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January 31, 2011

“Get yourself some new goals.”


Someone sent me this wonderful blog entry about Jay Chiat on brainsonfire.

It is SO Jay.

January 27, 2011

Jeff Billig

Welcome home from the land of the lost to Jeff Billig ...

Hey Stevan.

Thanks for doing the site. A lot of great people and memories

My wife and I were in the SF office. She in the late 70's and eighties. I from 85-89. Back then she was know as just Jean Marie. Then we moved to Boston for what she calls her nine years in exile. Back in the bay area.

Writer/Creative Director

Chiat's Dais #4

Again, thank you to Nancy Ullman for unearthing these Adweek columns by Jay. This is Part Two to a previous column which you can see below (the jayday entry called "Chiat's Dais #3")

(Click on the article image TWICE to see a larger version.)


January 10, 2011

Geoffrey Roche


I was just sorting through the 11,894 emails I have in my inbox and found this delightful link supplied by Geoffrey Roche.

Geoffrey was the creative director in Toronto is absolutely the best-dressed creative in the business. He's also charming and funny. This appears to be a retrospective of his entire career!

Click here.

He is currently one of the kingpins behind Lowe Roche in Toronto.

On November 4th, 2010, Geoffrey Roche was presented with the Les Usherwood Award for a lifetime of contribution to the Canadian creative community. This resulted in a website called "Geoffrey Roche Is a Hack," which you can enjoy here.