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May 31, 2008

Reach Green


Greenadworks is is an ad network designed to help advertisers reach Gen Green singles, busy moms, established professionals, tech-savvy consumers and affluent couples who represent the entire spectrum of progressive, green consumers.

You CAN teach an old billboard new tricks


An article from today's New York Times about new billboard technology which utilizes tiny cameras to identify some of the demographics of the person standing in front of it.

May 22, 2008

There from the start

Chuck Phillips is trying to put together a list of those people who were there at the very start of the company 40 years ago. Here is his memory dump. Can you think of more? If so, please post a comment.


The folks I remember being at 1300 West Olympic Blvd. on Chiat/Day’s opening day, (October 7, 1968) were…

DORIS BELL (traffic bulldog)
TOM PHALERT (art director)
Receptionist (name unknown)
EMILY AUSTIN (acct. grp sec.)

I know there were some others (including a red-headed secretary/pal of mary beth's whose name escapes me).

May 20, 2008

Scott Munz found!

Thanks to Paul Greenberg, the indefatigable media planner Scott Munz has been found! He's been working for the last 10 years on the client side, working for the Dr. Pepper/Snapple company.

He has promised to send me photos soon.

MJ Rockers


One of the advantages of being the MIS Director of C/D was that I got to work in all of the C/D offices. SF was always a favorite destination, because of my great MIS Manager there, Gene Crocker.

Another great friend from SF was MJ Rockers who worked in the print production dept. and was an art buyer. She and Gene happened to run into each other in a meeting after all these years and now MJ is added with great honor to the "found" list.

Visit MJ's website here.

May 19, 2008

Chuck Phillips


In my 17.5 years of working at C/D, I worked with so many people the number sometimes seems infinite. If I had to choose my Top Ten Favorite People I Ever Worked With, one name would surely appear on that list: Chuck Phillips.

He was Employee #1 at C/D, but I got to work with him most closely when he opened the Toronto office. Adelaide Horton and I went up to Toronto one VERY cold January and helped him get the doors opened. It was one of my favorite experiences.

Chuck has been immensely supportive of this site since the beginning, supplying me with contact information for lost alums and providing great background on the "formative years" at the company. He also made a generous financial donation to the site last week, for which I am truly grateful.

So this is my very personal salute to Chuck.

Since he played so many roles at C/D, I asked him to provide me with a recap, so I wouldn't forget any.

Take it away, Chuck ...

here it is in a nutshell...

1. hired October 7, 1968 as account guy on Fairchild Semiconductor, the new agency's biggest client. the rationale was that my previous scientific instrumentation company job implied a technology aptitude which i did not have. A new writer, Paul Decker, started the same day but he was hired two hours after me. hence "badge #1." worked on tons of early fun stuff (e.g. hunt wesson, ontario motor speedway, KMPC, leach "heritage of the air") and became point man on honda cars.

2. promoted to "vice president" director of client services in 1970 which i thought silly because we didn't have titles in those days (one of the things i was proudest about the place). the title meant nothing to me but did to our japanese honda client. when I became a VP i had open access to their senior management whereas before i had to deal with cranky ad managers. a year after we lost the honda i left for a brief 5 month stay at a defector agency (abert, newholl & burr).

3. hired back by Jay to open new san francisco operation in 19'75 as GM to support new client national semiconductor's (Novus) foray into consumer electronics (watches, calculators and video games). National pulled out of the consumer business in 1978 and we folded our tent and slinked out of town

4. Jay had moved into the Biltmore and gave me another snazzy title: executive vice president, corporate director of business development (a.k.a. "new business guy") in 1978.

5. in 1980 Jay bought a San Franciso agency, Hoefer, Dieterich & Brown) and I was dispatched back north to be president of Chiat/Day/Hoefer. while there. i ended up point guy on the acquisition of regis mc kenna, which netted us Apple.

6. Left the agency for 6 years and returned in 1987 to open and be CEO of first "international" C/D office in Toronto (we were there because of inheriting the nissan canada business when nissan's AOR (Bates) resigned the account after being bought by Saatchi over a conflict with Hyundai.

7. got fired in 1991.


May 15, 2008

When It all began ...

