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March 28, 2005



A new website will publish your digital media for free ... forever. Welcome to Ourmedia, a "free, not-for-profit effort to create a global home for grassroots media." The founders hope that the site will become a repository of shareable digital media, including documentaries, student films, grassroots political advertisement and artwork.


March 24, 2005

Travis Winfrey

I got this email from Laurie Coots back on March 12th and thought I should share it with the jayday community ...

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in my drama last night.

Apparently when I got out of the cab from the office late last night, my wallet fell out into the street.

It was found by this amazing kid named Travis Winfrey who lives in Harlem, is 18, a model and an actor, and is NEVER on the East Side.

He saw that I was from California and found my little “important contact” numbers card and called Lee. Lee called Tom, who I’ve just found out was asleep and dreaming that Kathleen had lost her credit cards. Tom started calling me at all my numbers thinking that my purse and keys had been stolen and I wouldn’t have a place to sleep.

Meanwhile I was at the 24 hour gym, completely oblivious to the fact that I could have been so screwed had my wallet fallen into the wrong hands – lots of cash, all my credit cards, not to mention my Starbucks card and Eros’ doggie daycare ID card. In other words, my life.

When I got home from the gym at 11:30, I got caught up on all of the messages and talked to Travis. He met up with me today in the office, where my team and I gave him a standing ovation and I gave him an iPod and a check for his trouble. I thought he was going to cry he was so happy.

I just wanted to share this because it was a life affirming, pay it forward moment.

March 23, 2005


One of the interesting perks of running this website is that when I send out a mass mailing, I get "bounce backs," which tells me that someone's email address is no longer valid. One can only wonder why, sometimes. Here's one I received today, which requires no explanation:

{shona.seifert}; originally to shona.seifert (unrecoverable error) The recipient 'shona.seifert' is unknown

Kristin Beizerman

Welcome home to lost alum Kristin (Momary )Beizerman, who was at Chiat/Day LA from '98-'03.

March 22, 2005

Thorn Tree Project


Jane Newman would like to invite all jayday readers to attend an important benefit for a philanthropy in Africa that Jane has long supported: The Thorn Tree Project, which provides schools for nomadic tribes. You can read all about the project by reading this pdf file. Or, if you don't have Adobe Reader, here is an encapsulation of the invitation:

The fourth Clodagh Bring!Swap!Buy! sale for the Thorn Tree Project in Northern Kenya

March 31st from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The Benefit will be held at the offices of Clodagh Design at 670 Broadway in New York City - 4th Floor.

What is the event? Think of it as a Swap Meet of like-minded folks (with as fabulous a sense of style as your own!) who have amazing things to share with others. Bring your “junk” which will no doubt be someone else’s “treasure.” Clothes! (The Prada that doesn’t fit. The Dolce & Gabana you could never quite pull off. The Armani jacket your friends don’t want to see again.) Objects d’art that ... well, you’re tired of. Books you’ve read and want to share with others. Glassware. Art. Photographs. Furniture. And so on. Heck, whatever you can carry! Also please bring something to eat or drink for our festive Pot Luck Buffet/Bar (wine, spirits, beer, veggies, chips and dips, appetizers, etc.) so we can all snack and sip while we shop!

Finally,we’d also appreciate at least two cans of food for the homeless. Most of all, bring whatever cash you can spare and your check book so you can buy lots of stuff that others bring in!

About the cause: Jane Newman, during an ill-fated Land Rover delivery, was accidentally introduced to the Samburu Tribe in Northern Kenya. Jane, being very friendly, stayed with the tribe while waiting for a new wheel for the previously mentioned Land Rover. She was immediately won over by the kindness and generosity of the tribe members. The tribe had a school that was ill-equipped and ill-attended. Through her work with the tribe, and the establishment of the Sereolipi Nomadic Education Trust (the Thorn Tree Project) the number of children attending the local primary school in Ndonyo Wasin has gone from 34 to 200 in just 5 years. This benefit goes directly to the education of the Samburu children — there is NO OVERHEAD that comes out of the donations. What we are working towards:

This year, in partnership with the local tribal leader, the project has decided to undertake a very large task. There are now 150 of the nomadic school children boarding at the school and there is an urgent need for dormitories to be built — currently we have 93 boys sleeping in a single room on scraps of plastic matting on the cement floor. We need two new fully equipped dormitories — each one will cost $11,000 each so that is $22,000!!! We are committed to raise it at our next event and to do this we need your help. Please come along — with more than 1,000 things to buy we guarantee you will walk away with a bargain and your money couldn’t be better spent! We’ll also have other ways for you to make cash contributions to the overall effort. Every dollar counts and we’ll show you how each of yours will be used.

