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June 29, 2005

Irina Heirakuji

Does anybody know where Irina Heirakuji has vanished to? Her TBWA address bounces back, and someone is trying to contact her in order to have her do some freelance planning work. If you know her whereabouts, write to me at ...


This is the advantage, by the way, of providing me with your home email address. Not that there's a high turn-over rate in advertising or anything.

June 27, 2005

Kelly Smeltzer


I received an email back in June from the fabulous Kelly Smeltzer. I've been hanging on to it for a while until jay/day was over. And now here is Kelly to start our summer season with a bang!

Hello Steve -

i worked in the NY office from 1989-1992... i was a traffic manager working on rosann calisi's team then moved briefly into production with peter "pony" franke before heading off to the wilds of utah. i mostly worked on reebok but was part of the new business team under the creative direction of the infamous dick sittig.

even played on the C/D volleyball team where jon lee and lisa scroggins fell in love! :) dug dave koza, tommy scherma, scott blakely (and his awesome halloween parties), graham clifford, mary king, stacy osugi, lisa & jon, rosann, rodney pringle (my first friend), peter, john doepp, bruce ascher, bobby lamb, shira (i'm sure i'm forgetting tons of people)...don't get me started on the creative teams and the rest of the studio crew...loved them!!!! like steve fong who made me say, "i am spartacus, i have come to free the slaves" with my finger on my chin making a dimple before he would let me into his office.

still have my red beach bike we got some year for christmas and my cherished red bound book of jay chiat sayings.

here are a couple of current pics. i threw in a halloween one for fun (yes, i still dress up), one of me (curse those "rabbit eyes") and one of my "babies" (Madison Clover, Tucker James and Jencie Easter). don't want to make my email longer than needful but do want to tell what i'm doin' these days. when I'm not wrangling my kids, I run marketing for high-tech companies and do some freelance copywriting on the side.
thanks for creating and maintaining this site!!


kelly smeltzer (morris)



June 26, 2005

The orphanage and the Honda

Alum Doris Berry asks for advice on how to entice Honda to somehow embrace the idea of helping an orhanage in Guatemala ...

My Jay Day deed: I called Rubin Postaer to try to get Honda to help this orphanage out. (I'll explain.) The nice fellow I spoke to (Pen Pendleton, another C/D Alum) very kindly advised that contact Honda's PR person directly, and I will. But... today as I read through the recent postings I see that many are in philanthropic pursuit. Maybe if you find this interesting, you can either advise me or post it so others can advise me how to proceed. I.e.: What do I do now?

[Click on "Continue reading ..." to see the rest of Doris' story]

Here we go: I have this great good friend, a drop-dead gorgeous 32 year-old single surfer-girl-woman with chutzpah and an affinity for adventure. We met on my last quest and became really good friends, age difference notwithstanding. (I can still dance a mean Pony...)

My friend was driving to Argentina last year from Vancouver, BC. At a campsite on her ramblings before she hit Argentina, some folks (she described them as aging hippies) told her about the orphanage and asked if she wanted to come along and help them out. She agreed to go for a week or so and ended up staying several months. (Never got to Argentina this trip.)

Now, I don't think we have them here, but that orphanage is privately owned and operated. It was started many years by a private Guatemalan citizen as a "Nutrition Center" to keep the local kids fed during the rainy season when the farmers had no yield. (He also bought as much rain forest as he could afford over the years, bit by bit, to keep it from developers.) So the little nutritional center grew and grew, becoming a real orphanage funded mostly by donations from an aging 7th Day Adventist community. They now have second generation kids coming in. They grow their own food, teach their school, keep the kids fed and clean, construct their own buildings -- I can send you my friend's website with photos & story if you want all those details.

So, a couple of years ago that man was suddenly killed by an automobile. His daughter, a very young woman, took over the orphanage in her father's honor but is overwhelmed. The Adventists are dying out and donations have pretty much dried up. The orphanage needs money and they need it now. The daughter, although good-hearted, is doing as well as she can but is at her wit's end.

