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Hy Yablonka and Tom Burr

A request came in today from Chuck Phillips for any knowledge of the whereabouts of two of the people who helped Chiat/Day in its infancy ...

when chiat/day was founded in 1968 there were two minority partners: hy yablonka (jay's side) and tom burr (guy's). both were very special people in my life. i'm aware hy suffered a stroke about 15 years ago that took him out of the business (last i heard he was living in manhattan beach, california). tom was a founding principal of abert, newhoff and burr which went defunct in the late 80's. he took a job in new york for someone like dentsu and then totally disappeared. tom was my first c/d boss and a damn fine one. (some chiat/day trivia): tom was once a kid actor who sang a duet ("high hopes") with bing crosby in "going my way." he left the movie business after losing the starring role to claude jarman jr in "the yearling." do you know either of their whereabouts? (at this time of life i'm getting gun shy of asking questions like this). - chuck

[Editor's note: I remember Hy Yablonka merelly because his name was so fun to say!]


Chuck Phillips,

I'm Hy's son, Mike. I remember you (you may not remember me). If you read this, my Dad is still in Manahattan Beach and I'm sure he would love to hear from you. Please email me and I'll give you his number.

Thanks! Mike

Hi Yablonka was the reason I agreed to join Chiat/Day in
1976 to function as Chiat's research department. I joined functioning as an independent
contractor. I just didn't want to be an employee. Hi had an
incredible integrity that I
was very comfortable with. I
left in 1984 when Chiat introduced the Product Planning group. I felt having two spoons in the same pot wasn't a good idea.

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