To learn more or to make a direct contribution if you’re unable to attend, please email newman@warwick.net for additional information and to add your name to our very special mailing list!

Lynn Sosa


Guess who was in New York this weekend? Lynn Sosa! (Some of you may remember her as Lynn Petrulas.) She worked at C/D in LA at the original Olympic Boulevard office and then at the Biltmore Hotel. Lynn was head of traffic. I had dinner at Ollie's in the theatre district with her and her husband, Jeff Parkin, and her mother, Shirley Rensel. Lynn and her husband are both teachers, and Shirley is a retired teacher. (That's me in the tie, by the way.)

We both remarked on what an incredible impact Sharon Stanley had on our lives by hiring us!

March 21, 2005

Lisa Scroggins

2chameleon bowl.jpg

Another alum has found herself through this site: Lisa Scroggins

I was the studio manager in NYC from 91-93. Prior to that I freelanced in the studio and worked at Bright and Associates from 89-91 on the 17th floor. I am married to Jon Lee.

Lisa now makes her own ceramics, like the lovely piece shown above. You can visit her website here.

Gary McKendry

I got two hot scoops from Scot Blakely that I've been meaning to post for a long while now ...

Reports Scott:

Scoop #1: Upon coming home last night and tuning in to the Oscars at 10-ish, just as they were announcing the nominees for Best Short Live Action film .... I hear the name Gary McKendry! As they zoomed in I recognized him immediately! If you recall my Halloween pictures, he was the one dressed as Julius Caesar! The film - "Everything in this Country Must" Congrats to Gary!

Scoop #2: Ann Lapham is re-married and living in Mexico!

Lisa Wellington

Got an email the other day from another lost alum: Lisa Wellington.

I worked in media planning at Chiat for two years starting the week before the virtual office in New York. While I'm on the client side in Chicago now, I do go to NYC on a fairly regular basis and have managed to keep in touch with a few of my old Chiat friends (usually during upfront week).

March 20, 2005

Eve's house


Sorry for the dearth of postings recently. I've been on a long automobile trip down South. I stopped by Charlotte, NC, to visit Ms. Eve Luppert, who has just bought her first home! She even threw a dinner party for my birthday, where I got to meet all of her fabulous Charlotte friends. (Thanks again, Meg, for the incredible coconut cake!) Eve is the director of Human Resources for Landdesign.

March 18, 2005

Mark Boutte

And this email arrived a few weeks ago from Mark Boutte ....

I was feeling nostalgic and typed Chiat+Day into google and came across your site. I was part of the Toronto office in its early days (before moving to the base of Spadina), I think I may have been one of the first 10 employees.

I was the account exec on Nissan, hired by Michael Schedlich - Chuck Phillips was heading up the office. I was there for 2 years before moving to Saatchi to work on Toyota.

Amazing days - I left FCB for C/D, the Acc't Director warned me, 'just so you know, it's a creative driven shop'... at that point I knew I made the right decision to go.

March 17, 2005

Joe Palladino's birthday

It has been brought to my attention by his good friend, Hazel Kahan, that St. Patrick's Day was also the birthday of the late Joe Palladino.

March 11, 2005



Friday March 11 is Steve's birthday. Steve is on his way to North Carolina to celebrate with Eve Luppert in her newly purchased home.

Happy Birthday Steve! Eat cake!

Please send your birthday wishes to Steve through email or comments.

March 08, 2005

Play ball!


Here's alum Ken Segall at spring training camp for his beloved Detroit Tigers.

Brainstorming areas


Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools website is one of my favorite sources of suggestions for products and services that are extraordinary. He has been featuring several ideas for brainstorming surfaces, and since you're all people with stormy brains, I thought you might enjoy these product ideas.

Visit Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools.
See the item shown above.

March 03, 2005

Tokyo Street Style


Want to know what the Japanese fashionistas are wearing this week? (And I mean, this week.) Check out Tokyo Street Style.