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Lisa Mufson

Lisa Mufson Bishop
I heard the other day from Lisa Mufson Bishop, who was (let me hope I get this right), is Loretta Mufson's daughter. And Loretta was Jay's mother's sister. Oy, it gets so confusing.

Lisa is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine.

You must all remember "Aunt Edith." She and Eve Luppert and I used to go to the Silver Spurs with her to have hamburgers. What a hoot! So "Aunt Edith" was Loretta's sister, which made her Jay's aunt.

I hope that Lisa will correct my mistakes!



Loretta was Jay's younger sister and Edith was their aunt. Lisa was always adorable. One year, Jay flew her to Cannes and Bob and I flew with her. Lisa said, "This (first class) is really cool. I don't know why my parents don't let us fly first class ALL the time."! I think the tickets were about $1700 each at the time.

It's wonderful to see that she's grown up to be such a beautiful young woman and that she's doing such great things!

I had no idea they were related. Jay and Lisa are 1st cousins then, right?

Louise is correct, Jay was my mother's brother (Loretta ) and therefore my uncle. Edith was Jay & Loretta's Aunt, my grandmother's (Minny) sister.

The 1984 trip to the South of France was a special time for me as I know it was for everyone who was fortunate enough to make that trip.

Cannes was so much fun. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to relax at the 'crazy beautiful' villa Jay rented to celebrate the success of Apple Macintosh "1984" commercial.

Before heading to Cannes, Jay and I went to Paris for two days. He was not only a wonderful uncle but also a great travel companion. We went through the Louvre in two hours flat, had a quick lunch at the Eiffel Tower and then got down to some serious shopping!

Jay took me to a party hosted by Isabella Rossellini in her Paris apartment. Early in the evening we got separated but this was okay. I recall thinking "for a sixteen year old I sure am holding my own." After all, I had been engaged an engrossing conversation about Modern American Film for the last forty-five minutes. That was until I felt Jay's hand firmly wrap around my left bicep. A bit confused by Jay unusual demeanor, I politely excused myself thanking the small Frenchman for the lovely conversation. As Jay and I walked away he chucked and whispered, "Remind me to tell you who Roman Polanski is later!"

Jay was larger than life and I will forever treasure the adventures we had together. No one could 'bring it' quite like Jay!

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