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December 20, 2005

Christmas in LA


There may not be a lot of updates to the site over the Christmas holiday, as I am on the road. For the next few days, I'm in Los Angeles, visiting old friends and sampling all of my favorite gut-bomb food. Here's Randy's on Manchester Boulevard, my first stop after leaving the airport!

I'll be having lunch on Wed. the 21st with Laurie Coots and her son Christopher at Chaya in Venice Beach at 12:30 p.m. if you'd care to join us!

December 15, 2005

Cute Overload


Hey, it's a slow news day here at jay/day central, so just to keep you entertained, here is what is undeniably the cutest website on the Internet. (Diabetics: make sure you have insulin handy.)


December 13, 2005

Darren Isabelle


Guess who's comin' to town. Well, yes, of course, Santa. But then after Santa? Darren Isabelle, everybody's favorite Mac support guy and Hurricane Katrina survivor. He'll be in New York City January 5th through the 8th. I will be throwing a flashmob for him on one of those nights. Details to follow. Watch this space!

December 04, 2005

Magazine Covers of the Future


That magazine cover got your attention, didn't it? The Magazine Publishers of America have created a website that imagines what magazine covers of the future might look like.


December 03, 2005



Remember "Doctors By Phone?" Jay was convinced that there was big money to be made by offering medical advice over the phone. So in the evening, a group of doctors would come into C/D NY and work from employees' desks, fielding calls from the genuinely sick, as well as people who were quite happy to just talk and talk and talk to a doctor.

Well, the idea is back, in the form of Teladoc.


The List of Lists


Everybody and their brother is coming out with a list of the year's best whatever. Here is one-stop shopping for all of those lists.