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June 21, 2007

It's Jay Day!


June 21st, every year

Why June 21st? 'cause it's the longest day of the year.


Give your phone number freely and be there for someone.

Give your cleaning lady $200. She could probably really use it.

Buy art from a young artist.

Share an idea you've been thinking about pursuing for weeks or months or years with someone who will help make it happen. Or someone who will simply appreciate your creativity.

Make a radical impact on an environment. (Need direction? Check out http://www.publicolor.org.)

Look at the work you're doing professionally. Could it be better? If so, do something about it.

Take a young artist to dinner and let him/her talk about his/her work.

Give your niece or nephew $100 and tell them to have a good time.

Make a commitment to mentoring. Big Brother/Big Sister is a great place to start (http://www.bbbsa.org).

Take your best friend's child to a gallery and introduce them to art.

Keep in touch with a former colleague, old friend, or long-lost relative, acknowledging how inspiring and important genuine connections and relationships are.

Dare to do something different.

June 20, 2007

Susan Wands on stage


Susan Wands, as you will recall, worked both in Maiden Lane and on Madison Avenue in the IT support department. She is a very talented actress and here is information about her newest gig. It's ONE NIGHT ONLY - this Monday, June 25th, so don't miss it!

Ibsen is Spinning in His Grave!

Caught in a romantic farce - where two young lovers
seek escape from the gloom of Norwegian literary
history - Ibsen squares off against his arch rival
Björnson…and only the lovers win!

The Ibsen Follies
a comedy by Skot Davis

Winning selection of the 9th Annual TRU Voices Play
Reading Series

* Evan Buxbaum (Sigurd Ibsen, the intimidated young
* Dan Diggles (the Nobel Prize winning Björnson)
* Heather Massie (Bergliot, the upflappable young
lover and daughter to Björnson)
* Mort Milder (as Ibsen, himself)
* Michelle Ramoni (Emilie, the inspiration for it all)
* Jackie Reinking (the Maid who’s seen it all)
* Patrick Turner (reading the complicated Stage
Directions), and
* Susan Wands (Suzannah Ibsen, the wife who’s done it

Directed by Sonia Gluckman

Presented by R.K. Greene and The StoryLine Project LLC

"Dollars and Sense" Panel featuring the esteemed
theatre professionals Peter Bogyo, James Morgan, Janet
Pailet, Michael Parva and Jack Thomas, with reception
following including all your favorite Norwegian

One Night Only!
Monday June 25th
7:00 pm – sharp
The Players Theatre
115 MacDougal Street (below West 3rd Street)

Reservations: (212) 714-7628

The Ibsen Follies
TRU Reading Series June 25

June 09, 2007

Eve on a camel


That's our sweet little Eve Luppert, enjoying a ride on a camel in Egypt on a recent vacation.

Francesca Moscatelli


Wow. Here's an email from a woman with the most musical name I've heard!

I came across your site totally by accident! ? It put a big smile on my face.

Here's my story:

While sitting in a bar in South Street Seaport in the Spring of 1988, I was talking to a charming bartender and happened to mention that I was looking for a job after working at Y& R in Buenos Aires.? ?He said, "oh, I can help.?Call Jane Newman and tell her I sent you"? (my vague memory is that his name was John...).? So I called Jane and when she heard how I got her name, she said, with her perfectly lovely accent "well, I don't talk with John anymore.? Merry Cutler does.? Call her" So I asked Jane if I could use her name with Merry.? Merry sent me to MT Rainey and although there was a "hiring freeze," I got offered a job in the planning department and paid by the hour!? It took someone in the accounting department over a year to figure out that I was getting paid a small fortune because of the time and a half for hours over 40 worked per week.? I was 25, living in NYC, working at a crazy and fabulous agency and enjoying life.

In the NY office, there was a workout room.? I used to go and sweat with Jay, during lunch breaks.? We rarely spoke two words while we worked out.? One day, he got in the elevator and said "hi, Francesca."? He knew everyone's name.

Now I have my own company "Integral Researchers" and mostly moderate. I'd love to hear more from other Jay/Day alum!

More stories in the future.? Time to rest my head.

