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November 22, 2010

Darren Isabelle

No son was more devoted to his mama than Darren Isabelle. She died this morning. Click on "comments" to post condolences.


November 10, 2010



I received the loveliest email today from Jay's third wife, Donatella Brun. She now lives in Milan.

I really enjoy reading your web site.

As you may remember, I am Jay’s wife number 3, not an ex-alumni, but I spent so much time with all of you that I wish to be part of the C/D group.

I did not see my name in the lost and found, but when I saw Lisa Mufson picture I thought that maybe you wanted to include mine,too.

I live in Milan since I separated from Jay. I work in a “super chic” design and architecture firm as the head of the communication and press department. I will be more than happy to welcome anybody traveling through Italy, with advices or just a glass of wine. Here is and a recent photo.

Lots of Love,

Donatella Brun (Chiat)

I have a particuarly fond memory of Donatella. Jay had been asked to make a presentation at the annual TED conference about the virtual office. I remember being in the hotel room prior to the presentation, Jay was hysterical. But not Donatella. She was a rock. She calmed me down and reminded me how nervous even someone as important as Jay Chiat could get.

I fell in love with Donatella that day and have remained so. Donatella: Hai meno che si meritava!