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February 28, 2009

Susan Goodman

From the every lovely Susan Goodman ...

Hi – hope you’re doing well. I’m hosting my annual Art-y Party next week on the occasion of the Armory Fair (contemporary art fair). The party celebrates art, artists and friendship, and is inspired by my art-collecting passion, which turns out to have been mentored by Jay, triggered by his death. It’s a little late to invite people, but I’m happy to host anyone who would like to come. The party is Tuesday night March 3 from 7:30 – 10:30 PM in Manhattan. We’ll give the address to those who email that they’d like to come. For security reasons we have a list, so just email Lizzie Stein at estein[at]goodmancompany.com if you’d like to come. Over the past six years it’s become a kind of tradition so it’s a little crowded (200 people? Yikes), but anyone who wants to come is welcome. Hope to see you, please say hello if you come, Susan PS It’s the “recession-era” Art-y Party, so you might want to make dinner reservations before or after… Susan D. Goodman CEO Goodman&Company

February 26, 2009

Richard Dolan and Scott Salmon


Many people forget that I (Steve Alburty) was in print production for many years. One of my favorite suppliers was Richard Dolan, who has retired from Poggi Press. That's our own C/D alum, Scott Salmon, on the right. Scott worked for me in print production in the early 80s and then went on to work in the printing business, working for Richard at Poggi. Scott was also married to C/D alum Judy Zell.

Scott is now the big cheese running the Manhattan Plaza Health Club.

(This photo was shot in the vestibule, under the worst possible lighting conditions, so rather than show you what they look like with their faces all orange from under-exposure, I converted the snapshot to black-and-white.)

(Psssst. Don't tell anybody, but Scott is going to be 50 in July!)

February 19, 2009

Pepsi Brand Redesign

Picture 5

Did you know that Pepsi has a "gravitational field?" Here is a leaked internal document that explains the genesis of the Pepsi brand re-design. And here is a where a whole lot of people are mocking it.

February 14, 2009

Marie Dagucon

Click on photo to see larger, uncropped version

Chuck Phillips has proven to be one of the best C/D alum finders. Here's his latest catch:

anybody who worked at chiat in the early 70's will remember marie dagucon.

a smart, attractive, outspoken, tough EA who took abuse from no one and was respected by all. jay was as intimidated by marie dagucon as the rest of us.

a fixture at the after hours creative department poker games where she more than held her own.

marie just reconnected via the blog. she's a real estate agent in tucson and lives with her partner of 17 years glenn there. picture taken recently in kaui.

February 06, 2009

Marty Wenzell


Marty Wenzell, who was one of the great Account Supervisors during the 80s in the New York office, was in NY the other day. We had lunch at the Film Center Cafe.

He's now the Chief Marketing Officer at Exemplum, a digital services company specializing in online interactive animation.

He and his wife still live in Half Moon Bay, where their two daughters are in high school.