Why did I mention Honda? My friend, Terri, drove her ancient 1990-ish early 4-wheel drive Honda on that trip and back again. (She's just returned to make a little more money and then she'll go back. Sez Terri: "I can't adjust to civilization". She works on a boat and spends her time at sea, fer cryin out loud. What civilization?) That little Honda made it without any problem at all - and those roads can be fearsome if they exist at all.

She camped on her way down and one time she met a German couple in a HUGE brand new Range Rover. They told her they'd bought it for the trip (details of which they had planned for well over a year) then added over $10,000 outfitting it, getting it ready for the great South American adventure. They showed her all the improvements, bickered with each other over which one was whose idea, which one made the trip safer, more convenient, told her their entire planning process - you get the idea.

They asked Terri how she came to be there, and she said "I packed my trusty Honda that I bought last year for $1200 and left."

So, being an ad hag, when I heard that and saw the pictures, I thought, wouldn't Honda be interested in that story? Wouldn't Rubin Postaer? Or one of the agencies they use? Not as an advertising concept, but wouldn't they at least want to contribute something?

So there you have it. I don't know what to do with it - I'm heading down to visit in October (maybe sooner if the news of the world keeps pissing me off) and will be staying awhile.

I apologize for the length of this email, any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Doris Berry

Buy Blue


For the truly committed ...


June 21, 2005

Al Bajaio

From Al Bajaio ...

As the wheel of life turns, today I am celebrating the life and legacy of one of my most valuable colleagues, and friend, Jay Chiat.

You may all know me by sight, reputation, or simply by working with me at Chiat/Day. My name is Albert Bajaio, the owner of Bercat Construction Co. who built all the floors for Jay in New York City. I am now twenty five years young in this photo.

Jay and I had an interesting relationship - he respected what I could do for him and I respected his wit and his cutting edge creativity. Jay hated looking at any switch plates on the walls, don’t ask me why. Every time we inspected a floor, I would try to either hide the lighting switch with my back or I would position him so he could not see them. Jay had his way!! We finally designed the floor with a central switching system so I would not hear his sarcasm.

Jay had a big heart, he was a great philanthropist, he helped anyone who needed help.

Jay, I will always miss you.


Albert Bajaio - GRI
Licensed Realtor in NY & CT
Architectural/Builder Advisor
William Raveis International
49 West Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
(O) 203 869-9263
(C) 203 219-9921
" More results with less hassles"

Nonno (Grandpa) Jay


Jay's daughter, Debra, lives in Rome, and here is Jay with his grandchildren ... and his honorary grandchild! That's "Inti," the 2nd from the left, the subject of my posting yesterday. (The one who is in NY looking for a job and for a place to live.) I received this photo this morning from his mother, Claudia Murinni.

Inti spent so much time at Debra and Alfredo's house when he was growing up, it was as if Debra's children were his brothers and sisters, and as if Jay were his "nonno."

Thank you, Signora Murinni, for providing this beautiful photo on this special day.

Happy jay/day


How to spend jay/day


Some suggestions on how to celebrate jay/day from the lovely Ms. Eve Luppert (whose birthday is Friday, June 24th, I would like to point out.)

Call that place you've been meaning to volunteer, and volunteer

Buy a whole bunch of art supplies and drop them off at a boys and girls club

Clean out your closets and give your old business clothe to Dress for Success (for a location near you).

Sign up to be an "activist" for Americans for the Arts (A non-profit organization)

Support your local PBS Station. Heck, find out when their next fund raiser is and volunteer to do phones

Go hear a local band or see a community theater show

Send Money to The United Negro College Fund

Support the National Endowment for the Arts

Give a scholarship to a kid for summer camp in the arts. Here's one. Here's another. And another. And another. Google "summer arts camp" for more.

June 20, 2005


From Chuck Phillips in Vancouver. (Chuck founded the Toronto office, and worked in LA before that. And maybe even SF. I've lost track of all the contributions Chuck made to C/D)

i'm sharing a bottle of scotch and a cuban with jay on my roof deck tomorrow night. it stays light here this time of year until 11pm. we'll stay up there 'til midnight because we have a lot of catching up to do. i'll tell him how swell of a job you're doing keeping his spirit alive. i'm certain he'll be pleased.

