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December 30, 2011


In all the traveling I did for Chiat/Day, none was more fun than going to Australia when we acquired Mojo. Jeff Simpson was the CFO. (Everybody in Australia has a nickname. His was "Simmo.") Here he is something he found while cleaning out a closet.

Steve, I was cleaning out some old storage boxes and amongst the junk I found some gold. See the enclosed photo of a t shirt from circa 1989. My recollection is that they were given to all Australian staff to celebrate a visit from Jay. The amazing thing is it still fits me. I thought you may like to see if it sparks any memories from readers of the Jay/Day website.

My personal regards to Adam's lovely and gracious wife, Julie, and to their children (all grown up now) Adam and Clair. Adam just got married to the gorgeous and talented Amy. I've had the pleasure of entertaining Adam, Amy and Clair when they made various pilgrimages to New York City.

If anyone else has Chiat/Day memorabilia, please send a photo of it (preferably with you in it to me. My email address is in the masthead up top.

Steve Alburty
Your humble Jay/Day editor

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December 28, 2011

Bill Moreland, JayDay Philanthropist


I received a donation today from Bill Moreland, who's lived in Vancouver for the last 20 years. Bill was one of C/D's first employees, and you will find more of his story here.

About three years ago, I drove across the country and spent an evening and reminiscing with Bill and Chuck

Thank you, Bill!!!

December 19, 2011

Jay's family

Watch this space, for there is news coming about Jay's sister (Loretta), niece (Lisa), AND the amazing Aunt Edith!

December 17, 2011

The Jay/Day Telethon

My goodness, I feel like Jerry Lewis on Labor Day. (Wait a minute, isn't he enfeebled?)

David Butler Nebraska Governor

(Until I can find the real thing, this is a photo of the David Butler who was the Governor of Nebraska from December 15, 1829 – May 25, 1891. Thank you to OUR David Butler for donating to the site. Dave now lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Margie, where the bats fly out from under the Congress St. Bridge every night.


And more donaton kudos to Chuck Phillips, who has been one of the biggest boosters of this site. Chuck was Employee #1 of Chiat/Day and ran the Toronto office for many years. Now he lives in Malibu where he dotes on his grandson. There is no better photo that captures Chuck than this one.

December 16, 2011

The Hippie Billionaire


A quirky BBC Documentary about our own Man of the Year, Steve Jobs. I must say that one of the smartest distillations Jobs made of his own intentions was "the intersection of the humanities and technology."

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Holiday Donations

My goodness! Thank you so much for some generous donations from Nat Whitten and Fred Goldberg. I'm proud that the jayday community cares enough about the site to share the cost of its maintenance. You will see their names over there on the right side of this screen.


Nat is a gifted creative director and copywriter. He's also written several books of humor. "Secrets of the Superoptimist," "The Do-It-Yourself Constitutional Amendment Kit," and "The Book of Extremely Common Prayer." You can read all about them here.


As for Fred, he is a marketing and advertising consultant in the Bay Area, but for 10 years he was founder, Chairman, and CEO of Goldberg Moser O'Neill. And, of course, for eight years he was President of the San Francisco office of Chiat/Day San Francisco.

Ted Nelson


I was in Boston last week and had a piece of luck: Ted Nelson had a dinner cancellation and he took me out to dinner at the hottest restaurant in Cambridge, Oleana.

Ted was an account planner, then account supervisor, in the New York office during the golden years at 79 Fifth.

Now he lives in one of the most beautiful towns on the Eastern Seabord, Newburyport, MA, with his wife, Jenny, and their two children Kate and Carl-Robert. (They're about an hour north of Boston right on the Merrimack River.)

Ted founded and runs Mechanica, a brand development firm. They do Product Development, Naming/Brand ID, User Experience, Site Development, Environment, Social Media, and Events...spanning the entirety of the overall Brand and User Experience.


Their offices are awesome - very sort of Gehryish - and if you're ever been to Newburyport, you understand why he chose it.

The man gets up at 5 and runs every day, which explains why there appears to not be an ounce of body fat on him.

Congragulations, Ted. And thanks for the free food!

P.S. This will make you green with envy: they don't pitch. Either the client gets it or they don't.

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December 14, 2011

Give Charlie Bidwell for Christmas


NY alum Charlie Bidwell is an amazing photographer and now some of his images have been placed on clothing and are available for sale on fab.com. Click here to see his clothing collection.

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