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April 28, 2008

Tom Carroll and the Four A's


There is an article in this morning's NY Times about the efforts of the AAAA's to juice up its annual conference. And who better to lead that effort than the most charming man in advertising, Tom Carroll ...

Ms. Sawyer, who described herself as “probably one of the most vocal people at the last conference” about its shortcomings, joined almost a dozen other executives who met for informal, wide-ranging discussions about recasting the meeting to make it more appealing, particularly to younger managers, and increase attendance.

Those efforts were endorsed by the executive who is becoming the chairman of the Four A’s for 2008-10, Tom Carroll.

“The industry has changed dramatically, and it was time for the Four A’s conference to change its format and content fundamentally,” said Mr. Carroll, who is also the president and chief executive at TBWA Worldwide, part of the Omnicom Group.

April 18, 2008

Vicki Blucher

And now sweet Vicki Blucher has come forward with a donation for the maintenance of the site. As Ruth Gordon said in "Harold and Maude," "This is very encouragin'"

Thank you, Vicki!!

Greg Helm

Greg Helm is my favorite person in the world today because last night he made a very generous donation to the maintenance of this site.

(See that donation button over there on there on the right? Go ahead and give it a push!)

Greg had attended a retirement party for Melanie Steinbach (nee Melanie Axtman) who told him about the site. (See photos from that party in an earlier entry further down this page.)


Greg was General Manager of the LA office and once received, on his employment anniversary, an autographed fire extinguisher.

He now runs his own consulting company.

It does indeed take several thousands of dollars per year to run this sucker, so it's really encouraging to have some of you wonderful alums out there in the dark pitch in to help! You can also help without spending any money by clicking on each of the Google ads above each time you visit the site.

April 16, 2008

Jon Spurney


Jon Spurney had an extensive career at Chiat/Day. He was a floater receptionist for nine months in 1987 in NYC! In fact, to this day, he credits it as his only real job.

Jon is now performing on Broadway in an exciting new musical, "Passing Strange."

The New York Times review said ...

A rock ’n’ roll autobiography of an artist in search of himself, “Passing Strange” is bursting at the seams with melodic songs, and it features a handful of theatrical performances to treasure. It is undeniably playing on Broadway, after transferring from a summer run at the Public Theater downtown.

But please don’t call it a Broadway musical. You could scare away too many people who might actually enjoy it.

For tickets and info, click here!


Jon himself writes ...

Also, I just completed my first feature film score for a new film from the Weinstein Company entitled Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden. It's the new documentary from Morgan Spurlock, the director of Super Size Me, and details his efforts to learn more about the elusive Al Quaeda leader in particular and the Middle East in general. We premiered last month at the Sundance Film Festival, and the film opens nationally on Friday. More info is available at: http://www.whereisobl.com.

April 13, 2008

Teresa Evans

Teresa Evans-Ryan, who was known to all of us as simply Teresa Evans, has come in from the cold ...

Hi Steve, Wow, I didn't realize how many great people I worked with until I saw the lost/found list. I'm Teresa Evans and I work in at C/D from 1990-1995. Started in the Warehouse and then to the binocular building. I started at the switchboard with Jigisha Patel and Liz Molitor and left in 1995 as a Jr. Account Planner under Jeff Blish, Kieran Darby and Clive Witcher, just after Rob White. I also vividly remember many nights with Lori Coots and new business pitches as well. I also worked with Lisa Welch-Nehring, Susan Fisher, Bob Grossman, Carisa Bianchi. Fun, fun times. Keep up the good work. My married name is Teresa Evans-Ryan. I met my husband at the 1991 Chiat/Day Christmas party at the Santa Monica Beach Club. Cheers, Teresa

The Merry Maids of Media (oh, and Fred, too)

I must confess that one of my favorite media buyers of all times is (was) Lori Gaffney, whom I referred to as "Gaffee." I got this recent report from her about a reunion of some of her favorite "media geeks" at the Rose Cafe in LA ...

