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October 26, 2005

A great Halloween craft


A great Halloween craft project for all of you media buyers out there.


October 24, 2005

Eve Luppert, Pastor PeeWee

aileenwedding1.jpg aileenwedding2.bmp

When Eve Luppert's niece, Aileen, and her fiancé Brian Coppola were making plans for their wedding, they wanted a minister to marry them who would publicly acknowledge that there were friends attending the wedding who were denied the same right to marry that they had.

So Auntie Eve became a mail-order minister. That's right, she joined the Church of Free Will, whose doctrine, says Eve, is "do what ever the heck you want...just don't mess up other people while you do."

Says Eve, "I am available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, baptisms, and commitment ceremonies. I'll even bless a nasty divorce for the right price!"

October 19, 2005

When I grow up ....


A Quicktime parody of monster.com's ads, this one about doomed children who express a hope of one day working at an ad agency.

Submitted by Adelaide Horton. Thanks, Adelaide!


October 17, 2005

Tilting at Windmills

Here is a brief but biting article from the October issue of Fast Company which catalogues Chiat/Day's multiple attempts to reinvent itself.

Andy Law, of course, was head of C/D's London office before heading off with David Abraham to start St. Luke's. And for those who are in to hermeneutic circles, I wrote an article about St. Luke's in 1997 in (what else) Fast Company!

Lisa Scroggins

Lisa-and-max.jpg emma.jpg

lizard.jpg teapots.jpg

This update recently arrived from the multi-taking Lisa Scroggins, who works at the designer Alexander Isley, is the wife of C/D alum Jonathan Lee, as well as the mother of Emma (6) and Max (9), and still finds time to turn out fine ceramics.

Great weblog. It is really awesome you keep so many of us together. I hadn't logged on in a few months and loved seeing Kelly Smeltzer (one of my best friends at Chiat)

I am still creating and selling through galleries and american fine craft shows (NYC park avenue armory- Dec 2,3,4 2005) Rodney Pringle was good enough to come to my show last year and hang out with me.

Sean and Anne McCarthy


This morning's mailbox brought this very welcome howdy from an alum from the glorious days of C/D at 79 Fifth Avenue ...

My name's Sean McCarthy, and I worked at Chiat/Day New York (then known as Chiat/Day/Mojo) from August, 1990 until November, 1993 on the Nissan Regional business.

What great memories, and what a great first job to have out of college (I had no idea that people actually drank and went out once they became "grownups"...and I surely languished in my Assistant Media Planner position for longer than I should have because I was having so much fun).

Memories of mine include:
- Random "let's have a party" events...whether it be a scavenger hunt, a party at a local bar, or a random gathering on the terrace.
- The Christmas party at Industria where people converged from the ends of the earth during a Nor' Easter...
- Sitting on the 7th Floor by the mailroom, listening to John Zissimos announce the name of everyone who waked by ("Ladies and Gentleman, Mr.
BOB ZACH...and on and on all day...)
- Doug Katz being named "Best Dressed Man in Advertising" by Adweek
- Company picnics that would probably result in lawsuits these days.
- Realizing over time that we were surrounded with real, expensive art...whether it be the photo montage from the Mayflower Hotel, or the tree branch hanging over the 7th floor reception desk.
- Jay's "apartment" on the 7th floor being used as a crash-pad.
- L'Incontro downstairs with two-for-one martinis...never a good idea.
- Union Square still being seedy...the buildings on the north side basically abandoned at the time.
- 119 Bar - a place I absolutely hated but somehow ended up at every Friday. Seeing Donny Deutch shooting pool there in his pre-svelte days...

More than a decade later, I'm still in the business, having had stints in Account Management at Messner, Ammirati/Puris/Lintas, and then back at Euro RSCG (Messner's latest incarnation), ultimately heading up their Interactive/Direct division in New York.
In April of this year, I resigned from Euro to join a startup called Bulldog New York. I'm very excited about what we're doing, and hoping for great things (www.bulldognewyork.com).

On the personal side, I got married in 1998, and Anne & I had a daughter (Catherine) in April of this year (a picture of all of us is attached). We've lived in Murray Hill since we got married, and are now in the depressing game of trying to find a bigger, baby-friendly place, in Manhattan...in today's real estate market.

I'd love to hear from some of the folks I worked with, and was thrilled to randomly come across this site.

