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September 27, 2007

Jon Hartman


Received this great action shot and an update from C/D NY alum Jon Hartman ...

I've resettled in Minneapolis and am now the Client Services Director at the Falls Agency, a small (25 person) but growing agency here that pretty much did nothing but handle the Kawasaki dealers network for about 20 years. In the past couple of years they’ve started to pick up some decent consumer business: Coleman and Toro being the most known, and we’re launching a new series of waterparks (a huge Midwest phenomenon) for Dave Anderson of Famous Dave’s BBQ. I've enclosed a photo of me getting to understand the competition... It’s actually a great opportunity – 8 account people including me plus I’m bringing in a couple of Planners. We have a whole new crew of creatives from Carmichael Lynch and Martin Williams who really “get it.” So I’m excited.

And Minneapolis rocks!

Hope you're doing good!

Jon Hartman

Alison Smela

Welcome to C/D Chicago alum Alison Smela, formerly known as Alison Forsyth. She was at C/D Chicago from 1990-96, the LA office from 96-99, then back to the Chicago office from 99-2001.

September 19, 2007

Evert Eden Album Launch Party


Evert Eden (a.k.a. Evert Cilliers, a.k.a. at one point, I believe, Adam Ash) was a copywriter in the New York Office.

He and his rock group, The Dingbots, have produced an album of their rock opera, Kidd Radar. It is actually available on iTunes. (Go into the iTunes store and search on the word "Dingbots.")

Evert and his group have organized a launch party for the album and and you are invited!

Date: Saturday Sept 29, 6-8 pm.
Place: Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery (Bleecker-Houston) NYC 
Cost: Free!

RSVP to everteden(AT)earthlink.net (replace "(AT)" with the "@" sign.)


Evert Eden performs songs from his Dingbots album!!
The 1st Dingbots video premieres on a big screen!
Evert Eden signs copies of his album for you!
Household pets commit unusual sex acts! Er...not!


You get free hugs from many friends!
(Pecks on cheeks optional --
kisses on lips donated upon request --
tongues Frenching yours available after quaffing 3 drinks!)

September 13, 2007

David Butler's Ad Attic

One of the truly great Chiat/Day employees of all time, Dave Butler, copywriter extraordinaire, is retiring on September 18th. He was (and I presume continues to be) one of the nicest people I've ever met. He was always soft-spoken, kind, and gracious. And best of all, he and his wife Sue used to give me fudge every Christmas. (Hey Dave, with all of this newfound time on your hands, perhaps this tradition can be revived.)

As the big day has been drawing closer and closer, Dave has been sending out emails to the office containing some memorabilia he has saved during his decades at Chiat/Day. Greg Holladay was nice enough to share some of them with me so that I could post them on this site.

Here are a few samples from the emails Dave has been sending out ....


As the days till my retirement on September 18 meander by, I’ve been sifting through the Chiat/Day memorabilia I’ve accumulated over the last 30 years. And suddenly, like one of those ideas you suspect you’d be better off not having, it occurred to me that it might be fun (at least for me) to share some of the things I come across—one a day, or as close as I can come.

They might be memos (the old-fashioned paper kind that are just rumors to most of you), letters, emails, photos, personal stuff. Who knows? A few might give you some insight into how the agency has changed over the years. Other may make you laugh. Or cry. Some might even make you say, “Huh?” (Those are my favorites.)

ITEMS 10 & 11 : As I said above, some of the memories I send you may make you laugh. Or cry, as in the case of the enclosed. But for completely different reasons.

The first, an unforgettable memo we all received in July of 1986 regarding a co-worker.
Click on the image to view full-size

The second (two files) an email Lee received shortly after Apple’s “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” Think Different spot began running.

Click on the image to view full-size

ITEM #3 : Lee and I were partners for the first few years of my C/D tenure. Working with Lee was a very rewarding experience, although as with any creative partnership, we had our own unique perspectives on the process. As you can see by the enclosed—a couple of signs I made and displayed next to each other on the wall separating our two offices in the Biltmore Hotel.


ITEM #2 : When the ‘84 Olympics were in town, the Olympic Committee made their headquarters at the downtown Biltmore Hotel, the selfsame building in which C/D had its offices. Everyone who worked in the building was required to wear an ID badge to gain entrance to the building for the duration of the Games. Enclosed is the badge we came up with. (Shortly after the picture was taken for my badge, I made one of my ill-fated attempts to grow a beard. Combined with the ill-considered perm you see in the pic, my scraggly beard made me look almost exactly like an middle eastern terrorist.)


Dave, I can't believe it's been 30 years. That means you and I started the very same year. (I interviewed the day Elvia died.) I hope you have a wonderful retirement. Get busy with that fudge.

