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February 22, 2005

Susan Wands


Chiat/Day alum Susan Wands (from our stellar MIS department) will be guest starring in NBC's Law and Order on Wed., March 2nd. Consult your local listings for time and channel.

Architectural Mercy Killing


When the makers of a new British TV series about Britain’s ugliest buildings invited viewers to nominate the eyesore they would most like to see demolished they were hardly prepared for a request to flatten an entire town.


February 18, 2005

Viral Tracker


If viral marketing now has a website for tracking viral marketing, is the marketing still - well, viral?


February 17, 2005

Tiny Houses


Architect Jay Shafer describes why he founded Tumbleweeds Tiny House Company ...

I live in a house smaller than some people’s bathrooms. I call my tiny home Tumbleweed. My decision to inhabit just 100 square feet arose from some concerns I had about the impact a larger house would have on the environment, and because I just do not want to maintain a lot of unused or unusable space.


February 16, 2005

Sara Leiman


There isn't a week that goes by that another former C/D-er doesn't show up in my mailbox. This time our alum is from C/D San Francisco, an office that has not been as well represented on this site as it should be. But former media planner Sara Leiman has magically appeared to help correct that deficiency ...

Lord knows if anyone from the mid- 80’s at C/D has kept in touch.

I worked with David Yoder and Camille Johnson in the media department for several years in the San Fran office; worked on Apple, Intel, 3M and on and on and on!!! It was really wild.

I was at C/D in San Fran for about 5 years, left to return to NYC for a few years as Research Director at a biz magazine (Venture –went under the in the early 90’s with the last recession). That brought me to the Washington, DC area as Media Director at a large B to B agency, Stackig Advertising and Public Relations. I’ve been here the last 11 years. A few years ago TMP Worldwide acquired Stackig, then TMP acquired Monster; so now we’re all a division of Monster.


Welcome to the website, Sara!

February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!


An assortment of creepy images for the second spookiest holiday of the year.


February 13, 2005

"Gates" flashmob


8:30 a.m., Sunday, Feb. 13, 2004: A jayday flashmob in Central Park to celebrate the installation of Christo and Jean Claude's "Gates." That's me, Steve Alburty, in the Norma Desmond turban, and on the right is Laurie Coots, director of worldwide marketing for TBWA. It was Laurie who came up with the idea of having a flashmob, and it is Laurie who asked, upon arriving at Central Park at 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, "Can you have a flashmob of two?"

I'd like to thank Laurie for giving me, the night before, a stash of Provigil, which let me, the world's greatest insomniac, get up at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning!








There was a brief moment on the roof garden of the Metropolitan Museum when I thought we'd run into Adelaide Horton, but it turned out it wasn't.

February 10, 2005

My card, my Wang


I was cleaning out a drawer and ran across this proof of my nerdiness, a membership card for the International Society of Wang Users. Remember the beloved old Wang computer?

(In Condoleezza Rice's Senate confirmation hearings, she referred to the State Department's outmoded computer systems. ""People are still using Wangs ... not that there's anything wrong with Wangs.")

February 06, 2005

More and more alums

Two more additions to the "found" list ...

John Denny, who worked in the NY office as an AE from 1989 to 1990 on Royal Caribbean and CNBC, and Jay McPhillips, who worked at Chiat/Day in 1995.

Kevin Hyman

Kevin Hyman, that host with the most, has been found in Michigan!

I just came across this website ...brings back wonderful memories of a special time, place and man. I no longer live in chelsea...left for Michigan in 2002..back home...loved nyc , but did not want to grow old there....felt I was aging fast. I bought a home on a lake. circa 1880 greek-revival in a "cute as punch" town with a cute name.......Paw Paw. I plan to open my own restaurant on the site of an old winery ..(this is wine country.. michigan style) this spring. Looking at this name list you have compiled reminds me of all the parties I hosted at my apartment on 19th street...with all the great photos I have kept. Fond regards........kevin

Dave Goldenberg

This just in to JayDay Central from alum Dave Goldenberg ...

Hi, Steve. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It's all coming back to me now. Slowly.

After a considerable search, I found myself here in Connecticut, where I
have an agency called The Dave and Alex Show. We work mostly with media
clients and do a lot of brand and content development.

I was a group head in NY from 90-92, where I worked on Shearson and helped to lose the Chemical Manufacturers business. Before that I was the creative director of Anderson & Lembke, an agency Jay won in a poker game.

I spent much of the last decade working in kids TV, and have made some short films, most recently for Nickelodeon. But my bread and butter is still helping my ad clients keep their jobs.

Saw numerous C/D alums at Nick, including Rob Pellizi, and recently bumped into Steve Friedman at a meeting for my AOL client (he's at BBDO). Still keep in touch with my old partner Sheri Olmon.

I bump into Lisa Scroggins from time to time up here in Ridgefield, who is married to Jonathan Lee. Lisa is a successful ceramicist.

All in all, I feel pretty good for forty-eleven.

Dave Goldenberg
The Dave and Alex Show


February 03, 2005

Charlie Bidwell


Who is that "ecstatic photographer" on ArtForum's Top Ten list? Our own Charlie Bidwell!


February 02, 2005

Hire her or else

I received the following spam today, presumably because I am the webmaster of the JayDay website and therefore, or so this person thought, I might have some sort of sway as far as hiring at ad agencies is concerned.

I found it amusing, and just a wee bit disturbing ...

Employment at Mother

I am a young, adaptable, creative, motivated, cute, producer. I have been blessed with the skill of being able to bolster anyone's confidence convincingly. I can ass kiss so well that you aren't aware when I am doing it. I can morph myself into any personality, depending on the client. If you want edgy, I am edgy. If you want flirty, I have that too. Gay? Not a problem, I make an exceptional cheer leader for that side too. If you want soul sister, hip hop, angry, sarcastic, bitter woman..I am all those and more (again depending on clients need). I do not drink, I do not do illicit drugs. I have proudly weened myself from concerta, a powerful stimulant (who knew?). I have just started yoga and have quit smoking as well.

By a mere twitch of an eye muscle I can get vendors to drop their costs by a substantial amount. I speak Italian, I cook Italian...what more can I offer?

Attached is my resume. If this particular resume isn't interesting (doubt it) I have more.

Thank you for your interest,

Actually, no resume was attached. But nice try, Anne. (For those of you unfamiliar with pharmaceuticals, "concerta" is used to treat ADHD.)