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Hy Yablonka


Chuck Phillips (C/D Employee #1) went to visit Hy Yablonka. Says Chuck ...

Visited him Sunday at his new palatial Spanish style home in Orange which he shares with son Mike and family. It truly defies description - fruit orchards and all. Still pretty lonely out there and he welcomes visitors. For those that wish to contact this technologically defiant holdout. his phone is Sorry for photo quality but says he prefers "blur."

[Editor's note: I don't want to publicize Hy's phone number on a website, but if you'd lke to contact him, please write to my name on the masthead and I'll provide it to you.]


Mr. Yablonka was The Man in the early days of C/D. In the short time we overlapped, I learned a lot from watching and listening to him. Thanks, Hy!

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