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April 21, 2009

Hillary Jordan


Pam Cunningham has alerted me that her former writing partner is now a world-famous novelist! (Is this not every copywriter's dream?!?!)

I would like to brag on Hillary Jordan, my former copywriting partner in Venice (Nissan and Eveready, late 80s and early 90s.)

She wrote her first novel, Mudbound, which is on the New York Times Extended Best Seller list for paperback, right behind John Grishom. She’s been traveling the world on her book tour this past year and has been featured in People Magazine, USA Today, NY Times, London Times, interviewed on NPR and on the UK’s Richard and Judy Show.

Barbara Kingsolver said of Mudbound, “This is storytelling at the height of its powers: the ache of wrongs not yet made right, the fierce attendance of history made as real as rain, as true as this minute. Hillary Jordan writes with the force of a Delta storm. Her characters walked straight out of 1940's Mississippi and into the part of my brain where sympathy and anger and love reside, leaving my heart racing. They are with me still.”

You can read more about Hillary and Mudbound at www.hillaryjordan.com. Check out her blog, www.hillaryjordan.com/blog to read about her adventures in the literary world and see a lovely photo of Hillary at the British Book Awards.

Pam Cunningham

Zach Rosenberg, Stractician


Zach Rosenberg, Media Planner Superstar, has penned an article in Adweek!

I'm convinced that the only approaches worth considering are the ones that arise from a new way of doing media, a way that combines strategy and tactics together, simultaneously. Because the media marketplace is too unforgiving to have to correct mistakes, we need to be right the first time out.

You can read the entire article here.

April 20, 2009

Tom Patty

(click on photo to see larger version)

There are alums and then there are ALUMS. Tom Patty certainly falls into the latter category. He worked in the LA office for umpteen years on some of the most important business the agency had, including Yamaha (in the early days) to Nissan. I got this note from him this weekend ...

First of all, I want to tell you what a great job you have done with this “Jayday site.” Congratulations.

I thought I would provide a brief update on my life since I retired from Chiat/Day in 1998:

In January, 1996, (after my wife, Veronica, passed away in 1994), I married another C/D alumnus—Susan Ashmore (LA office, 1985-1987, Broadcast Production dept).

In July, 1998, I officially retired from TBWAChiat/Day as President, Nissan worldwide account director.

In 1999, I sailed to Hawaii in the Transpac race (California to Hawaii) and wrote some songs which I recorded and produced in a music CD entitled “Living on the Island Side of Life.” (You can listen to these songs on my website: islandside.com.)

In January, 2002, Susan and I went on a world cruise that departed and returned to LA. We were gone for 120 days and visited more than 30 different countries. I called this “my semester at sea.”

In November 2002, Susan and I sold our house in Marina del Rey and moved to Dana Point, a small community just South of Laguna Beach.

In 2003, I joined a volunteer organization called SCORE, which is part of the Small Business Administration. The Orange County chapter of SCORE (SCORE.114.org) has about 100 retired business executives from all areas of management (production, sales, tech, marketing, etc) who volunteer their time and expertise to help small business owners. Every year, I personally counsel with about 100 small business people and give more than 40 seminars on “Marketing” in the Orange County area.

The reason Susan and I were unable to attend the reunion last fall was because we were on another cruise that took us from Monte Carlo thru the Suez Canal to Dubai and other parts of the middle east and then to Mumbai, India, along the Somali coast (fortunately we were not attacked by pirates) to Kenya and then South Africa and finally to Rio.

I love living in Dana Point. I ride my bicycle three or four days a week, go sailboat racing every Thursday afternoon and many weekends, play my guitar, and do my volunteer work for SCORE.

I love my life and I am blessed to be married to Susan, to live in Dana Point, and to have worked with Jay Chiat, without whom none of this could have been possible.

April 17, 2009

A sign of the times

I'm sorry, but I just had to share this story, because I think it is morbidly funny and quite emblematic of the times in which we live.

I have a friend who is a really smart management consultant and he recently did a project for someone who did not have any money with which to pay him. The company had a habit of rewarding their best salespeople with Amex gift cards, in increments of $200. Since sales haven't been that great, the company had a lot of those gift cards laying around. And so that's what they paid my friend with.

The poor guy didn't quite know how to use them, so most of them expired.

I expect that we will soon reach the point where we are bartering chickens or molasses for work performed.

Steve Alburty

My glamorous Chelsea apt. for sale


I have put my NY apartment on the market.

I have a second home in upstate New York and I have this idea that I am going to withdraw to it and write the Great American Novel. The novel? It's about this whale ...

I am being represented by Jeffrey Rowe at Bellmarc Realtors. Here are complete specs and photos for the apartment.

Steve Alburty

Lost alums

Every time I send out a mass mailing, I get a certain number of "bounce backs," meaning the email address I have for you no longer works. Usually, people give me their work email addresses, which in this economy is probably not the wisest decision. That said, the following alums have gone missing. If you know where they are, have them contact me so that I have their current email address:

Andy Spade, Joe Feldman, Scott Munz, Phillip Lopez, David Abraham, Vanesa Alcazar, Judi Chandellor, Nancy Kane, Gary Sanchez, and Rick Amick.

Found alums

Welcome David W. Griffith (class of 1997 - 2001) and Brooke Dore, who was lost and lo, is found again.

Jane Newman's Annual "Thorn Tree" Benefit


Grab your checkbook and credit cards! The time has come for Jane Newman's Annual Thorn Tree Benefit. Anybody who is anybody will be there, buying and bidding on amazing African crafts. Here's Jane's pitch to you ...

