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July 31, 2006

David Thall


Got a note the other day from David Thall. (Actually, it was the other week - I'm way behind in my jay/day hosting duties.)

Hi Steve,

I'm an alumni of C/D NY from the 80s and 90s. Third staff AD Jay hired... and then fired at 666 Fifth Avenue in '82. Then I returned to freelance there many times over the years. I guess it was about finding the right relationship.

I just got my website online, so I'm actually kind of excited that I finally have a way to show my work without shlepping the book around!

July 27, 2006

Robin Rotenier


Our own Robin Rotenier who was in the New York office first in accounting and then account services has been granted the Mortimer Ritter award at Radio City Music Hall this June. It's a big deal. The award is presented each year to an FIT alumnus who has shown excellence in the fields of design and design. Previous recipients include Calvin Klein and Norma Kamali. Neither of which can hold a candle to Robin in the lovely dreamy accent category.

Robin left the firm and while the worlds of client billing and accounts receivable grieved, he began his own jewelry design business. Last time I saw him he was having tiny trunk show. Next thing I know, he's calling Adelaide and I while drinking champagne at lunch and celebrating his big award. He always had class.

Here is a snap of Robin receiving the award.

And don't forget to pick up some of his amazing work next time you are in Bergdorf's, Bailey Biddle & Banks, Neiman Marcus or one of those other lowbrow joints...or see his work online.

Tom Schumacher

A jay/day welcome to Tom Schumacher, who worked in the NY office in the mid-90's and again in 2003 or so, says he.

July 01, 2006

A jay/day howdy to ...

... to the following alums, who have found themselves:

Cindy Galler "(Wigoda when I first started at Chiat/Day). I worked there for 4 years - 1989 - 1992."

Josh Van Steenbergen
. "I worked at Chiat/Day Los Angeles from 1989 - 1993 on the Nissan account."