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May 31, 2009

From the Andrea Sommer Collection

Andrea has provided me with a treasure trove of C/D memorabilia, which I will be publishing throughout the next few weeks. First up, a typically C/D memo about two new hires ...

C D Memo 11-10-83
(Click to see in actual size)


Clarissa Potter

Also new to our ranks is Clarissa Potter, who went from advertising into healthcare, for one of THE most prestigious cancer-care facilities in the world.

I worked at Chiat day from 91-92 as a first job out of college and was recently on a trip with Lizzy Kooper. She said that I should contact you with my e-mail address because I worked at Chiat Day.. what an interesting idea… my experience was brief, but I am great friends with Jamie Barrett who convinced me to work at Chiat Day and worked with Martin Grant and Jon S.


Clarissa Potter, LCSW
Quality of Care Initiative
Office of the Physician-In-Chief
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Konley Kelley

This just in (actually, I'm behind in my mail, so this way from April) ...


Chiat/Day/Mojo was my first job after college. I was an Ad Grad from Fresno State.

I worked in the Venice office from 1989-90. I worked on the Nissan account for John Varty, Steve Goldman and John Upton.

I transferred to the new Dallas office to work on Nissan Regional in 1991. I worked with Michelle Burke (Mowdy) and Nancy Kane Amus (on Facebook). I left C/D/M in 1993.

I later worked at Lord Dentsu with some ex C/D/M folks (interesting).

Now I live in Dallas and am Dean at a Community College over workforce training.

Konley Kelley

May 23, 2009

Me and Pete


I had the honor of babysitting Bonnie Lunt's dog, Pete, while she went off to some conference in a foreign land. He was a total delight.

But here's a side-benefit to babysitting Pete: you get all of the gossip. Oh yes, I know he's out there on the streets several times a day reading "pee mail," but he's also in Bonnie's office all day, so he overhears every phone conversation and attends every meeting. And here's what I learned about the inner workings of the ad business:

Well, there's a certain account planner who is RWRR-RWRRR-RRRWR. And did you know who is having an affair? RRWRRRR and RWRWOOF. Pete thinks that a certain suit out there is all WOOF and no BARK. And the salary Bonnie was able to negotiate for RRRR-WOOF would keep Pete in treats for several years.

Pete is discreet. There are certain topics he won't bark about, like RRFFF and RUFFFF.

But were I more generous with the treats, he would have been singin' like a frggin' canary. I just didn't want to deal with the digestive disturbances such bribes might encourage.

Pete: your secrets are safe with me.

Steve Alburty

The results from Jane Newman's benefit

Jane is as thrilled as can be about the money that was raised at the recent Clodagh benefit for Jane's nomadic schools in Africa:

It was a huge success. Everybody loved it. 

We had 350 people come which I thought was the perfect number.

And we have made at least $60,000 which is more than our target and more than we have ever made before on the night itself. It is enough to pay for the teachers, food and books for Ndonyo Wasin primary school next year.

Tom Patty Sings!

I always thought of Tom Patty as the Big Nissan Cheese. I must be honest, the last thing I ever imagined would come out of his mouth would be the sound of Tom, standing in front of his own band and a live audience, shouting "Everybody!"

Yes, Tom has produced a CD. Who knew? It's called "Living on the Island Side of Life."

Here's a brief soundclip from one of the tracks. He graciously sent me the whole CD, which has become my favorite "car CD."

You can actually buy this CD from Amazon by clicking the link below. But hurry, there are only two new and 8 used available the last time I checked.

I'm really proud that Tom has used some of his post-C/D time to produce art. Wearing a suit for as long as Tom did could become a habit. It's nice to know that he's so readily traded that suit in for a Hawaiian shirt.

I'd also like to thank Tom for his generous donation to help maintain this site. He is now included on that list of benefactors you see up there on the right-hand side of the main web page. (You can do this, too, by the way, without going through all the work of producing a CD. I'm just sayin')

May 02, 2009

3Peas Consulting



Not out of the box. No catch phrases. No mind numbing power-point delivered by some humorless stiff you can't imagine has ever had a tight deadline or a crazy client, or a lunatic manager. It's me! Eve!

3Peas consulting is fresh! It is training and coaching that your team wants presented by a person who gets it. 3Peas consulting isn't old and sage; it's salty.

3Peas really teaches your staff how to manage, review, terminate, promote, change a stale process. It is how to give killer presentations, run a meeting, and what you need to know about employment law if you are managing people. All presented in a way that is relevant, real, customized to your firm and worth your and your staffs time.

I am going to be up in NYC May 13th -16th, and would love it if any of you have the time to talk with me about how I could bring some spark and useful information to your teams. Plus I miss the minds (and even some faces) of so many of my old C/D friends, it would be great for a chance to see you and pretend it’s business!

Give me a call or email me if you’d like to take me up on it!