There has been a lively discussion among some of the real veterans of C/D about when, precisely, it was founded. (This being its 40th Anniversary.) Here are some thoughts from one of the original employees ...

Steven, a continued thank you for keeping the Chiat/Day spirit and alumni club going. There is probably paperwork somewhere to document it, but the official first day of Chiat/Day was either the end of September or the beginning of October 1968. I actually was one of the original emloyees -- along with Jay and Guy, of course, and Hy and Mel & Mel (that's the point at which Keye and Donna, who were part of Faust/Day, left to open their own shop). There were many others -- I think we numbered around 25 folks, maybe a few more. It was the merger of Faust/Day and Jay Chiat & Associates. It was marked by an ad in what became Adweek (then MAC). Thanks, Mary Beth Neal (now Garber)

Eve Luppert


Many, many thanks to the most cheerful of all alums, Ms. Eve Luppert, for her generous donation to the maintenance of this site.

Eve now lives in Charlotte, NC, in this charming Craftsman house. She is the head of human resources for Landdesign. She also knows where to get the best shrimp 'n grits in the South.


And the Tony goes to ...


Jon Spurney, A C/D alum, is not only appearing on Broadway, but the show for which he is providing keyboards, guitar, and backing vocals has been nominated for 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical!

Visit the site for Passing Strange, then go catch Jon on Broadway.

Congratulations, Jon!

May 12, 2008

More alums found

Bill McConnel has turned himself in.

I briefly worked in the NY media department at Chiat Day from '90-'92. Which I guess in Chiat/ Day years is really like ten or fifteen years.

Bill now lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

And Marc Klein showed up in my inbox today ...

Worked in the NY office for almost four years in the latter part of the 90s.

Marc has promised me a photo and bio of himself.


May 07, 2008

40th Anniversary Book

A request from Jessica (Schulman) Edelstein who, along with her husband Andrew, is putting together a 40th Anniversary Book about Chiat/Day ...

As for the 40-year anniversary - Haven't heard of anything official planned as of yet by the agency, other than that my husband Andrew and I are still working out details for a 40-year book we hope to have done by October (or x-mas!). Since I've worked for the company in its various forms for 17 years and we have designed and produced a number of books for the agency over the years, we have been given blessings by Lee Clow and the agency to do one for the anniversary, although we must independently figure out how to fund it, which we are still working on. (No word on a party yet, but we think that buying up a bunch of seats at Dodger Stadium would be great!) Does anyone know the actual official anniversary date? I've heard April, I've heard October, can't seem to pin down a real date - maybe Chuck would know. We were aiming for October because that is when my understanding is that the deal was struck between Jay and Guy at the baseball game, but I could be totally wrong.

Since the real product of the agency "went down the elevator every night", we'd like this book to focus more on the people who made the place what it was/is and the real stories "from the inside" rather than a rehash of the work that has already been in so many awards annuals (and would be a rights usage nightmare). So If you want to put a shout out on your site for us, we are looking for approximately one-page stories that anyone is willing to share about their time at Chiat/Day. Only rules: tell us what made working at Chiat/Day different than any other place from your own personal point of view — the good, the bad and the ugly. Give us good stories, but please no naming people to protect the innocent (or guilty!) But you could write, "there was this one copywriter who drove everyone to the brink"...type of thing. Also, we are looking for behind-the-scenes and inside-agency-life type pictures with captions, dates, and people who are in them as best known. (Send stories and images to chiatdayat40[at]projectdesignstudio.com. [Editor's note: Replace "[at] with the "@" sign. I never put full email addresses in postings in order to prevent spambots from finding them.])

Also, I've been helping to start and have been making art with the first Room 13 student art studio in North America here in Los Angeles. Room 13 is host to a growing international network of art studios: each one facilitates the work of young artists alongside a professional adult artist-in-residence. Our network of studios and artists who are involved with them, is growing all the time. Currently, Room 13 studios are established in Scotland, England, Nepal, India, South Africa and the USA. TBWA\ has taken this great program under its wing and is helping it to expand to even more countries. If anyone is looking for a great way to help young artists (in the Jay tradition) check out room13scotland.com

Take care,

Nathalie (Hay) Wilson

Welcome to Nathalie (Hay) Wilson, who found this site courtesy of Robin Haggard. Nathalie worked at TBWA Chiat/Day, St. Louis, from 95-97.

