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March 26, 2008

An invitation from Rosemarie Ryan

Rosemarie Ryan, New York planner extraordinaire, says to keep the date of April 16th at 6:30 pm. open. Rosemarie and J. Walter Thompson, in association with Stephen King, will unveil something that will forever change the creative process.

Click on this thumbnail image to see the teaser in its full glory:

March 13, 2008

Jim Reedy and David Chapa


Had beers and dinner last night with Jim Reedy and David Chapa, two former employees of mine.

David started out in LA as the night-time back-up guy for the famous Wang system. He eventually became a full-time system administrator. He's now a big-shot marketing guy in Denver, working for the data-recovery division of NetApp (formerly known as Network Appliances.) He lives in Denver with his two teenage children. [Oop! See correction in comment by David.]

Jim, of course, was the amazing technical genius who kept all of the systems in the New York office running. He was also one of C/D NY's great party animals and all-round favorite guys. He is now managing huge systems and data projects for Citibank. He has a lovely wife, Astrid, and two children. They live in Brooklyn.

This murky photo was taken on a Blackberry camera phone at a restaurant and bar on Ludlow called "Spitzers," a most appropriate place to be on the day the Governor resigned.

March 05, 2008

Ken Pappanduros

This little news item, provided by Lily Katz ...

Ken Pappanduros has returned to TBWA Chiat/Day for the third time.. After spending the last 12 months freelancing, he comes back in the money as Senior Copywriter on the Nissan team.

And today I got an email from Ken ...

Hello Mr. Alburty, Ken Pappanduros, Media Asst. from 1990 – 1992, here. Can’t believe I made Jay/Day. As posted, I’m back at C/D LA for a third tour. Wow. Lots of familiar faces from “the day” along with lots of new ones. There’s still a great energy to the place. It feels good to be back. You can now officially count me as “found.” Take care. -- Ken

Steve Alburty

Edwin Laguerre

Welcome Edwin Laguerre back from the land of the "lost!"


Hello! This is from Eve Luppert. I'm now head of HR for LandDesign and we have a job opening that might be great from one of you alums out there ....


LandDesign, provider of award-winning urban design, planning, civil engineering branding and landscape architecture solutions is jumping from hardscape design to hard-core marketability. We’re a dynamic and growing multidisciplinary design firm who has been Creating Exterior Experience across the globe for over 25 years.

Now we’re looking for the ideal business-creative relationship. LandDesign is looking for well-rounded visual communications professionals to join our Brand Development team at our Washington DC / Old Town Alexandria location.

Does “graphic design” mean more to you than “photoshop philters?” Do you know how to make the message move mountains? Can you build business as well as beautify?

More importantly, do you have the ability to see beyond your 23 inch flat screen to how Design can affect not only perception, but the land itself and the people who walk upon it? Look beyond the logo… take a look at how Branding infuses a place through multiple disciplines.

LandDesign Branding group’s core focus will be Identity Development, Branding and Marketing of public and private real estate developments through graphic design and environmental influences. You’ll be more than a graphic designer. You’ll be an idea generator. A brand-builder. From concept to construction and beyond, you’ll be the power behind creating a face on a place. We create the Brand. We design the Plan. We make it constructible. We know it’s marketable.

High-octane superstars with 3-5 years experience should apply. Tag your ego at coat check – collaboration is the key to opening the door to a limitless career.

Killer portfolio that shows your ability to think – not just use the computer.
Program knowledge – you know what they are.
Web/Interactive experience a plus.
So is Illustrative talent.
Digital video editing experience brings extra credit.

Send digital portfolio / writing samples to: jobs[at]landdesign.com
Send video clips on DVD to: LandDesign HR

March 03, 2008

Bill Moreland

This just in from Chuck Phillips, C/D's first employee and one of the most loyal contributors to this site:


one of C/D's more controversial employees. bill moreland was a senior account guy from the late 70's and a driver of the yamaha pitch (chiat/day's biggest win in its young history: the comeback/redemption from the honda setback and the subsequent bridge to nissan).  had yamaha not happened....who knows? (anybody remember the "apples/oranges" story?).. bill managed pioneer of america for about 18 months before being hired by that client to be their VP marketing  which is never a good idea because ex-staffers always make life tough on their former colleagues (not to mention he was a former marine corps officer who lived the part). bill's perhaps best remembered for being the paramour of one of C/D's greatest treasures ever...amy miyano.  we all had to be nice to bill out of respect for amy.  perhaps also because, deep inside he was an o.k. guy.
bill's been living in vancouver for 18 years where he remains a chiat/day devotee.
photo taken on my couch friday night.