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July 02, 2007

Evert Cilliers


From the irrepressible Evert Cilliers (a.k.a. "Evert Eden", a.k.a. "Adam Ash") ...

I made an album, KIDD RADAR, a rock opera by the Dingbots. The rock opera is a fun-filled sci-fi saga told in 20 songs and narration, studded with surreal events, exuberant sex, and adult wit. You can get a free listen to the first two minutes of every song at


My band, the Dingbots, sound like John Lennon and Abba had a post-modern lolve child who now, in 2007, sings twisted lyrics to catchy hooks that'll rule the off-the-wall parts of your brain.

Attached is a picture of the album cover.

Listen to what happens when an ex-Chiat Day creative person goes wild in a music studio.


[Ed. note: for a special treat, do a search on this site for the word "Orgasmitron"]