Had a great reunion brunch a couple of weeks ago with Melanie (Axtman) Steinbach, Lily Katz, Terri (Foye) Gray and Fred Sattler at the Rose Café in Venice. Everyone is doing well. Fred just moved back to LA from Detroit and has a big new job at Initiative Media working on KIA/Hyundai, Terri looks fantastic and just returned from the Bahamas, Lily is living and working in Santa Barbara (what's not to love about that?) and Melanie....here is the big news...is turning in her calculator and moving to Oregon. She and her husband John have a home just east of Portland near Mt. Hood. I am thrilled to have her nearby. Anyway, it was a great time! As you can see in the picture we all haven't changed a bit in 17 years!

Click on the thumbnail below to see a large version of the image above ...

April 09, 2008

Jackie End


Just received this invitation today from C/D NY's favorite copywriter, Jackie End (who now works at McCann.) Try to catch it. Note that it's being held at 79 Fifth Ave., C/D NY's former address.

April 07, 2008

Merry Cutler-Baskin to hit bestseller list!

Our very own Merry Cutler-Baskin (see lovely photo below) is now a world-famous editor. Yes! She has edited a new book about Account Planning, which is sure to become the newest publishing sensation! Here's the blurb Merry sent to me about her first opus ...

Did you know that July 15th 2008 is Account Planning’s official 40th birthday? Although our own dear Jane Newman was one of Stanley Pollitt’s first planning acolytes at BMP in the 70’s, and she was pretty much solely responsible for importing the BMP Account Planning model wholesale into the USA in the 80’s, at Jay’s invitation, there was another chap, at another agency, (Stephen King at JWT London) who co-founded the account planning discipline at the same time. It was Stephen King (the planner not the thriller writer) who came up with the most obfuscatory, unhelpful job title ever invented, and who did the most to codify the discipline. The full history of planning is outlined in this book, which Merry Baskin, former Chiat/Day/NY Planning Director (1985-90) has just finished co-editing, along with an outline of the account planner’s craft skills; the use and misuse of research, and Stephen’s take on marketing in general, its problems, weaknesses and probable future.

The book comprises 20 of King’s most perceptive papers on account planning, marketing, brands and market research, written over a 30 year period, and each paper is introduced and commented upon by respected contemporary marketing, media, research and advertising practitioners – including our own Chiat/Day New York alumni Rosemaire Ryan and Ty Montague. As the co-inventor of account planning as a distinct discipline, his big idea changed the way advertising agencies were structured, how they thought, and even what they produced. His idea changed the lives and careers of a huge number of people – not just in the US and the UK but around the world where the idea of Account Planning has been adopted.

Some of the trade reviewers so far have said:

“This is a book to keep beside your desk to keep dipping into in spare moments. Used thus, it will help to clear the mind as an ongoing mental workout. All the contributors and the editors are to be congratulated warmly. To have let these papers disappear would have been a crime”.

“The industry owes a great debt to Stephen King – a debt that is both intellectual and financial. You can think of this book as a bank statement which gives you a massive credit balance. But unlike a bank statement it is hugely readable and inspiring.”

“Every planner needs this book. And the brave ones will give it to their clients too”.

Merry Cutler
Dede Dalton and Merry Cutler-Baskin from a candid photo taken at a party thrown last year by Jane Newman.

April 04, 2008

Jill Howell

THANK YOU to C/D NY Planner alum Jill Howell, who make a very generous donation to the maintenance of this site.

She noticed the "Donation" button on the right of this page ...

It now takes several thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs to pay for webhosting, bandwidth, etc. Thanks, Jill!

April 03, 2008

Thorn Tree Benefit


Jane Newman and Clodagh Design invite you to the 6th Annual Thorntree Benefit.
Clodagh Design.
Monday, April 7th, 6-9 pm
670 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY
(between Bond and Great Jones)
Suggested Donation $20

Here is the official invitation in pdf format.