May 06, 2008

Boyko will be busy

Rick Boyko says he will be busy on June 21st, as he will be giving away his oldest daughter in marriage!

Newly lost alums

If you know of the whereabouts of any of the following alums, please send their email addresses to me, alburty(at)jayday.org:

Mick McCabe, Stacey Lippman, Laura Sanchez, Doug Watson, Alfredo Rossi, and Alex Bernstein.

David O'Hare

David O'Hare insists he DOES exist! He saw the "Lost and Found" list, noticed the absence of his name, and dropped me a line. He worked in LA from late 1984 until 1989, as a writer. Did all the Calif. Cooler stuff, among other things.

Commercial Parodies


Nerve.com has gathered together videos of what it considers to be the 50 greatest commercial parodies of all time. View it here.

Lauren Schiller

Lauren, her husband, and their two daughters, Mia and Tillie.

One of the great things about running this site is hearing from alums who started at C/D in humble circumstances (such as an assistant) who is now an advertising superstar. Here's Lauren Schiller. Take it away, Lauren!

Lauren Schiller here, class of '95...I hope you remember me... I was Jay's assistant for a while, then Ira's and Marty's, then an account person for Mary Maroun. I like to say everything I needed to know about advertising I learned from Jay (and of course, Ira, Marty and Mary!). And Adelaide and Roseann and I actually crossed paths again at kirshenbaum bond when I was heading up client service in San Fran. At kirshenbaum I worked for Nigel Carr for 7 years--and learned a ton from him.

I am now working as VP of Marketing for Elephant Pharm (elephantpharm.com). We are a drug store chain which has completely reinvented the drug store experience, combining alternative with western medicine and lots of other fun, earth-friendly healthy stuff in an environment people actually like hanging out in. Anyway, I was interviewed at Web 2.0 and at the end the question came up: so tell me what it was like working with Jay Chiat. I thought that was pretty cool, so I am passing along the link to the video. Thanks for keeping the love alive!

And here is a video of Lauren being interviewed at Web 2.0 ...

Mark Bilfield


A note arrived the other day from Mark Bilfield, who worked in the LA office on Direct Marketing and Sale Promotion on Nissan and Infiniti. Before that, he worked on Worlds of Wonder, Mitsubishi Electronics, Toshiba, Upper Deck Trading Cards, and Australian Tourist Commission.

Hi. It’s been a long time. How are you? Well everything in life leads back to Chiat: I’ve been at Public Storage for the past three years after a six year stint at Saatchi on the Toyota and P&G business. Neal Grossman’s identical twin brother, Alan is CFO of our Operations Group at PS.. Best regards, Mark

May 05, 2008

Pen Pendleton



Wow! I continue to be blown away by the recent spate of donations that have made to help with the cost of maintaining this site. First, Jill Howell, then Greg Helm, and now Pen Pendleton ...


Wow - what a home page today. A lede with the inimitable Tom Carroll (who may actually shift the 4A’s conference to be more than a back-slapping 1950’s-era golf holiday)……to a pin-up poster of the hottest – and sharpest – group of people to ever explain the difference between a gross and target rating point to an AE (Fred, of course, being the hottest)……to then seeing that erstwhile mentor (and the guy who hired me), Greg Helm, donated money to the site. Greg taught me pretty well, so my modest contribution is on the wire.
After a little freelance gig at my other beloved former shop, Ground Zero, I just started a temp stint at Rob Siltanen and Joe Hemp’s place (with a surprise appearance by producer Nancy Dickerson), so there’ve been some great C/D-L.A. stories flying around.

Attached are a couple recent C/D-relevant photos: Me & a foamcore cutaway (don’t ask) of brilliant-before-lunch account planner, Cory Pierce, and a shot of the beautiful, talented and recently-returned-to-C/D, Casey Mooney, and the just beautiful Joe Feldman.

Thanks for keeping this all together,

And thank YOU, Pen, for your generosity.

May 01, 2008

Virtual Office on steroids


Imagine the work you could get done during your morning commute using this motorized desk. It hits a respectable 87 mph. No word on mileage.