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February 24, 2008

Bria Silbert


Here I am, watching the Oscars, and a star alum has just shown up in my email ...

I started at Chiat Day as the account group secretary for Pioneer Electronics in 1977 - then became the "creative secretary" (that always sounded so erotic to tell people at the time) under Lee and Dave, eventually working as Jay's assistant the last few years of my tenure. I left in 1984, had a baby, "retired" for ten years and am now director of Donor Services for MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger. Ironically, it still has the same "sell" feel as advertising - getting people to believe in your product.

I live in LA now with my husband & our 23 year old son. I not only changed my last name when I got married from Winkler to Silbert but a few years ago changed my first name as well to Bria (no, this is NOT an LA thing...)

I'm sure that everyone has a favorite "Jay memory." Here's mine:

When we got the Home Savings account, C/D ran an ad in the L.A.
Times. Jay came into the office excitedly and asked if I saw the ad. Triumphantly, I answered, "Not only did I see, the ad, but I cut it out for you."

To which he barked, "Well, F***ing cut it back in."


February 16, 2008

Vacation Notice


There will be no posting to the Jay\Day website this week as my partner, JP, and I are in Miami learning to scuba-dive!

Steve Alburty

February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day



Ok, ok, so I'll admit it. I have a filing cabinet in my apartment and I have one giant file folder named "Chiat/Day."

I opened it tonight (Valentine's Day) and the very first item in the file was a Valentine's card from Jay.

I am presuming this is pretty ancient, as there is also a signature from "G," which I presume is Guy Day.

Thanks, Eve, for sparking my interest by your earlier posting about the sweet things Jay would do on days like this that made up for all the insanity the rest of the year.

Update on Michael Hollander

For those of you know Michael Hollander and read the past story about his diagnosis with cancer, I thought you'd take heart in this very positive report I received last night from Michael ...

I had my second chemotherapy yesterday and that I'm writing this today indicates that this one went much better than the last one. That time, I was VERY tired, my digestive system was fouled up and I lost 30 lbs. in 11 days. Not so much fun.

On the GREAT side, the last "drainage" I had (the cancer was pouring fluid into my abdomen) before the first chemo was 6.5 liters. Each week since then, the numbers have gone down and the last one was only 1.5 liters. I count this as a good sign - so does the doctor!

I also have had my first "outings" other than to a doctor or hospital. Last Thursday, I attended a testimonial dinner at the Wally Parks Museum and my agency presented me with a Museum jacket (big surprise for me!!!). Managed to make it through an hour drive in each direction and about four hours at the Museum. Then Sunday, I went shopping at the grocery store. Again, success.

Six-word memoir

My dear sister (Hello, Charlene!) is an avid reader of Jay\Day. She thought all of you who are (or were writers) would appreciate the challenge of the six word memoir.

Rumor has it that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write an entire novel in six words. Here's what he wrote in response:

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

What would you write? Add a comment to this entry or go to this website, which has collected thousands of entries.

The Valentine Gifts

I always think of Jay on valentine's day and some of the great gifts we got.

Who can forget the red Huffy bikes. Those were great.

I remember getting a plant once when I worked in LA and there was some silly fake bird in it. I tied the bird to my hair and wore it all day. Jay didn't seem to think it was all that funny. I did.

What else? I know it was cool stuff.

February 07, 2008

The Future Channel


The Futures Channel is, according to its mission statement, an educational website for scientists, engineers, explorers and visionaries who are shaping the future, and today’s learners who will one day succeed them. My!

Somebody sent me a link from the website which plays a video which recreates the auspicious moment when TBWA Chiat/Day created the "Think Different" campaign. It also includes a brief tour of the binocular building.

You can view it by clicking here.