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September 25, 2005

The Code of Shona


When Shona Seifert, the former President of TBWA NY, was sentenced for her role in defrauding the government while at Ogilvy, she was required to submit a "Code of Ethics" for the advertising industry.

Here is her masterwork.

Update on Darren

When our last installment on Darren Isabelle left off, he and his mother had escaped from New Orleans and arrived in Houston after a 19-hour drive. What happened to Darren after Houston was ordered evacuated?

We left and went North for a few days but are back in Houston. It was milder than expected but we got out just in case. It seems we are a little Hurricane shy. I wonder why??? : ) I have started getting letters from C/D Alum. It's very heart warming. Hang in there.... Darren : )

September 24, 2005

Susan Wands


The lovely and talented alum Susan Wands is appearing in "The Taste Test" at Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk, VA, now through October 2nd. The play is set in the ad world and Susan says "I'm really channeling Adelaide Horton and Eve Luppert in this one!

Virginia Stage Company presents the world premiere of The Taste Test written by Frank Higgins and directed by Virginia Stage Company's new Artistic Director Chris Hanna. In the mid-1980s, one corporation had more name recognition than "Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha combined": King Cola. After the release of a new formula, sales plummet and three female executives must decide between loyalty or advancement--it's the ultimate taste test. The scene is set for an intriguing look into corporate ethics, if such a thing exists. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. The production runs from September 11 through October 2, 2005.

Here are some great photos of Susan and the cast.

Mark Kelly


My inbox has revealed the existence of alum Mark Kelly ....

I was a summer intern at Chiat in N.Y. in '89. I am now a creative director @JWT in NY. Happy to see Jonathan Lee is popping out kids...and that Steve Juliasson is alive and well in Chicago.... I knew Steve when I worked at O&M in NY. I am going to mine your site for other names. I know I was on none of your lists...but back then I was an unpaid intern...so I had to leave at 5 pm to tend bar...so I could afford to work there.

September 19, 2005

Saul Bass


I've always considered Saul Bass to be the pre-eminent designer of film titles. For over four decades, his designs graced such films as West Side Story, The Seven Year Itch, The Man with the Golden Gun, and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

Someone has put together a collection of 28 of his greatest title designs on one website.


September 14, 2005

Jon Spurney

An email today from Jon Spurney, who counts Chiat/Day as the only real job he ever had. And now he is a veritible musical legend!

I doubt that anyone at Chiat/Day would remember me... I was only a floater receptionist for nine months in 1987 in NYC. But I am happy to report that my Chiat/Day employment constituted my only real job and that I have been lucky enough to do nothing but play music professionally for the ensuing 18 years. I still live in New York, a block away from the Old Town (where most of my C/D New York memories are centered), and have been a working session and touring musician ever since I left C/D. I've played and recorded with the likes of David Byrne, Natalie Merchant, They Might Be Giants, Jewel, John Cale, and countless others. I also provide live piano accompaniment for silent films at the Museum of Modern Art and have been doing scoring work (I just finished scoring the first season of a new MTV comedy show). And if anybody out there who's still in the ad business is looking for someone to score their spot I will happily take on the job!

September 12, 2005

Creativity Now


As I mentioned a while back, the hip magazine Tokion is sponsoring a conference called "Creativity Now." It's being held Oct. 15th and 16th at Cooper Union.

The conference is an series of panel discussions on an eclectic variety of topics. Some of this year's themes include Independent Music, Iconic Advertising, and The Future of Content. I notice that two Chiat/Day alums are going to be on panel, Steve Bassett and Eric Grunbaum. Film-maker Todd Haynes will be on another. And prize-winning author and essayist Robert Kaplan on yet another.

I went last year and it was really amazing.

You will find a complete listing of speakers, as well as information on how to obtain tickets here.

September 11, 2005

Simon Bax

bax.jpg bax.jpg
bax.jpg bax.jpg

They all show up in my inbox eventually. Welcome to Simon Bax, former CFO of Chiat/Day, who is now EVP and CFO of Pixar, the studio behind "Toy Story," "Finding Nemo," "The Incredibles," etc. (Pixar, for those who live in Mayberry RFD, is run by Steve Jobs. )

Says Simon ...

I still see Lee Clow from time to time as I'm working with Steve Jobs at Pixar and Lee and I bump into each other at Apple!

Here is Simon's bio from the Pixar website. And here it is in Japanese. Notice (ahem) that his bio does not mention the formative years he spent with us.

September 09, 2005

Mao Posters


It's never too early to start shopping for your clients' holiday gifts. Let them know how they make you feel with one of these vintage Mao posters.


September 08, 2005

Alum Sighting

I was walking down Grand Street in SOHO today on the way to the gym, and who should be sitting in the window at Le Pain Quotidian but Jane Newman and Neilan Tyree!

I didn't have a chance to gab, but Jane's here enjoying the final days of her summer vacation before heading back to Africa and Neilan, who escaped from New Orleans to Ohio about 28 hours before the storm hit, is in New York ... well, being Neilan! He's unsinkable.

Little Buddy

Olivia Shea, Bob Denver, and Jim Brown. Photos by Jon Farley.

You all think of me as the "computer guy," or before that, the "print production and traffic guy." But before I came to Chiat/Day, I was heavily involved in the THEE-A-TUH! ("Theatre," for those with no flair for pronunciation.)

I directed scores of plays and musicals in my hometown at the nation's third largest community theatre, Spokane Civic Theatre. (In fact, I first met Eve Luppert when I cast her in a small but pivotal role in "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds." Eve, please use the "comment line" below to share with us the opening lines of your big speech from that play.)

I know we are all mourning the passing of Bob "Gilligan" Denver this week at the age of 70. In the summer of 1974, I actually directed him in a production of Neil Simon's "The Star-Spangled Girl" at Civic Theatre. It was just as awful as it sounds, and Bob was pretty much a drunk and a deadbeat. But I am a grateful for the experiences because it's one of those great oddball life experiences you get to drop at a dinner party.








September 05, 2005

Kerri and Neal

Welcome to Kerri Valentino and her husband, Neal Hughlett, who both worked in the LA office!

Manual for Merry

Merry Cutler-Baskin writes from the UK ...

I wonder if you can help me - I cannot find my old C/D employee manual, the one in which Sharon Stanley explained that if you didn't get it and were fired after three months it wasn't your fault it was the agency's. I want to show a copy to a small agency I am working with who are trying to establish a culture; something Chiat/Day was so pioneering in. You wouldn't perchance be able to guide me towards a (photo) copy of one via one of these alumni folk - or an electronic one would be gobsmackingly wonderful. It is the whole tone that is so difficult to explain....

We are sitting in UK watching the scenes in New Orleans with our mouths open. A few Brit kids on some school exchange programme just got home having been incarcerated in the superdome where conditions weren't just toxic they were terrifying.

If you have a copy of this manual, please post a comment and let Merry know!