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October 26, 2004

Happy Birthday Jay


1025 was the entry code at 79 Fifth because it was the one day Jay could remember but Jay never acknowledged his birthday. "Happy Birthday Jay" was greeted with a grunt.

So...let's start a rumple by remembering Jay's birthday!

PS Steve Alburty stopped by in Rome to visit with Debbie Chiat and will give us a full report on his return.

October 25, 2004

Halloween 2!!!!!

chiat invite 1992.jpg

Scot Blakely's Halloween Photo Contest is in its final round. Please take a look and post your comments on these INCREDIBLE costumes.

Click the link below to see the pictures


chiat 8.jpg


chiat 9.jpg


chiat 10.jpg


chiat 11.jpg


chiat 12.jpg


chiat 13.jpg


chiat 14.jpg

October 18, 2004


chiat invite 1988.jpg

Scot Blakely has sent along some Halloween pictures from C/D NY. Can you guess who they are? Post a comment and let us know. If you can't remember, it is probably you!

More to come...

1. Chiat 1.jpg

2. Chiat 2-2.jpg

3. chiat 3.jpg

4. Chiat 4.jpg

5. chiat 5.jpg

6. chiat 6.jpg

7. chiat 7.jpg

October 05, 2004

Alburty Goes to Venice


Steve Alburty is taking a well deserved vacation from the jay/day website and has asked me to fill in as web editor (ok, Eve won't do it. You know how balky she can be). From October 11-November 6, please do NOT have a baby, get married, take any pictures, get a new job or any event that will require me to actually have to do any web editing. If you just can't control yourself, please send me an email at adelaidehorton@yahoo.com and I will post it.