Deborah Neubert

And this just in from Deborah Neubert, who worked for Chiat/Day in Chicago and Los Angeles from 1990 to 1995

I moved back to NYC in 1995 . I now live and work in Cleveland, OH. moved to Cleveland for yet another job. Some of us from the original Chiat/Day office in Oakbrook, IL are planning a reunion on Sat. June 23rd in Chicago...it is amazing how many people we have been able to track down..actually, many of them have not left the Chicago area. (why would you)

Carolyn Goodman

Carolyn Goodman writes about her experience at C/D, one that will stike many of you as awfully familiar!

Don’t even ask me what I was searching for on Google, when I came across this website… amazing!

I worked at C/D in San Francisco from 1983 – 1984. I basically fast-talked my way into an account executive position with Fred Goldberg (I called him during lunch hour when his assistant, Rosalynda Estes (sp?) was at lunch and he picked up his own phone! Luckily I had written a “script” and got an interview.) He hired me on the spot after making me spend the day with 5 different C/D senior managers – Greg Somebody (DCS), David Yates(?) (Media), MT Rainey (Account Planning), Tom Tawa (Creative) and some research guy.

I don’t think any of those folks will remember me at all – let alone with fondness. Fred didn’t really know what to do with me at first. I had some experience as a copywriter, some media experience and some account service skills. I think he envisioned me “dropping in” and “helping out” when required. I was too young to appreciate that opportunity and focused, instead, on finding a “fit” where I could claim a position in the agency. I finally found one as an AE on the BusinessLand account (whew, am I old) and Holland America Cruise Lines. I worked for Marty Wenzell, who had just moved out from the NY office and Pat Somebody who ran new biz. I had no clue what I was doing and after 9 months took the few weeks pay that Fred offered to me to go away quietly.

Thank god I survived and even stayed with the business after that… went on to work at DDB Needham/SF, client side at Bank of America and 1st Nationwide Bank, Ogilvy & Mather Direct, Cohn & Wells, 360 Group… until I finally opened my own direct marketing agency in 2002. I’m still in the SF/Bay area, remarried (I should have seen the writing on the wall when Fred told me I should “take my own apt. in SF and give up the BART commute home every night because after all, with all my late nights at C/D, what was the point?”), with 3 kids.

As you can see I can barely remember peoples names from those early ‘80’s, but MT Rainey made a huge impression on me…

Gretchen Rollins


Gretchen Rollins, about whom I blogged back in March, has provided some photos and some more information about her glamorous new life!

Gretchen Rollins (1986 – 89, NYC studio) — Found in Marina del Rey, not too far from the original scene of the crime, and a few ticks away from the current CD/LA offices. For the past decade I’ve been a freelance art director around Los Angeles, started my own company with a partner (www.bigorangeq.com) and have recently landed at Deutsch, where Rosann Calisi runs the creative department. In the interstices I paint in my tiny garage studio, occasionally sell a piece (at silent auction, attached), and can often be spotted at Hal’s on a Friday evening.

In a nod to Jay's significant art patronage, here's a shot of me with my painting that was actually selling at a silent auction for the Venice Community trust "Almost Famous and Infamous" show.

Michael Hollander


C/D alum and Indy fan Michael Hollander turned up in my inbox this very morning!

I so appreciate seeing old friends again (and some not so old). In case you don't remember me, I worked as Product Information Manager on the Nissan account in the Los Angeles offices from 1987-1994.

I first met Jay on my very first day on the job. I was working late to get information transferred from the old agency's database into our "new" one and most of the lights in the place were already out. In walks Jay, fresh from New York, with a quizzical look on his face. "I'm Jay Chiat," he said. "I'm pleased to meet you, I'm Mike Hollander." "I've heard of you," he said. "I've heard of you, too," I stammered, and we both smiled.

I've attached a photo of me, taken at last year's Indy 500. I'm down about 35 lbs., but it's still the best photo of me in years.

I continue to edit The Motor Sports Forum (www.motorsportsforum.com) as I have online since 1983, and work as Manager, Information Resources at PCGCampbell with former Chiat/Day'er Shane Smith. My job is an amalgam of account work and IS.