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October 30, 2009



Chuck Phillips, C/D Employee #1, has returned to the U.S. from many years of living in Canada. He has opted for warm weather after all those years up north, having now taken up residence in Malibu.

When he left Vancouver, a local trade paper ran this wonderful salute to him:

(Click on the image to see it in a larger size.)


Spotlight: Yvonne Smith


When I was a young lad, and working at Chiat/Day as a junior print production manager at C/D in the late 70s, there was this art director ...

Her name was Yvonne Smith, and, to my memory, she was one of the most magical art directors in the history of Chiat/Day. She had a long, Southern drawl, which made her even more hypnotic.

Here's an update on what Yvonne is doing these days:

Here it is in pdf format. And here is the text:

Yvonne Smart Smith

Managing Partner, Creative Director, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles, California.

This Emmy-winning Creative Director began her career in New York at CondeNast Publications (Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle) as an Assistant Art Director, while waiting for a job in her first love, advertising and entertainment.

Since then she has worked as a creative consultant for the likes of Tom Hanks and Garry Marshall and every elite brand known to advertising, including Nike, Apple Computer, BMW, Porsche, Walt Disney, Frito Lay, Nissan, Vuarnet France, and Estee Lauder, to name a few.

She has won a slew of awards from the most prestigious organizations in film, television and advertising: Cannes Film Festival, The One Show, Communication Arts, New York Art Directors Club, The International Clio Awards, The Andy Awards, The London Film Festival, Belding Awards, an EMMY (The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences), and is a 5-time Kelly Award Finalist.

Yvonne has judged The One Show, Communication Arts, The Clios, The EmmyAwards, The New York Art Directors Club, the Andy Awards, and has Co-Chaired the International Clio Awards.

She is a longtime judge for the Primetime Emmy Awards, with the distinct honor of judging the finals for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Comedy Series.

Yvonne has been recognized in Who’sWho in America, Who’s Who in Advertising, Who’s Who in California, Who’s Who in Business & Finance, Who’s Who in American Women and Who’s Who in the World.

She has taught and lectured at UCLA, USC, The Art Center College of Design and the Art Director’s Club of Paris.

She both supports and has judged the AAAA Minorities in Advertising Scholarship Competition.

Yvonne is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The American Film Institute, the Museum of Radio & Television, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as well as various other professional organizations.

An active contributor to and member of many charities, she was honored by Free Arts for Abused Children, recognized by the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles for her work with abused children. She actively supports the ERAS Center for Children at Risk, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The National Humane Education Society, as well as The Humane Society of the United States.

Presently having four rescue dogs of her own from animal shelters, she has personally rescued and placed another 61 animals, including dogs, cats, horses and one skunk.

Her hobbies include river rafting, hiking, horseback riding, off-road driving, art, design, film and Porsches.

Yvonne holds a BFA from the School of Architecture & The Arts, Auburn University, where her academic achievement kept her consistently on the Dean’s List. She is also a graduate of Skip Barber Precision Driving Courses.


And here are some candid snaps of some of her children!

Img 0157

Img 0176

Img 0559

Clow names new creative director

Lee Clow and Duncan Milner

Lee Clow has given up his post as chief creative officer of TBWA/Media Arts Lab to Duncan Milner. The unit creates all of Apple's work. Lee will remain chairman of the unit, as well as retain his position at chief creative officer of TBWA Worldwide.

Read all about it in Ad Age.

October 07, 2009

Emily Bidwell

(Click on the photo to see a larger version.)

When you're in the alum-hunting business, there are certain people who you consider to be "great gets," just like journalists are always trying to get a great person to interview.

I've been looking for Emily Bidwell for years. And here she is!

Who could possibly save a wretch like me? Hello Gorgeous!

I am alive and well. Living in the hills of Western North Carolina with 2 kids, a sweet heart husband and various animals. I do various advertising and fundraising for non-profits, small companies and such – but nothing sensational. Keeping busy with lots of local arts, farming, camping and teaching outdoor survival skills to kids. I can catch a trout, start a fire and make a lean-to in no time, you want me on Survivor, just let me know. However, my banjo skills are still iffy.

I do hope all is well, and absolutely LOVE going through this the site.

Kisses and hugs to all – what a great time C/D was!

Here’s the latest picture I have of me and my mini-me.

October 05, 2009

More alums found

Two more alums have turned themselves in. One is Nick West and the other is Susan Cucura.

Nick worked at Chiat/Day LA from 1978 until 1986 and still lives in the same home he lived in then - in Agoura Hills. He was the founder of band The Ad Punks and has promised to send me pictures of them playing at the various Christmas parties over the years (1979-1985).

Susan writes:

Hi Steve - I would love to be on the list of found people. I worked at C/D LA from 1990-April of this year when I was part of the big layoff.

I loved my days at Chiat and laugh at the lessons I've learned. Currently I'm freelancing and sitting in a hallway with just a computer. But hey, I lived through the virtual office, I'm fine. Everyone else complains because I don' t have a phone. I don't care. There were days during the virtual office experiment where I didn't have a place to sit, a computer or a phone so the fact that I'm sitting down and have a computer is pretty darn great!

I enjoy hearing news about some of the old gang that I've lost touch with. Thanks for keeping the site going.

Susan Cucura