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May 31, 2010

Bob Dion's son

Had dinner on Saturday in Seattle with Ben Dion and his girlfriend, Kirsten Mohan. It would have been Bob Dion's 79th birthday.

May 26, 2010

Mike and Laurie Jaglois


Their wedding photo!

(Click on photos to see a larger version.)

I had the honor of having dinner in the Bellevue, WA, home of Mike and Laurie Jaglois. You should really book a flight here to visit them, as Laurie makes the best salmon!

They have a beautiful home overlooking a small lake and a hillside of houses.

Mike is running his own agency called Uppercut and Laurie runs a very busy landscaping service.

Mike was at C/D LA during the early days at the Biltmore, working as an AE on the Olympia business. Laurie worked at C/D both at Olympic Boulevard (where she was a receptionist) to the Biltmore where she did print traffic on Yamaha with Joe Sosa and Tom Marshall.

They have three children who are all in their 20s and a whole passel of dogs!


The mystery website Scoopertino has released photos of Apple's next ideation of the iPad.

I cannot reveal who is behind this site, but he's funny and losing his hair.

May 21, 2010

Lori Gaffney

Here I am in Portland with one of my favorite alums, Lori Gaffney. She worked in various offices of C/D (LA and NY) over a period of about ten years as a media planner and now she lives in Portland with her soccer-playing husband, Brian, who works for Microsoft.

Her two boys are all grown up, but Lori still looks as young and sweet as she ever did.

May 17, 2010

Jon Spurney

Spurn Ps-1
(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Jon was a floater in the NY office for nine months in 1997. Wow, has HE blossomed. He was in the Broadway musical "Passing Strange," which was nominated for a Tony as Best Musical and won for Best Book.

I asked Jon was he was up to now and got this impressive C.V.:

I just finished writing the score for the movie "Freakonomics," which should come out this fall. I also did the music for the "Simpsons 20th Anniversary Show" on Fox, which was a real privilege, as I'm a huge fan of the show. I'm in the Spike Lee movie of the Broadway show I was in called "Passing Strange" (available on Netflix) and right now I'm in rehearsals of "On the Levee," a new musical that Lincoln Center is producing that will open in June.

May 16, 2010

Louise Seeley


I'm traveling across the country and this weekend I am in Boise visiting Mike and Louise Seeley. (You will remember Louise from when she was married to Bob Dion.)

She is now an elementary school librarian and Mike sells high-end running shoes and gear.

They have a huge house in Eagle, Idaho, just outside of Boise. I had the pleasure of having dinner with them last night and then today Louise took me on a grand tour of Boise.

Louise and Mike are avid marathoners. Here's their collection of medals so far:


On Saturday morning, Mike came within 10 seconds of qualifying for the New York Marathon.

They both seem obscenely happy and it was so great to see them.

May 10, 2010

A memorial for Bob Dion

From Ken Segall ...

In memory of our friend and colleague Bob Dion, a group of us got together on May 6th for a little Festival of Bob in NY. Given the person to whom we were paying tribute, there seemed to be no viable location other than the Old Town Bar on 18th Street (near the old Chiat NY office) ― which was Bob's favorite after-work hangout.

The evening didn't exactly start right, as the second-floor bar where the owner instructed us to congregate turned out not to exist. But we found ourselves capable of drinking at street level and the event grew from there. The Old Town has apparently been enclosed in a time bubble, with every detail unchanged.

We had a fabulous time remembering our old friend Bob, but first we had to remember each other ― since many of us hadn't crossed paths in two or three decades. Indeed most of the attendees seemed to be from the freshman class of Chiat NY, which opened in 1983.

We had such a good time, we're thinking of doing this more than once every 20 years ― ideally without having to lose anyone first. If you were there on May 6th, thanks for coming. If not, then we hope you can join us next time.

Img 0633
Geoff Roche, Marty Weiss

Img 0636
Evert Cillier, Suzanne Stack

Img 0635
Peter Franke, Dan Krippahne Tom Carroll

Img 0639
Tom Scherma. Lauren (Press) Turner, Ken Segall

May 09, 2010

LA Reunion

Denzil Meyers threw a little reunion recently in LA, attended by Neilan Tyree, Gretchen Rollins, and Charlie Bidwell.

Don't they look adorable?

Neilan and Gretchin

Denzil and Charlie

May 07, 2010

More alums found

Welcome home Kat Jaibur, who was at C/D from 80-83 AND the most energetic woman in the history of Chiat/Day, Stacy Osugi!!

(Stacy also was kind enough to donate some money to help pay for the hosting of the site, so notice her name has been added to that list of benefactors over to the right.)

May 06, 2010

Chiat/Day t-shirts

Greg Helm has generously provided the site with these great shots of old Chiat/Day t-shirts. If you have others, send a photo to me at the address you see above in the masthead and I'll post them on the site, too.


P.S. Thanks, Greg!