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August 30, 2009

Gehry Cups 'n Saucers

Leslie Cicurel Engel was kind enough to send these to me:

Hi Steve, To my surprise, while packing up my kitchen in advance of a renovation,I found a coffee cup set from Chiat/Day days. These were given to us in commemoration of the opening of the Venice Beach 'binocular' office. Don't know if you can see the date on the back of the saucer ; it's 1991.They have a reproduction of the drawing Frank Gehry scribbled on a napkin and gave to Jay when trying to describe what the new building would look like... or so the story went. In any event, thought you and other C/Ders would get a kick out of seeing them again. I'm wondering if anyone else still has a set. Hope you are well. Best regards - Leslie


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Apple and Advertising

There is a great article in Sunday's New York Times about the history of Apple's advertising. Read it here.

August 27, 2009

Bonnie Lunt's fundraiser

A perfect August night in New York City for a fund-raiser to support Bonnie Lunt and her favorite charity, the Azama Project.

The impossibly youthful Susan Goodman, Robin Rotenier (who STILL insists on speaking with a French accent) and freelance Broadcast Producer Vicki Blucher.

Img 0164
Bonnie Lunt, in all her splendor.

Img 0165

Img 0166

August 26, 2009

Jane Newman and Susan Goodman

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Jane Newman and Susan Goodman getting together earlier this summer for cocktails and a catch-up.

August 22, 2009

Lost alum

Hey, Russell Wager has become "lost." If you have a current email address for him, send it to me at the email address shown in the masthead up there on the top of this page.

Ann Zemenak? Vanished.

Chiat/Day's NYC Move

Pen Pendleton sent me this lovely rememberance of the ad we ran when the NY office moved to 5th Ave. and 16th St.

Your Ken Segall post reminded me of a seminal moment in my career. I was just out of school looking for jobs in LA and NYC (I had actually moved to LA). I was in New York for some interviews and saw this “Ken Segall” ad in the Times, tore it out and amazingly have kept it ever since. I remember thinking that this had to be the coolest and most clever ad agency in the business. After all, any other agency would have just done an ad saying they had moved – that they had a new address. But then again most agencies wouldn’t have done an ad in the first place! Ironically, all the interviews I had set up were with the big, classic agencies, DDB being the sexiest. I had never even heard of this Chiat/Day place! So while waiting to hear if I was going to get accepted into DDB, Y&R, SSC&B or O&M’s management training program, I got a call from Dailey in Los Angeles telling me I had a job waiting. And started at Ken Segall’s shop five years later (but the one on Grand and Fifth).

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August 14, 2009

Ken Segall blogs


Ken Segall wrote some of the greatest ads in the history of Chiat/Day. He was Steve Jobs' favorite copywriter. (Although, come to think of it, I think Ken told me that.) He has figured out how to blog, so we all now have a regular opportunity to read his mutterings about technology and marketing.

He and his wife Susan were also the masterminds behind the theft of my Easter rabbit, Harvey Wallenberg. I have forgiven them. It's all chocolate under the bridge now.


Beer Friday


It's the end of a long week. Celebrate with the ultimate health drink: beer.

Gems from early days of advertising. The University of Washington Library's Early Advertising of the West, 1867-1918. Here.

(See if you can find the ad which uses the headline "Constipation is murder!")

August 09, 2009

Sarah Madden-Beaudin

I received this lovely Chiat/Day haiku the other day from a newly found alum:

Sarah Madden-Beaudin - 1989-93 Warehouse Days then to Binoculars mainstreet Main Street bring your pet to work Friday flower raffle Kupe in the ficus trees rollerblades x-rated Christmas Parties Firehouse The Fish v cool thanks sarah

August 04, 2009

Gene Cameron


Just as in the news or talk-show industry, all of us who hustle in the blogosphere are always looking for the next "get." I've found a good one: Gene Cameron, who has been "lost" (as far as the Jay/Day site is concerned), for ages.

Turns out he is a biggie at J.D. Powers and Associates. In fact, you can watch this interview with him by clicking here.

August 03, 2009

Eamonn O'Regan

Received a shout-out today from C/D NY's favorite Irishman, Eamonn O'Regan, who is in Dublin.

Eammon go bragh!

Theresa Buchanan

For years, I have apparently listed the lovely and talented Theresa Buchanan on the "found list" as Theresa Babbington. My error has been corrected.