My jay/day good deed

Tomorrow being “jay/day,” I had an opportunity this afternoon to participate in a very personal way. I got an emergency email on Sunday night from Debra Chiat in Rome. “Inti,” (short for "Antonio”), a young man who grew up in her household, was stranded in New York. He and a friend had come here to spend the summer, and had high hopes for getting a job and a place to live. The friend got cold feet after a few days in the Big Apple and headed back to Rome. Inti was also about to give up and head home, as well.

Debra was obviously worried that one of her babies (he’s 19 now) was all alone in the big city. So I got his cell phone number and took him to lunch today at a trendy new Indian restaurant in Chelsea, where we had one of everything. I asked him what type of work he was looking for and he said he could be a bus boy. (He’d love to be a waiter, but he’s not confident enough in his English.) So I turned to our waiter and said, “Do you need a bus boy?” and he responded, “Well, actually we do!” So right there and then, I helped Inti fill out the application and he is going back at 5 p.m. today for his “audition.”

We then headed off to the Gap to get him a black t-shirt for his “bus boy” uniform and stopped by a local hostel to check availability. (They had none.) I got on the phone and called a friend who is looking for a roommate and he is going to speak to her on Wednesday.

I’m exhausted!

If you know of anybody who has a room to rent or knows of a job for someone who speaks fluent Italian and pretty good English, please write to me immediately in case the bus boy interview and the roommate interview I got for him doesn’t work out. (My address is at the top of the page.)

I also took Inti to two other Italian restaurants and spoke to the managers about getting him work. I also got him a list of hostels in the city and offered to loan him a cell phone so he could make and receive phone calls from prospective employers or roommates. And I told him he could stay in my apartment this weekend while I'm up in the country.

And as I said goodbye to him at the subway, I explained that the biggest lesson I learned from "Nonno Jay" (Grandpa Jay) was to be bold; to step right up and tell people what you want and how much you want it. And that is Jay's legacy to me.

Spread it around, people.


Melanie Axtman

This exciting email just arrived in my mailbox ...

As tomorrow is jayday...and my mind is filled with memories of the incredible man...I wanted to make sure that I joined your mailing list...finally! What a great tribute you have given to Jay! I miss him so much and it's great to go to your site and read what others remember about him.

Although I only wear the red jayday tee-shirt once a year, it has a prominant place in my dresser drawer...every morning when I open it, I see the tee-shirt and think of Jay. Tomorrow I will wear it proudly while thanking God that I was lucky enough to have ever even met Jay...let alone work for him for all those years.

Thank you, Steve. Hope you are well and happy!


(formerly Axtman)

Operation Ecuador!

The jay/day celebrations are in full swing! Here's one from ad recruiter extraordinaire, Bonnie Lunt ... (the copy is provided by the ever-exuberant Neilan Tyree)

Jay Day Inspires Incredible International Project: Operation Ecuador!

Greetings fellow Jay Day-ers! I imagine many of you, like me, have June 21 cemented in your head, but might not have figured out what you’re actually going to do to continue the spirit of Jay Day this year. Well, wonder no more! I was delighted to learn what our pal Bonnie Lunt has come up with this year because part of my plan now is to help her latest mission. Characteristically, she’s set the bar pretty darn high for all of us and is headed to Ecuador (!) with 20 people (!) in tow – many of them advertising folk including TBWA Chiat Day alumni, the inimitable Nancy Hill (now at BBDO in NY). They’re on an incredible mission.

Bonnie’s Jay Day project this year is (get this!) to help build a community center that includes a medical clinic/school for the village of Azama in Ecuador that she adopted at the end of last year. (Hoo boy! No lounging around in a hammock for her.)

Joining Bonnie and Nancy are Doremus’ Carl Anderson and son Greg as well as longtime charitable partner Steve Konow and family (lending their support now just as they have to many of her past projects such as the founding of Miami Ad School, etc.). And rounding out the group are Michelle Tenzyk (a Mary Maroun hire and friend of Bonnie’s at Y&R), Amanda L'Esperence from Deutsch, and 12 of Bonnie’s friends from Pawling, NY (her country pad) and Florida.

