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November 30, 2006



On a holiday visit to North Carolina, one of our jayday papparazzi grabbed this photo of Adelaide Horton on horseback. That's Adelaide on the left, and her sister, Martha. Adelaide claims that she was basically just sitting on the horse (for dear life) and that Martha is the real equestrian. But look! She's got the official helmet, the pants, and the boots.

Adelaide, you look like "Auntie Mame" just before she sets out on the fox hunt!


November 29, 2006

Brands on the Brain

Radiologists in Germany have conducted tests showing that regions of the brain "light up" when consumers are shown the logos of various brands.

"This is the first functional magnetic resonance imaging test examining the power of brands," said Dr. Christine Born, a radiologist at University Hospital in Munich, Germany. "We found that strong brands activate certain areas of the brain independent of product categories."


Infomercial Review


It's the Ridiculous Infomercial Review! Yes, for a limited time only, you can view this website about colon cleansers, TV psychics, and products that help enlarge oh-so-particular parts of your anatomy. But hurry, this web-only offer is limited! Click now!


November 28, 2006

Found alums

Added to the "found" list today ...

Maria Szakacs

Fred Goldberg, who used to run the SF office. Last seen having dinner with David Wiener in Hawaii.

The Bubble Building

The official swimming facility of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, will span 7.8 acres, house five pools, and seat 17,000 spectators, yet it doesn’t contain a single steel cable, concrete column or structural beam.


November 27, 2006

Marketing Director


From Eve Luppert:

I’m hoping someone out there from my dark past can help me with this position. Tell your friends about it and tell yourself too.

LandDesign Inc., an established and breakthrough design firm is currently searching for an experienced Marketing Director. The successful candidate will be innovative, forward-thinking and just plain brilliant. This is a magnificent opportunity to lead the marketing efforts of an award winning landscape architecture, urban planning and civil engineering firm.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in business or related field and at least 10 years of related experience along with the desire to succeed in a creative and growing firm, we would love to hear from you.

Some of the duties involved:

• Creating and implementing a marketing plan that defines the overall strategy, positioning, objectives and initiatives of a service oriented design firm.
• Reviewing changes to the marketplace and industry and adjusting marketing plan accordingly
• Preparing marketing budgets and monitoring monthly expenses to ensure budgets are being maintained
• Management of marketing staff and resources
• Organizing client relations including client development activities and special events
• Collaborating with firm’s respective markets on designing and implementing client contact systems and prospecting
• Monitoring current events and issues affecting the industry and services the firm provides
• Orchestrating all promotional activities and events from concept to execution
• Maintaining firm’s market position and brand through consistent messaging
• Managing progress on business development activities

This position will probably be located in the DC/Alexandria area. We really are a company on the brink and I think this could be a very amazing opportunity. http:/www.landdesign.com

Plus you would could work with me again! Or I could leave you totally alone. Whichever seems more palatable. It’s possible, that the right person could receive cash payments from me to keep certain stories private…or visa versa. What fun.

Send your stuff to me at ...


Oh, and we are looking for a proposal writer too!

November 20, 2006

Design Awards

Design awards

Some mind-candy from the Cooper Union Design Museum: The People's Choice Awards. From Ferraris to "acoustic wi-fi radios" (whatever those are) to hurricane relief housing to subway maps.


November 16, 2006

Rhythm of Life


An impressive Guinness tv spot from the UK. The spot is called "Evolution," and the inside joke is that the song is "Rhythm of Life" from the musical "Sweet Charity." Sammy Davis, Jr., played a founder of a groovy, alternative church. Evolution. Church. Get it?


Guess the logo


SO! You're a bigshot in advertising, huh? Ok, prove it. Take this interactive test to see if you can identify the correct logo for these famous brands.


November 15, 2006

Bill and June Delaney


Bill Delaney, who started working at Chiat/Day 25 years ago, turned up in my mailbox a while back ...

I worked in the Chiat-Day SF office from 1981 - 1984. I managed the Paris, France, office of Regis McKenna Inc. when Jay acquired Regis' agency. I launched Apple in Europe and worked with them from 1979 - 1981. Jay called one day (2:00 AM Paris time) and simply said - "Bill, Jay Chiat. We just inked a deal with Regis and decided we don't need someone in Paris. If you're interested in staying with the Apple account and working in the San Francisco office, plan to meet with me in New York on Thursday." This was Tuesday when he called.

I didn't know what to expect, but the next two years were very interesting. Dealing with Steve Jobs, Jay Chiat, Steve Hayden, Lee Clow, Dick Cavett, Fred Hoar and others made life interesting. The 24/7 schedule was a real treat as well! ;-) I used to love hanging out in the office late at night until Jay would fly in to SF and review the work for Apple. He would cut 25% of the work and change 50%. The client meeting was the next morning at 8:00 AM, at Apple. Nothing like wearing the same clothes for two days! But, I would not have changed any of it.

Working with Jay, Lee, Tom, Steve, Chuck, Greg, Dave, and others was a real treat. I met my wife there as well. June Murakami. She and I dated for 8 months before we got married and we will celebrate our 25th anniversary in February. The entire gang from Creative attended the wedding and Jay sent us a wonderful gift. He supported our relationship when the policy was "no dating or married couples at Chiat-Day." We are forever grateful to him for his kindness.

One other name that you may not have is Maurice Goldman. He was also from Regis McKenna. He was an account director with me on the Apple business.He died a number of years ago in SF, but he is still remembered with fond thoughts by those of us who knew him. He was one of the nicest people you can imagine and was a loyal and dedicated Chiat-Day employee. His name should be included on your list.

As for the photos, those are my two daughters. The one on the right was our first and born while June and I were still at Chiat-Day SF. She just graduated from SDSU and was on a womens golf scholarship there. The younger one is in 8th Grade here in Alameda and is into performing arts.

Arte Kuntshotel


Every room in this Berlin hotel is a work of art.


November 10, 2006

UK-based agency needed

The lovely Kelly Morris (nee "The lovely Kelly Smeltzer"), Class of CD/NY 1989 - 1992, is looking for an ad agency in the UK.

would you be kind enough to send up a flare on jayday.org and ask if anyone could recommend a wickedly creative and strategic -- but not astronomically expensive -- UK-based agency to help with direct mail, email, telemarketing etc efforts.

You may contact Kelly directly at ...

November 02, 2006


The website for this South Florida interactive agency is amazing.