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July 24, 2011

Bill McConnel

Welcome him to our group of Jay/Day patrons, for he has donated $100 for the maintenance of the site. Look over to the right and you will see a list of alums who have graciously donated to the site.

You can, too, by clicking on the button marked "Make a donation."

You do such an outstanding job running Jay/Day. Some of the postings bring back funny, warm, and sometimes horrifying memories.

I'll share a good & warm one. By default (no one in the media Dept. wanted to work on it). So, I was the media guy for "Artists for Amnesty". One of Jay's pet pro Bono projects. I think I had only been working several months. Still piss my pants nervous territory.

Ended up having some great conversations with Jay. He would stop by my cube to get brief media updates, and grill me on my art knowledge. He would just sparkle when we talked about art. My cousin Kim MacConnel, was one of the founders of the "Pattern and Decoration" movement. Jay would grill me on it's place in art history.

Christ, I was only with Chiat/Day two years. Such a profound experience the memories have tagged along for twenty-one years.

Great work & your passion jumps from the site.

Bill MacConnel

Again, thanks Bill!

Steve Alburty

July 15, 2011

A wonderful email to find

A wonderful email to find in my mailbox, and a wonderful tribute to Bob Zach:

Hi Steve:

I love the website.

Was a short-term Chiat/Day Media Supervisor on Nickelodeon and the AOR Manager for NY Tel (wow that's old). I worked with Bob Zach towards the end of his tenure at C/D and was very sad when he left. He's was a great Media Director and is an even better person. I was so sad to here he had been swept up in that Ogilvy time-sheet fiasco.

I periodically look-in on the website, so I've known for awhile that I was 'lost' but honestly didn't know if I wanted to be found. That said, here I am with one foot still in media, which also happens to now be the family business, and the other foot constantly moving from one thing to the other.

Thanks for maintaining the site.

Best regards,

Robert Yeranossian
MCMC llc

Ira Ruderman

I had heard that Ira had vanished somewhere off the Aleutian islands with Captain Cook's expedition, but NO! He's CEO at CJR Media. It's quite a transition to go from 19th-century explorer to media god, but stranger things have happened.

(I'm just yanking your chain, Ira!)

Welcome home.

Ira was at C/D from 1988/1989 LA and the first weeks of 1990 in NY before the layoffs that year.

July 03, 2011

The Revolution Will Be Marketed!


Egyptian companies and multi-nationals are now using images of and references to the youth-led uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak in advertisements to sell internet service, mobile phones, soft drinks, tourism and more.

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