When I quizzed Bonnie about this and asked how she conjured it up, she replied that “Jane [Newman] is inspirational and has been so encouraging. And Jay taught me to go forward. So I'm going forward.”

I’ll say. Fortunately, they’ve had all kinds of donations and I cracked up yesterday when she emailed that “Dr. Dan bought me a brand new electrocardiogram machine for the clinic! I'm thrilled!” But they could definitely use additional support. So the good news is we can help, too! Even if we don’t get to go along for the Ecuadorian Adventure. Darn it!

Personally, I was very proud of the way many of us got involved this past Spring with Jane’s efforts to build out the school in Kenya and feel quite international now that I’m helping (in a tiny way) with building a clinic in Ecuador! Importantly, she’s planning another trip to Ecuador in late August or early September so feel free to contact her directly if you want to be part of that trip!

Her charitable organization is People Helping People. Please contact Bonnie’s office in New York (contact information is below) and her major domo Kathleen will be able to answer questions, receive donations, put you in touch with Bonnie, etc. They have the money to build the building, but then will have to fill it with desks, library books, shelves, medical equipment, examination tables, meds, and so on.

In closing, I’m still going to create a special way to celebrate Jay Day here in New Orleans and hope you’ll all find your own ways to do the same wherever you are. But I certainly thought Bonnie’s project would be of interest to many of you and I encourage everyone to think about supporting yet another terrific Jay-inspired project! And who knows, maybe I’ll see some of you in Ecuador one day!

Finally, thanks to Stevan for keeping the site alive and well...plus always entertaining and informative, to boot! What could be better than that?!?

Best wishes and Happy Jay Day to all of you!

Neilan Tyree

Bonnie Lunt Contact Info
Office Address:
People Helping People
% Bonnie Lunt Management
51 E. 25th St.
New York, NY 10010
Office Phone: 212.545.0363
Email: kathleen@bonnielunt.com

June 19, 2005

Mini-flash mob


I was asking Adelaide for some ideas on how to celebrate JayDay on June 21st, and she said ...

One thing that Jay told me about is that a group decided that they would get in contact with someone that they had not spoken to in 10 years. Jay called his college roommate and they got together. Until his death, Jay and Marty would get together and play golf ...

In that spirit, here are Craig Lambert and I having a mini JayDay flashmob over lunch at Bolo in NYC last week. (Craig looks tan and suave, while I look fresh from the stage of the Grand Old Opry.)

I believe it had actually been 14 years since I'd had a chance to catch up with Craig. And he bought lunch! See what he is up to these days by referring to this previous posting.

So get on that phone and reconnect with someone you have heard from in 10 years. If you need some suggestions, click here. By the way, my policy is that I never give out anyone's email address, but if you'd like to contact someone on the "found" list, just let me know and I will forward your email to him or her.

June 15, 2005

The New Black List

Why sell laundry soap, when you can sell a good old fashioned radical homosexual agenda?

Read how advertisers are getting pressured out of a good media buy.


And by the way, no reason we can't boycott back!

June 12, 2005



Sometimes advertisers go tooooo far ...


June 08, 2005

The Logo Game

o.gif n.gif a.gif

Ok, adsters, let's play the logo game! How many can you name correctly?


Tom Szczepanski


Says Tom Szczepanski re: my reminder about Jay Day (June 21st):

The irony has not been lost on me that Jay Day is on the longest day of the year, considering I worked the longest days of my life at Chiat/Day ! :-)

Tom, former Associate Media Director of C/D NY from ’88-’91, is now a bigbigbigshot at MediaVest Los Angeles. In fact, he is Senior Vice President, Managing Director.

June 06, 2005

Doris Berry

I just live for emails like this one ...

Wow. I just heard the news that Jay went to the great war room in the sky. I was so sad. A client who knew Jay pretty well told me about it - and about this website. I see John Morrison and a few others I knew, but mostly these are strangers to me.