Steve Alburty

September 07, 2007

Wonderful, wonderful Wonderbra


They just don't make great commercials like these, anymore. Here are some wonderfully, wonderfully awful jingles for Wonderbra, from 1968 (#1), 1968 (#2), 1969, 1974, 1975, and 1979.

(As I recall, Jay DETESTED jingles.)

September 05, 2007

Lost and Found

One of the most difficult challenges of maintaining this site is keeping the mailing list up-to-date. Some of you continue to work in advertising (fools!), which means you frequently change jobs (duh!). Corporate email addresses often bounce back.

AOL members are another problem - when you finally break down and get that broadband connection, your AOL address finks out.

Here are just a few of the people who have come up "missing" as a result of my most recent mailing. If you know where they are, please contact me at alburty(AT)jayday.org.

David Page, John Marco, Jonathan Lee, Fred Rubin, Cindy Heath, Julia Leach, Chuck McBride, Mark Moyer, Marc Chiat, Robert Swartz, Gerard Govaerts, Mark Shoptaw, and Bonnie Pisarski.

Robin Castillo


One of the most famous of all C/D NY alums has been found after several years living as an ex-pat in Argentina and Uruguay!

Robin Castillo, who ran print traffic and then headed up the MIS department in NY, is now living in Hudson, NY, with her husband of 22 years, Orlando. I visited them a few weeks ago, as they’re only about 20 minutes from my partner’s house. (From Uruguay to 20-minutes-uay. What a coincidence.)

Robin and Orlando have opened their own antique store called “Colonia,” after the town they lived in in Uruguay. (Robin just happened to have an old wooden sign she’d transported back to the U.S. and decided to name the store after it.)

The store is located at 528 Warren Street in Hudson, NY, which is about 2-1/2 hours north of New York City, due north up the Hudson River. It would make a lovely day-trip and I know Robin and Orlando would love to see all of their old friends.




David Lynch


Filmmaker David Lynch on product placement in movies. Click here. (Submitted by Charlie Bidwell. Thanks, Charlie!)

September 04, 2007

Jane Newman's charity


Several people have asked how they can donate to Jane Newman's charity. Here's where to send the checks!


Jonel Brown

Another Seattlite has turned up in my mailbox ....

Hi - I was contacted by another CD alum, Tricia McGinnis Raikes and I see my name is not listed so I thought I would add my info to the infamous.

I started in the Seattle office of Chiat Day in 1990 as Roger Livingston's assistant. I was trying to get into the broadcast dept but the only opening in the company was as his admin - and I was a terrible typist!

But he kept me around until the broadcast opening popped up and I worked with the incredible Virginia Pellegrino.

I still have my team softball sweatshirt that reads "Chiat Day is a Sweat Shop".

It was an amazing group of folks -
What a fun site - thanks for creating it.

Jonel Stahr then
now Jonel (Stahr) Brown, living in Minnapolis and freelancing as an Meeting and Events Excutive Producer

Patricia Kanan

Click on image to see a larger size.

Wow! A real veteran has come in from the cold ...

I'm Patricia (Patty) Kanan. I was Chuck Phillips' secretary and eventually Account Coordinator on American Honda Motor Co. I was at C/D from 1971 to 1975. I left to join Tom Burr, Bob VanderKamp, Mel Abert, Mel Newhoff and more at Abert, Newhoff & Burr in Westwood. Thought you would enjoy the Abert, Newhoff & Burr business card. I always thought it was great fun.

I eventually went to William Esty and after a few years as Account Supervisor I was hired as National Advertising Manage at Nissan Motors. A short lived term of employment. Hated the Japanese corporate structure. Eventually, I consulted to all the Japanese manufacturers. That was through the Stewart Company. I ran a new division for them in Automobile Manufacturer's Merchandising. Very lucrative.

In 1085 a family member was murdered and I returned to my family business where I have remained since 1985. My grandfather founded the City of Agoura Hills. Kanan Road was named after he and my grandmother. I currently own the commercial corridor of the city and run it through a property management company located in Manhattan Beach. My permanent residence is on a 5 acre ranch in Santa Ynez, CA. I raise Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and am as happy as a firefly in summer.

By the way, I lived with and then was married to Hy Yablonka from 1979 to 1996.

Hope this finds all the Chiat/Day survivors happy and healthy.


Pecha Kucha

Picture 1
As long as we're on the subject of presentations, the newest trend is called pecha-kucha and comes from Japan.

Killer presentation

Let's hope all of your presentations are as exciting as this one by global health expert Hans Rosling. This presentation was given at TED, the creme de la creme of conferences.