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October 31, 2010

Name the alums #3

From the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Can you identify the C/D NY alum in this photo? If so, click on Comment and tell us!

Art & Copy


I know I'm coming late to this, as this documentary about the halcyon days of advertising was released in April of this year.

It beautifully captures the passion that used to go into the creation of great advertising. Lee gets a lot of air-time (but not enough for my taste), and it's too bad Jay wasn't alive to be interviewed.

I streamed it to my TV from Netflix, but it's also being shown on PBS and can be purchased on DVD by visiting this website.

Advertisers, with some exceptions, are such castrates now.

October 29, 2010

Meet Sue Nail


One of my favorite people of all times is Sue Nail, who is a PR specialist. Remember Chiat/Day's first email program, Quickmail? I still say it's the best email program ever invented and Sue was their PR person. She was also PR person for Gateway Computer.

I've remained friends with her ever since. She's an amazing PR person and so when she told me on the phone the other day that she was looking for a job, I asked if I could post her resume on Jay/Day. So here it is.

Sue lives in Sioux City, Iowa, and been working virtual for decades. She's total adorable and I'd be thrilled if you'd give her some consideration or two.

Sue Nail Resume.doc

October 25, 2010

Happy birthday, Jay

If I'm not mistaken, his birthday was 10/25, which was also the security code for the alarm system in the office at 79 Fifth.

Mad Men

From today's New York Times, an article about "Mad Men" and how it echoes the stories of several agencies past and present.

Ms. Lippert also praised small touches that added to the veracity of “Mad Men” this season. One was the introduction of a character named Ted Chaough, a partner at an agency, Cutler Gleason & Chaough, that was a rival to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. She said that the unusual name — and its unusual pronunciation, like “Shaw” — evoked Jay Chiat (pronounced “Shy-ett”), whose agency, Chiat/Day, helped change advertising in the ’70s and ’80s.

October 18, 2010

A history of Apple ads


Some kind person has provided a link to this powerful history of Apple advertising.

Gaines burgers

Courtesy of Steve Mitgang's closet, here is some rare footage of C/D staff in a pitch to Gaines burgers for dogs. It was shot by Marc Chiat.

October 11, 2010

Lisa Mufson

Lisa Mufson Bishop
I heard the other day from Lisa Mufson Bishop, who was (let me hope I get this right), is Loretta Mufson's daughter. And Loretta was Jay's mother's sister. Oy, it gets so confusing.

Lisa is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine.

You must all remember "Aunt Edith." She and Eve Luppert and I used to go to the Silver Spurs with her to have hamburgers. What a hoot! So "Aunt Edith" was Loretta's sister, which made her Jay's aunt.

I hope that Lisa will correct my mistakes!


Jay and his boundaries

An interesting question today from Pen Pendleton. Anybody got any memories of this? If so, click on "Comments" and add your thoughts.

Hey Steve,

On Mad Men last night, there was a bit of a C/D homage – I think!

The story featured the agency doing a full page ad, all-type ad in the New York Times, entitled “Why I quit tobacco”, explaining why the agency would never again accept a cigarette account (it had just lost Lucky Strike). The ad even listed the names of some agencies that would do ciggy ads, including DDB.

It was just like one of the classic Guy Day-penned, all-type self-promo ads.

Did Chiat ever do one of these self-promo ads to announce their anti-cigarette account stance? Did anyone else do these types of self-promo ads (all-type ads that spoke more about the agency’s values than its achievements) before Chiat? I remember Jay’s declaration to not accept any Procter & Gamble business, essentially because they represented a bygone way of doing advertising, shitty creative included, but I don’t recall if Chiat did an ad pronouncing this, or it was something Jay mentioned in an interview or in his AdWeek column.

One thing that Mad Men potentially got very wrong was listing DDB as one of the tobacco-friendly agencies, because I thought DDB had made a very unique decree in the ‘60’s to not do cigarette advertising. I also recall that this was an inspiration to Jay – he followed suit on the cigarette account issue, and also admired that DDB, a large shop by that time, had made a fairly anti-establishment public stand. Do have this wrong? If not, the show certainly screwed that detail up pretty bad since they mentioned DDB by name.

So maybe it was a simultaneous homage to both C/D and DDB...

October 10, 2010

The Exorcist


The post-production for this famously frightening film was done at 666 Fifth Ave., the same address as Chiat/Day's first New York office.

October 08, 2010

Name the alums #2

From the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

Can you identify the C/D NY alums in this photo? If so, click on Comment and tell us! (Hmm. The guy on the right. His face looks oddly familiar.)

Update: we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you, Jack Ginsberg!

October 07, 2010

Alex Bernstein strikes again!


Alex Bernstein, a NY alum who is becoming a prolific writer, has a new piece in an online literary magazine, The Big Jewel.

He's also in this online edition of Swink!

October 05, 2010

The mystery of Nancy Drew

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Nancy Drew? She worked in the LA office around 1986. She was in accounting.

Name the alums #1

from the Dede Dalton McMahon collection

I have an assortment of photos taken at some unknown function. Click on the "Comment" button below in order to identify the people in the photograph.


Yes, one to Chuck Phillips. Ira is the one on the right. Now we need to names of the other two.
Thank you, Scott for the other two! (It's "Maroun," but no matter.