I'm Doris Berry, a little known former account exec during the mid-80's on Home Savings and for a nano-second on Pioneer. The really life-shaping account was MaxiCare, one of the first managed care companies that, while unfortunately sounded like a feminine hygiene product, sparked my interest in bringing healthcare to the masses.

By the way - My ex-husband (who appears to have disappeared from the face of the planet) was Doug Patterson, an art director there at the same time.

Anyway - I became an account planner thanks to Chiat/Day because I was a cultural anthropologist and never, ever understood what an AE did for a living. Well, the real reason was I wanted to discover the meaning of life - just why did those pointy headed critters we call humans do what they do? Why? And, I fell madly in love with health care and went on to do some really totally bitchin world saving work in that field. Which is what I do now in between adventures: Freelance as an account planner/researcher/anthropologist with my lovely grown up daughter, Vanessa, also a cultural anthropologist. (You could almost call her a C/D alum, she spent so much of her youth in that office, or on a plane with Mom, or behind the glass at a focus group.)

So, why didn't I know about Jay's death? Well... I seem to have an irresistible wanderlust and addiction to life changing jaunts, and I was on one of those. After riding the dot.com plane all the way down, I spent three years on the Oregon Coast living the most dissipated and depraved existence imaginable among the wild locals, otherwise known as "Big Daddy Two Teethers". Oh man! What fun! Try it! Run to a tiny island somewhere, populated with aging crazy old crusties with absolutely NO desire to achieve (except to imbibe as many mind altering substances as possible) and just live!

Nowadays, I am back in SoCal and have solemnly promised the kid that all adventures will be relatively short, I will always come home to finish the project we've got coming up, and will always send a postcard. Or something. (Those kids - funny how they worry.)

My favorite Jay Chiat story is this: As a new hire, Jay wandered into my cube for a chat. I was scared witless. He said he didn't usually hire people with hobbies and went into a story about a client who could have been great except his real PASSION was for fly-fishing. I got a little pissed - said I didn't have any hobbies, I was an ad-Nazi, my husband was an ad-Nazi, all of my friends were ad-Nazis, we ate, drank, slept and fought about advertising, Man! - what did he mean? He replied "Oh, I was told you had children."

Bless his heart.

Thanks for the memories.

Doris Berry


June 05, 2005

Harvey Wallenburg


Now that the identity of Deep Throat has been revealed, the time has come to shed some light on one of the most enduring legends of Chiat/Day New York: the story of Harvey Wallenburg. In a posting to this website on April 30th, Ed Ronk referred to this as his all-time favorite Chiat/Day story.

Harvey was a chocolate rabbit, given to me in 1982, for Easter, by our office cleaning lady, Alice Lovely. Within days, some scum-sucking employee stole Harvey. I flew into a rage (or so I am told.) And then, a few days, later a ransom note was found in my office mailbox. Over the next few weeks, the story consumed the type of energy normally reserved for a new business pitch. There were more ransom notes (even one including a portion of Harvey's ear), and memos from me to the kidnappers threatening retaliation. At one point, Harvey was even stashed in the hospital room of Jay's uncle, Phil Dunker.

There were many culprits involved in Harvey's theft: Geoffrey Roche, Ken Segall, and his wife, Susan, among others. In 1992, Ken located all of the old memorabilia he still had on the caper and sent them to me in a "10th Anniversary Edition of the Harvey Wallenburg Papers." ("Harvey" became "Harvey Wallenburg" in honor of the Swedish diplomat who vanished during World War II. Oddly enough, his name was actually Raoul Wallenberg, which demonstrates that the kidnappers were not only cruel, they could not spell.)

After Ed Ronk's posting, I located Ken's memorabilia and I have scanned it for presentation here. The rabbit shown above is not Harvey, alas. I'm not sure Harvey was ever actually located. I like to think that the chocolate bunny above is one of his sweet progeny.

Read the pages of Ken's "Papers" in the order shown to see the entire story unfold.

This should keep you busy for days.

Steve Alburty

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