Yes it is that time of year again!

We are doing an African Bazaar this year!!!!!!!!! We have brought back lots of great original stuff from Africa --traditional kangas and kikoys (aka sarongs), baskets for the beach, wooden bowls the warriors carved, new styles of bracelets, cushions, salad servers, soap, key rings, designer belts and tons of other stuff. Everything is priced low, low, low so TONS of bargains. And the silent auction is going to be the biggest and best ever.

This year we are supporting the two primary schools in the Sereolipi area with all the teachers, books and food they need to run a basic school and our goal is to raise $80,000. So please make sure you come and bring a friend or two that would be interested in helping. The more people shopping the better!!
All love


The date is May 13th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Clodagh Design
670 Broadway, 4th Floor
Between Bond and Great Jones

Here's a link to the official invitation.

P.S. Those of you who on the East Coast who missed the 40th Annual C/D Reunion in LA last October might consider this a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and do some good for the world! Jay would consider this a noble effort.

Eve Luppert forms her own consulting company!


From the mightiest of all Human Resources experts in the country, our own Eve Luppert:

Eve Luppert, Smarty-pants Brainiac at 3Peas Consulting, is very excited to announce her new organization, 3Peas Consulting

3Peas offers workplace consulting, training and workshops to dynamic organizations (or those who hope to be) delivered by someone who has real work-place experience and a track record of building great places to work.

Services include:

On-site workshops that your staff wants and needs, for example what managers need to know about the law, how to interview, how to do reviews, developing and delivering dynamic presentations and more. The session are practical, interactive, real and fun.

Insightful surveys, interviews and analysis to help you understand what's really going on in your office, where the hero's are, what the bottlenecks might be and practicable advice for helping you and your team deliver a wonderful product, every time.

Meeting facilitation to help you get more out of your meetings than wondering when they will ever end. One on one and team coaching your management team prepare and survive layoffs, growth spurts and all the ups and downs that come with running a firm with a pulse.

Development of policies and policy manuals that people will read, and keep your team informed, the company safe without that cold corporate tone that just doesn't work with you and the firm you are building.

Eve Luppert has helped build award-winning, low turn over, profit making companies in the design, architecture, advertising and high tech firms for the past 20 years. She got her training in the hey-days of Chiat/Day advertising, moved on to help build high-tech firms in the height of the Seattle/West coast tech craze and helped her last firm become an award winning place to work and grow from 80 to nearly 300 people in less than 4 years.

Charlotte area firms are invited to an introductory 45 minute workshop for up to 20 people for this one time only price of $800. See if you and your team don't come back for more.

Contact me at emluppert@gmail.com

PS, I'll be in New York May 13-16 and glad deliver this special offer in the Big Apple during that time too!

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April 15, 2009

Office Space

This is your chance to share office space with C/D NY alum Scott Lukas ...

Hi all, I rent a great office in a great office space and some of the coveted space has opened up. I figured I'd send a note around if anyone wants to rent some space. A great deal. A great space. And among some very interesting and creative people. Let me know quick as they are sure to go fast. Feel free to pass along and just have them contact me.

Here are the details or check out pix on CL http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/off/1122173524.html

$550 Join Collaborative Space for Creative Professionals / Small Companies! (Flatiron)

27 West 20th Street Suite 901 Between 5 and 6.

- Enjoy young entrepreneurial environment in a collaborative working space including online startup companies and creative professionals.

- 5 work stations available by desk or area.

- Shared kitchen, reception and lounge area.

- Large conference room equipped with projector.

- Phone and High Speed Internet connection included in the rental price!!

- Month by month payment.

- Prices range from $550-750 per person/station.

Let me know.

April 10, 2009

Brain ads

Hammock Beach Pacific Small-1

Your one-page full-color advertisement, broadcast telepathically to the entire population of the planet. Only $2,000.

April 09, 2009

Kevin Watson-Graff


What can I say about Kevin Watson-Graff that hasn't been said before? Come to think of it, a LOT, since this is the first I've known of him.

First, he has a hyphenated name. This implies class. Secondly, he is dating Pauline Luppert, who is the stunning niece of Eve Luppert. Need I say more?

He is reputedly a very talented designer and illustrator and is looking for full-time or freelance work in the Bay Area. Check out his website here.

Tell him Miss Eve Marie-Luppert sent you.

April 07, 2009

Eggs Benedict


Laurie Coots, who is the Chief Marketing Officer for Chiat/Day, is almost impossible to pin down. One minute she is in New York, the next Dubai, the next Shanghai.

So I feel fortunate that she and I have developed a tradition (whenever she is in New York) of sharing our favorite treat, eggs Benedict, for Sunday brunch.

The only trouble is, she is a shadow of her former self. She has taken up something she calls "the jim" (I've never heard of it, and I'm too polite to ask his last name), plus she has become some sort of religious fanatic because she keeps talking about her "dye-it," which I can only suspect is some sort of obscure textile fetish she picked up in India.

Listen to this: we will order Eggs Benedict, which comes with two eggs and ... (this is just too gruesome to say) ... she will LEAVE ONE EGG UNEATEN.

Laurie, there are people starving in Stockton. At least have the compassion to come to brunch with a Fedex envelope and ask for a doggie bag.

April 06, 2009

Name that alum

(click on photo to enlarge.)

Hell Week. Navy Seals training. 1961.

Name the C/D alum in this picture. (Hint: he's the only one not wearing a hat.)

Seven years later, he went to work for Jay.