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September 30, 2009

Denzil's TV gigs


Denzil Meyers, whose talents seem to know no bounds, is making several appearances on television this month!

Says Denzil ....

1. "Trauma", Episode 2 "Bad Day At Work"... Oct 12, 9pm on NBC

Episode 2 of this new thriller series ... like "ER", but what happens immediately before you get to the ER — life with the paramedics
who scoop you off the street after a natural disaster or an office building fire, or in our episode, when a disgruntled employee goes postal.

Don't blink, or you'll miss me as an office employee, hiding from the shooter in the building stairwell, tho I do have a line.


2. "I Almost Got Away With It", Richard Garber episode ... October, several airings likely, on Investigation: Discovery (check local listings)

This show interviews current convicts, and re-creates the almost-perfect crime in question. Investigation: Discovery is a whole channel dedicated to Hollywood crimes,
forensics, and serial killers. And its about time, I'd say.

I play Moreas, the victim of a brutal murder by my caretaker (Garber), whom I hired to help me recover from a job-related nail gun injury to the head (WTF?)


As always, local listings are subject to change, so dates may vary

September 27, 2009

Microsoft puts its photo in its mouth

I take some sort of perverse pleasure out of making fun of Microsoft's marketing and advertising. They've released a variety of videos that show people having such fun with Windows 7. They've pretty much made sure they've thrown as many generations and ethnicities as they can possibly can onto the screen.

Here's the article I ran across which I found so amusing.

September 26, 2009

The Nature of Technology

Some of you who worked on the Chrysalis committee may recall Brian A. Arthur, an economist from the Santa Fe Institute, who served as an adviser to the group and made a presentation about economics to many of the senior executives of Chiat/Day.

He has written a book, which I'd like to plug here:

September 14, 2009

Absolut ... eh, mango


Eve Luppert sent in this item about two billboards in LA's Koreatown one of which was taken down by order of the city.

Guess which one, then read this article to find out.