at Ogilvy LA's company picnic last week. Says Rosann ...

... by the drink in my hand you'll see that maybe things haven't changed since the old Chiat days after all!

Rosann starts work at Deutsch LA in a few weeks.

Dave Koza

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

From 1990 (I believe), a candid snapshot of Dave Koza in his element. Where is Dave today?

"I am a film editor and partner at Mackenzie Cutler working on tv commercials and am fortunate to run into many Chiat alums working as directors, creatives, producers, account people etc."