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July 26, 2005

Date Lance!


This clever billboard is actually a recruiting campaign by a software company's human resources department.


July 25, 2005

Dede Dalton and Richard O'Connell

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

That's Richard O'Connell and Dede herself!

Jane and the Trump Shuttle

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Someday, a guy named Randy Smith, shown above, will Google himself (and think for a minute of how hard that would be.) He will find this and keel over from the shock.

Creativity Now


One of the best conferences I've ever attended is called "Creativity Now" and is sponsored annually by that uber-hip magazine, Tokion. The conference, which is held over two days at Cooper Union in New York, and costs about $50 per day, is wildly eclectic. The 2004 conference included an interview with Brian Eno, a panel on skateboarding's influence on popular culture, and a panel on marketing a political message with Joe Trippi, John Podesta, and others.

I've seen panels on documentary photography, the history of rap music, and in 2003, I personally got to stand up and beat the crap out of a State Department official about Charlotte Beers' attempts to "rebrand" the U.S. in the Middle East!

The date of the fourth annual Creativity Now conference will be October 15th and 16th, so put that date in your calendar. Feed your head.

July 20, 2005

Christmas Party

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

A C/D New York Christmas party when we were all obscenely young. If you would like to see a full film-strip, with many more photos on it, click here.

July 19, 2005

Genius needed...cheap


LandDesign is looking for a marketing assistant, and I thought some of you may know or be just the right person. This job is in Alexandria VA office.

Read more about it:

We're seeking a uniquely talented individual who wants to help create and implement a cutting edge marketing plan for an international A/E firm. This self-motivated go-getter will be logistics / detail-oriented, highly efficient and a dynamic communicator, who will act as project coordinator for national and regional marketing initiatives.

This is a highly communicative position where job results affect the LandDesign Brand image, market entry performance, and the overall message received by prospects and prospective clients. The ideal candidate for this position will work hand in hand with the Director of Marketing and firm Partners / Principals to identify needs, coordinate job traffic, and ensure project completion. Quality, completeness, timeliness, and interoffice communication are of key importance.

Preferred candidate will have previous experience in the marketing of professional services, along with degree in Marketing or Communications. This position will demand someone with professionalism, a positive attitude, openness to change, and top-rung multi-tasking abilities.

Your Duties: Coordinating all the moving parts of complicated marketing campaigns among departments, regional offices, and external resources while strictly following a project path towards winning results.


• Possess excellent written and verbal abilities
• Attention to details and accuracy
• Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and work under self-imposed deadlines
• Ability to work the logistics of the entire marketing cycle from development of concepts, through
production, promotion and follow up.
• Strong problem solving skills
• Desire to work in a fast-paced, exciting environment
• Is self-motivated and proactive
• Is relentless in the pursuit of perfection
• Is flexible, thinks on their feet, and can adapt to ever changing priorities
• 2 to 3 years work experience
• Bachelor’s degree required

Send digital resume/writing samples to: jobs@landdesign.com

Say it plain


A century of great African-American speeches. My favorite? Barak Obama.


July 18, 2005



For those of you who read this interesting article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine about fonts, this is "Bello," voted the most readable display font by the Type Directors Club.

Visit the website of Bello's foundry

July 17, 2005

Metro logos


This seems like a very appropriate time to celebrate the design of underground rail systems.


(Thanks for the link, Bud!)

July 16, 2005

Louise Seeley


Some inspiring news from Louise Seeley (who was the wife of NY Creative Director Bob Dion.)

I got involved in Team in Training, the fundraising arm of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I started training in January and ran my very first marathon last month in San Diego. I'm attaching a wrap-up letter I sent to my donors (I fundraised over $3,200). I've wanted to do a marathon ever since we used to watch the runners first come over the 59th Street bridge from Jay's apartment . . . I thought a lot about Jay during my training and the marathon and think he would have thought it was a pretty good idea to do this. The fact that it was for such a worthy cause that I've now become very involved in made it all that more meaningful. So now I'm a mentor for the next season of Team in Training. I really wanted to help other people have the same incredibly rewarding experience I had -- they can look at me and say, "Hey, if SHE can do it, ANYBODY can!". I met the best people and have made some really great friends.

July 13, 2005

McLellan Anagrams

Just for fun, I took White House Press Secretary Scott McLellan's phrase "ongoing investigation" and put it through an anagram-processor. I came up with ...


You can see the others here.

The phrase "no comment" generates ...


.. among others



Here's an excellent article about how podcasting is going mainstream. And a website to hang out at that explains how to get yourself jump-started in this exciting new media.

Read article
Visit website

July 11, 2005

World Music


The Rough Guide produces wonderful travel guides, but they also produce fascinating guidebooks to journeys requiring much less footwork. For example, World Music.

I would like to direct you towards an entry on The Rough Guide to World Music on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools website, here.

July 08, 2005

Charlotte, y'all


I just got back from spending the 4th in Charlotte, NC, home of the lovely Miss Eve Luppert. Speaking of homes, here's Eve's. It's a decorator's showplace, 'cause she's the decorator. Eve, in case you haven't been paying attention, is the Director of Human Resources for Landdesign.

In fact, if you have some sick and twisted love of other people's vacation photos, you can see how I spent my 4th of July here.