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August 16, 2006



The INA is a project out of Princeton's Sociology dept, focused in part on gathering data sets regarding globalization & making the information more publically digestable. Towards that end, these seven amazing infographics are provided covering the following topics: the Global Arms Trade, the US goverment as Employer, Transportation, The Coming Water Wars, The International Tobacco Industry, The Movie Business, and the prevalance & impact of McDonalds & Starbucks.


August 05, 2006

Free movie downloads


Although the downloading of movies is in its infancy, the time will come when the Internet will be a primary distribution pipeline for Hollywood. Give the experience a try by downloading from this archive of legal downloads of classic films, short subjects, and documentaries.


August 02, 2006

A new product from Colgate!


Max Colgate, son of "Tedster" Colgate, former C/D Mac guru, now CIO of TBWA, is born!

See exciting photos here

Says Ted ...

Little Max had an email address before he was born, and sent out his first email when he was only 1 day old!