E-mail me at smccarthy6@nyc.rr.com

Sean McCarthy

October 16, 2005

Life Hackers


A fascinating article from the New York Times about the attempts of computer scientists to measure how office workers manage to function at all in the psychological state of "continuous partial attention."


October 15, 2005

Solar Houses


After all of the rain the Northeast has endured this week, it's nice to (you should pardon the pun) reflect upon the 2005 Solar Decathlon, a competition among 18 teams from universities to design homes that produce as much energy as they consume.


October 14, 2005

The Bubble Project


Subverting advertising all over New York City.


October 12, 2005

Tom Jonesing


Denzil Meyers wants us all to know that one of his favorite bands is coming to New York ...

Here's a bit of San Francisco coming your way. My fab friends from Tom Jonesing, the most bitchin' TJ cover band ever. I love these guys & gals, and I've seen them a couple of dozen times. I sing along, and I don't even like Tom Jones very much. Go see them. Please. You won't regret it...

Look for my best pal Steffanos X playing Tom, and Dean-o on the keyboards...

Fortune smiles...and flings her lingerie. The entire 10 piece musical love machine known as The World's Most Powerful Tom Jones Band is coming to town (er, dock). That's right... a boat, a bar, and a band. It's...

Tom Jonesing, In the Frying Pan
Saturday, October 22

Pier 63 (about 23rd & The Hudson River)
New York, NY 10011

Doors (or hatches) at 9, TJ from 9:30 -11:30pm ~ $15 ~

Loving you, baby...
The Tickler, for Tom Jonesing


Sean Sloane


The Chiat/diaspora extends all the way to sunny Spain. Here's an alum, currently in Madrid, who is doing some networking. Anybody need a Mac expert. Sean Sloane's resume is below!

I am an ex-Chiat employee from San Francisco. I got your contact details from Nigel Carr. I was the guy who was brought in to convert the SF office to a remote office. It was funny to see your Wang ID card. I still remember that system!

I am living in Madrid, Spain and looking for contacts throughout Europe for work in my field. Actually, Chiat was the first exposure to Macs I had. I have stuck with them for the past 14 years and become an expert in workflow and systems issues in creative technologies settings.

I am also going to attach my CV if you know of anyone who may be able to help please pass along my details.

Kind regards,
Seán Sloane
Ten thousand

Download resume

October 11, 2005

Fred and Ethel live!


Those lovable, battling neighbors, Fred and Ethel Mertz, are being revived to sell the new Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage.


October 10, 2005

Worlds of Wonder

A request today from Jack Morrissey, who is in the movie business in LA. Says Jack ...

I've of late become obsessed with that spots that C/D created for the Worlds of Wonder CLASS ACT school product line in 1987 and was wondering what if anything you could do to help me find out who directed and scored them. Might you know or know of anyone who worked on this account in '87? I think they were shot in L.A. as at least two kids featured in them went on to movie and tv acting careers. Any direction that you can give me on how to get more info on the production of these spots would be of immense assistance.

Anybody have their thinking caps on today? If so, post a comment or drop me a line at alburty@jayday.org and I will pass it along to Jack.

October 09, 2005

Why Say Please?


C/D alum and copywriter extraordinaire Jackie End has written a children's book! "Chicken Fingers, Mac and Cheese...Why Do You Always Have to Say Please?" Read all about it, and even buy a copy by clicking ...


October 04, 2005

Visit Florida and die!


A new ad running in the UK warns vacationers to Florida that they could be shot without warning by just about anyone. Hey, it's the law!


October 02, 2005

A wacky idea

On Monday night, Oct. 3rd, the ABC Evening News is going to be doing a story about a new type of workplace, where people come and go when they please and are accountable only for results, not for hours.

Have you ever heard of such a dumb idea? I mean, a "virtual office?" C'mon.

Christian mime


Somebody has to stop these people.




Problem 1: Boeing recently ran an ad for their Osprey helicopter, which showed soldiers rappelling out of the helicopter into your typical Iraqi town. Prepared by TM Advertising in Irving, Texas, the copy reads "It descends from the heavens. Ironically it unleashes hell," reads the ad.

Unfortunately, the ad shows soldiers rappelling from the aircraft onto the roof of a MOSQUE. Oops. Hello? Unleashing hell on mosques? Repeat after me: "Crusades!" There was an understandable outrage.

Problem 2: after somebody pointed out their insensitivity, Boeing and their agency apologized ... and then ran the ad again!