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Sharon Teal Conklin

One of the perkiest spirits in Chiat/Day history has to be Sharon Teal (now Sharon Teal Conklin.) She came to us via the Seattle office in the early 80s, then she was an Account Executive in the New York office for several years. She worked on New York Air, which no longer exists because they failed to approve our creative, or something like that.)

She was the type of girl that if you had a rough day, she'd give you a hug and beat you to Old Town by at least ten paces.

Several years ago, she and her husband, Kurt, and their two girls, moved to Spokane, which just happens to be my home town.

Then, they relocated to Indiana, which proved ultimately to be a mistake. Sharon's worldview is, shall we say, broad and inclusive. She also doesn't edit her conversations. Although this is what endeared her to all of us, this didn't go over well in a small, rural Indiana town where the question one most often receives isn't "Do you go to church?" but "What church do you go to?"

Sharon and her family have now relocated to the suburbs of Chicago. Her husband, Kurt, works, I believe, for the Department of Defense.

(She apologizes for the photo she supplied. She was at her mother's wake and her eyes are a bit puffy.)


Hi - I'm the person whose earring shows in that picture of Sharon at her mom's wake! For some mysterious reason known only to the gods of technology, I have lost my contact information for Sharon. Could you please forward my email to her? Sorry this is so public a request, but I'm sort of out of ideas! Thanks, Becky

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