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June 30, 2009

Scenes from the Biltmore

Robert Chandler has always been a wonderful magpie for this site. He discovered a small trove of photos taken at the Biltmore.

He is able to identify some of the participants (in no particular order) as ...

Lee, Hy, Brent Thomas, David Butler, Phil Lanier, Hank Hinton, Jay's exec sec, an unknown to me lady with Steve Hollingsworth in the b.g.. And Mark Doyle with some former clients.

If you have any additional information, click on "Comments" and add your memories ...









June 27, 2009


So here's my personal philanthropy to honor June 21st, otherwise known as "jay day." I decided to help someone I know who is oppressed.



Furniture for the next virtual office


Should there ever be another.


June 21, 2009

Denzil Meyers

Denzil is ALWAYS doing something amazing. This time it's ...

JayDay for me is — drumming for 29th annual www.PlanetaryDance.Org with my teacher and dance cohorts (i also took a young artist to breakfast).

thanks for all you do!

Laurie Coots


Who better to spend jay/day with than Laurie Coots. We indulged in our favorite Sunday ritual when she's in NY: eggs benedict. Yum!

Today IS Jay/Day

If you're not familiar with why June 21st is Jay/Day, click on the link over there on the right called "About jay/day."

Jay/Day in BC

Jay/Day greetings from Chuck Phillips, who will be sitting on his terrace and lifting a glass of scotch to Jay!

Room 13

Jessica Schulman Edelstein Room13

Room 13 Photo Block

Here's is a jay/day message from Jessica Edelstein ...

Hi Steve. Happy Jay/Day!

If anyone is wracking their brains 'cause they don't know a young artist or don't have a favorite cause or don't have a cleaning lady, here's a good way to celebrate Jay's love and dedication to creativity and art:

We now have 2 student-run art studios up and active in the U.S. which are part of a greater international network of 35 studios. We are looking to help support these fledgling studios and to increase the infrastructure of ROOM 13 USA to allow for expansion into other American cities.

Would you mind posting something for us on your site? The artists of all ages will thank you and Jay will smile. Arrange as you wish.


Room 13 is an international network of art studios run by student artists within a school environment. Supported by an adult working artist-in-residence, young artists are given a safe place in which to explore their feelings by expressing their creativity and imagination.

Started by primary school students in the West Highlands of Scotland, Room 13 has now grown to have 35 studios in Scotland, England, South Africa, India, Nepal, Turkey, China, Canada and now the U.S. The project has grown with the help of generous creative people around the globe, so by donating here, you will help more artists of all ages discover themselves through art.

If you would like more information or to help give this worthy program artistic, financial or promotional support please contact Jessica Edelstein at jessica@room13usa.com


No $$$? - Help us promote Room 13 USA by becoming a fan on Facebook by clicking here

June 14, 2009

MJ Rockers


Every so often, I have the inestimable pleasure of actually meeting a C/D alum, as I did the other day with MJ Rockers here in NY. She worked in the SF office. She is still doing freelance print production and art buying. Visit her website here.

We dined on French pastries at La Bergamote on 9th Ave. in Chelsea and we had great fun gossiping about the SF office.

This is, quite frankly, a lousy picture of her. It was taken with an iphone in front of a construction site.

And so I publish this stock photo of her, in order to emphasize that she is still so youthful, I felt like I was in some sort of time warp.

Ms. Rockers - you rock!


June 13, 2009

Newly lost alums

Every time I send out a "mass mailing," I almost instantly get back several "message failure" messages. Silly people. You keep giving me your WORK addresses. These days, work email addresses these days have the shelf life of shrimp.

Here are the alums who have most recently vanished, for whatever reasons they may have:

Virginia Alcazar, David Abraham, Joe Feldman, Scott Munz, Sara Leiman, Nigel Carr, Mary Tetlow, Keen Wilkins, Josh Van Steenbergen, Doug Watson, Mark Geller, Tim Weldon, Mary Beth Garber, Marian Salzman, Donnie Everett, Chaz Smith, Evert Cilliers, Theresa Babbington, Matt Singer, Andy Spade, Ally Longfield, Alex Hughes, Rommel Cinco, Russell Wager, and Betsy Gonzales. (Betsy, AGAIN with you? You've been lost and found more times than my car keys!)

Susan Gomes

I am putting out an All Points Bulletin to be on the lookout for Susan Gomes. She used to work in media at C/D LA during the Biltmore days. An old friend of hers is trying to contact her.

This is a frequent request, here at JayDay Central. People are always asking me "Do you know where [fill in the blank] is?" Sadly, the answer is often "no," as I don't have an inexhaustible list of everybody who ever worked at Chiat/Day, nor their email addresses.

But every once in a while I like to ask the community to try to locate someone. This is one of those times.


June 07, 2009

More "lost alums"

Sid Salinger, who was one of the first C/D employees, has provided some additional names of former employees. They've been added to the "Lost" list, as I don't have email addresses for any of them. If YOU do, please send them to me:

Steve...here are a few of the very earliest...actually ORIGINAL...Chiat/Day employees who don't appear on EITHER list...so I guess you'd classify them as "Lost".

Warren Halperin
Dennis Juett
Bill Manning
Tom Phahlert
LeNore Plotkin
Les Slifkin

and last, but most certainly not least,


Best regards,

Sid Salinger (1968-1970)

Danielle Lovett/Jon Wyville

A C/D New York alum has magically appeared in my email inbox:

Greetings fellow Chiat / Day-er. I worked at the New York office for 2 years, 1990-91. I was in accounts on Royal Caribbean and Nissan, and I sat 2 cubicles away from Jay for my first year. I will never forget his cardboard chair or how great it was to just listen in to his conversations when he was on the phone. I loved every day that I worked there.

I stayed on the agency side for a couple of years, eventually crossing
the line into production. I worked my way up from PA to Producer on
features, music videos, concerts and television shows, but have
returned to my first love, commercials. I'm still in touch with Jon
Shrair who told me about your alum site.

Also, I heard from Jon Wyville, who worked at C/D from 88-92 and who has the coolest email sig I've ever seen:


Chiat/Day Picnic 1989

Courtesy of Andrea Sommer come these nostalgic pictures of a Chiat/Day picnic in 1989. I'm presuming it's New York, since it appears we went there on a train and the lake looks crummy enough to be in New Jersey.