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May 13, 2007

Peter Franke


Ah, Peter Franke. Print Production manager extraordinaire, who worked for me and managed not only to survive triple-secret probation, but went on to inherit my department when I joined MIS (what we now to call "technology.")

Pete's looking for a job and I just love using this website to help out friends like this. So take a look at his resume, and if you know of anything, let him know.

Sez Pete ...

Hi Steve! Here’s a picture of me and my two kids, Debra & Danny. I'm sure you remember meeting them as kids back in the 80's.They both graduated College last June. Debra double majored in Education & Psych at Seton Hall and Danny majored in Marketing and computers at Wagner.

Debra is teaching a mixed age Med/Special Ed class on Staten Island and Danny is an Asst Media planner at Mindshare. I begged him not to get into this crazy business but.....

My wife Diana and I are living on Long Island?in Long Beach. We love it here and are living pretty happy lives.

All the best, Peter.

Tom Harbeck

Tom, his wife Virginia Pirie (management supervisor on Reebok) , and their two sons, Cole and Conor.

Just got this email from account management phenom Tom Harbeck ...

I am pleased to share that I have accepted the position of Chief Marketing Officer of Applegate Farms, a natural and organic meat company based in Bridgewater, NJ. AF is a private company with @$60+MM revenues, with many leading skus in the major Natural Food chains. I was brought in as part of a newly formed Executive Management Team, and will oversee Marketing, Sales Support, Corporate Communications and Product Packaging as the company expands into mass retail outlets.

If I have done my homework correctly, we are about to grow very rapidly.

I have been remiss in sending this having started at the beginning of the year, and then up to my eyeballs in getting up to speed/getting things going here. Last year was a satisfying range of consulting projects but sensing I could play a key management role in a rapidly growing company, shape and build its brand, and be motivated by its core values made the decision to join Applegate easy.

Many thanks to all of you who helped make this happen.


May 01, 2007

Thorn Tree Benefit

From the Queen of Planning and Africa, comes this invitation from the great Jane Newman ...

(click on image to see larger version)

I am back in the USA and it is time for another Thorn Tree fundraiser!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you can all come -- please mark the date -- Tuesday May 8th --in your calendars and I will remind you when it gets closer to the date. Those of you have been before can confirm it is a really great event -- lots of bargains to be had and lots of fun.

The invite is attached -- please feel free to send it on to friends and bring as many people with you as you like.

We did really well last year, we made nearly $40,000 in donations in and around the event.

We spent it on several important items:
1. Another dormitory for the school -- we now have a total of four -- two for the girls and two for the boys. We can sleep 200 students in comfort!!
2. Camels for the school which give lots of milk for the boarders.
3. And a well --we hired a massive drilling machine to dig a 110meter bore hole for the school -- this is a major achievement in a desert area and with pipes and a solar pump they will have gushing running water very soon!
4. We also bought lots of school uniforms, beds, mattresses and desks.

It was a great year and I have photos to show of everything at the event.

We are hoping to make $60,000 this year so please come -- we need you!! -- and bring lots of clothes/books/DVDs etc with you to sell.

See you there,
All love

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
From 6:00 to 9:00 PM
Clodagh Design
670 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY (between Bond & Great Jones)

Michael Robinson

And a howdy from Michael Robinson ...

Hey - hey, fellow Chiat-Day & Nighters...

Haven't looked at the 'JayDay' site in a while, but did recently and loved seeing some of the gang (Lily Katz, Melanie (Axtman) Steinbach and Teri (Foye) Gray) in a photo posted in January '07 celebrating Melanie's B-day.
Happy belated birthday, Melanie !

It's great to know that a lot of us have managed to stay in relative contact over the years, myself included with Lily Katz, Susie Fogelson, Monika Miller and a few others. BTW - ladies, (Lily, Melanie, Teri and Susie - - you guys look fantastic in those photo's!)

If any of you C-D'ers are ever in San Francisco, give me a holler.
Would be great to see you all and catch up !

Until then,

Carolyn Goodman

From Carolyn Goodman ...

Don’t even ask me what I was searching for on Google, when I came across this website… amazing!

I worked at C/D in San Francisco from 1983 – 1984. I basically fast-talked my way into an account executive position with Fred Goldberg (I called him during lunch hour when his assistant, Rosalynda Estes (sp?) was at lunch and he picked up his own phone! Luckily I had written a “script” and got an interview.) He hired me on the spot after making me spend the day with 5 different C/D senior managers – Greg Somebody (DCS), David Yates(?) (Media), MT Rainey (Account Planning), Tom Tawa (Creative) and some research guy.

I don’t think any of those folks will remember me at all – let alone with fondness. Fred didn’t really know what to do with me at first. I had some experience as a copywriter, some media experience and some account service skills. I think he envisioned me “dropping in” and “helping out” when required. I was too young to appreciate that opportunity and focused, instead, on finding a “fit” where I could claim a position in the agency. I finally found one as an AE on the BusinessLand account (whew, am I old) and Holland America Cruise Lines. I worked for Marty Wenzell, who had just moved out from the NY office and Pat Somebody who ran new biz. I had no clue what I was doing and after 9 months took the few weeks pay that Fred offered to me to go away quietly.

Thank god I survived and even stayed with the business after that… went on to work at DDB Needham/SF, client side at Bank of America and 1st Nationwide Bank, Ogilvy & Mather Direct, Cohn & Wells, 360 Group… until I finally opened my own direct marketing agency in 2002. I’m still in the SF/Bay area, remarried (I should have seen the writing on the wall when Fred told me I should “take my own apt. in SF and give up the BART commute home every night because after all, with all my late nights at C/D, what was the point?”), with 3 kids.

As you can see I can barely remember peoples names from those early ‘80’s, but MT Rainey made a huge impression on me…

Carolyn Goodman

Alums found!

Gary Madonna - "I worked at Chiat starting in about 1991 ending in 2002. I was in account management (MS, AD) on Nissan and Infiniti Direct, then alternative media towards the end of my career. I'm still in LA, but working abroad in Luxury real estate."

Robert Morello who is now Director of Graphic Services at Merkley + Partners

Pam Den Hartog

From Pam Den Hartog, who as a Producer from 1972-1975 and Exec Prod/Dir of Bcast from 1979-1982 ...


Hy Yablonka mentioned your website to me. What a great idea! We do all feel like alumni, though I'm from the real early days.I 've been primarily in nonprofits, and mostly in the arts for the last 7 years, with some ad business consulting for a couple of those years.... getting training now in global logistics, too...I still see Elaine Hinton and Hank Hinton,occasionally and, of course Hy...and was able to catch up with a number of people - Steve Hayden, Chuck Phillips, Bob Matsumoto among them - at one of the memorials for Jay.