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August 26, 2007

Chicago Reunion

Nada Bobrowski – Broadcast Production; Deborah Neubert – Broadcast Business Manager; Pam Monaghan – Media

When I was in my 20s and living in Spokane, WA, I worked in community theatre. (As did Eve Luppert.) Since I directed several musicals, I struck up a strong phone friendship with Deborah Neupert, who worked in New York City for Music Theatre International, one of the big publishing companies that licenses the production rights of Broadway musicals. Fast forward to my 40s, when that same Deborah Neupert would turn up working for Chiat/Day. Here’s the wonderful note, and photos, I received from Deborah a few weeks ago …

Hi Steve,

Not sure if you remember me..Deborah Neubert, worked for Chiat/Day in Chicago and Los Angeles from 1990 to 1995. Moved back to NYC in 1995 I now live and work in Cleveland, OH. Moved to Cleveland for a job with Highland Talent.

Some of us from the original Chiat/Day office in Oakbrook, IL held a reunion on Sat., June 23rd in Chicago. It is amazing how many people we have been able to track down. Actually, many of them have not left the Chicago area. (why would you?)

Take care.
All the best,

There are more photos of the reunion if you click on the following link ...

Beth Kelly Tabor – Traffic Manager; Nada Bobrowski; Deborah Neubert

Lisa Sorber Collings – Account Management; Beth Kelly Tabor – Traffic Manager

Carie Schlesinger Ackerman – Account Management (Dallas Office); Allison Forsyth Smela – Account Management; Matthew Smela, Allison’s husband; Jennifer Huey Rosenberg – Account Management

Jennifer Huey Rosenberg; Mark Bobrowski

Allison and Matthew Smela

Mark Bobrowski; Deborah Neubert; Dorcas Dvorak

Nada and Mark Bobrowski – met at Chiat Day/Chicago and married

Valerie Newman

Another C/D veteran from the really early days has been turned in by Chuck Phillips, the best bounty hunter this site has!

Hi, Steve - Just had a drink with Chuck Phillipps and Roger Livingston in Seattle. Chuck told me about JayDay.org and I've just logged on. Chiat/Day's first branch office was in Seattle, Washington, opening May 18, 1974. Roger was the first employee (branch manager, obviously), and I was the first employee. I worked at C/D for 10 years, leaving in February, 1984 before heading to Microsoft in November, 1984. My name was (and is), Valerie Newman. Please put me on your list. Sharon Conklin (formerly Sharon Franck, then Sharon Teal) remains a close friend. I have a whole list of Seattle people who were part of it all, too. Let me know how I can help you with them. Thanks for setting up this blog. I'll spend more time checking it out. Chuck is one of your most fierce supporters. Val Newman

Sue Katzen

From the fabulous Sue Katzen, who is now a publishing magnate!

Hi Steve -

Well, this was quite a day of spontaneous Chiat Day reunions. It all began when I ran into Ed Kim in the cafeteria at Unilever in NJ. I had a meeting (I'm the Associate Publisher of Cosmopolitan now) and caught up with him for a bit. He's a brand manager there.

When I got back to the city, I ran out to the corner deli and who was standing outside? Dede Dalton McMahon. She told me about this site and of your exciting personal news! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Very exciting.

Next thing I knew I recieved an email from Max Jermone via linkedin asking me to join his network. How funny. I have seen Max and his wife Jenny over the years - they own or owned an amazing wine bar in Brooklyn.

No small coincidence I am visiting Deirdre Donnelley McMurtry at the Jersey Shore this weekend. We also stay in touch with the lovely Dorothy Adams Basso who resides with her husband and 3 gorgeous kids in San Antonio, Texas.

Last I saw the "old crew" was at Jay's Memorial. I celebrated Jay Day in it's first year by resigning from my job at Woman's Day on June 21st and traveling solo to SE Asia for about 6 months. I'll need to set my sites on something bigger and better next year.

Steve, thank you for keeping us all in touch. Wishing you every good thing and peace.



Alums galore!

It's as if someone declared some sort of Alum Amnesty Program! They've been turning up in my mailbox at an astonishing rate!

Hank Antosz who is working at Strategic Insight Media Partners in Santa Monica! (How could he been missing from this list for so long?!? Forgive me, Henry!) Henry was Media Director at C/D LA for (mumble, mumble) years.

Kris Konno

I'm working at frog design as a program manager on GE.
You may know frog because we did early work for Apple (long ago)

Ellen LaNicca Albanese

Patrice Tanaka and I are now part of another agency, CRT/tanaka.

Mary Maguire (then), now Mary Hildebrandt

My sister just told me about this website and I'm so excited. I worked at Chiat/Day (first LA office on Olympic then at Biltmore Hotel) from about 1976-80 as first an account secretary then promoted to jr. copywriter then full copywriter. I actually married a client of Chiat/Day's, Dave Hildebrandt, of Investor's Daily. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on July 16. Jay attended our wedding, along with Hy Yablonka, Lee Clow, etc.

Then, I worked as a copywriter at Chiat/Day/Hoefer in SF from 1980-1981. Many thanks for putting this together.

With fondest memories of Chiat/Day and Night,

Mary Maguire (then)
now Mary Hildebrandt

David Bigman

Senior Art Director in San Francisco on 3M, California Cooler and responsible for accidently breaking Jay's home sculpture valued at 200k when I simply put my drink on it and the 'Domino' effect played out.

Darcy Stamler (1980-81) Media Department, Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

Linda Altus (1980 - ??) Media Dept Los Angeles

August 21, 2007

Preuit Holland

Welcome to Preuit Holland from General Idea in Beverly Hills ...

Just stumbled across your jayday page. I worked for Jay in LA, San Francisco, New York and Toronto. He was a brilliant guy.

August 16, 2007

Jane's benefit

Here are some photos I took at Jane Newman's Thorn Tree Benefit back in May. (Sorry for the delay in posting.)

Clodagh and Jane

L1020251 2
Roseann Santamaria

Roseann, Stephen Fick (COO of K&B), David Metcalf, and Lorraine Arado

Who else? Neilan Tyree.

Mary Maroun, Bonnie Lunt, and yours truly, Steve Alburty

August 09, 2007

Great Mac Tech Support


If any of you are looking for great Mac tech-support, I can highly recommend Pixelfixny. Call and ask for Ben or Lawrence. Or drop them a line by clicking here.

They have a frighteningly exhaustive knowledge of Mac and Mac networks and are extremely pleasant to work with. Ted Colgate still ranks as the best Mac guy I've ever worked with, but Ben and Lawrence are close seconds.


August 07, 2007

Owen Brennan Rounds

I'm just catching up on email from jayday fans. This came in a few weeks ago ....

Greetings greetings, and happy Jay/Day!

Flying the Skull & Crossbones over my desk and celebrating Jay/Day. Actually, the flag always flies over my desk, I enjoy explaining Jay's point that it's important to be the pirates, not the navy.

I just checked out the site... who knew i was lost?

I used to go by Owen Brennan Rounds but now it's just Owen Brennan, it's much easier than having two last names. David Rogers can vouch for me.

I worked in the NY Office (my current office is only a couple blocks from 180 Maiden) ... used to be in New Biz and agency PR @ Chiat.

Anyway ... just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that i am no longer lost.

Have a good one and thanks for having the site up ... i spent a while going through the list of names ... feel very fortunate to have worked with a lot of good people.