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February 14, 2012

Nat Whitten Sings!


If you were lucky enough to work with C/D NY copywriter Nat Whitten, you know that he is an irrepressible scamp. Here's his latest:

One day after the industry's biggest night, the music world neither pauses nor reflects as we present a new album by The Burlinson|Whitten Trio for your listening pleasure.


Should you be so kind, we would love your critique of "Running Through Museums." As this will be a wonderful break
from sitting in John's garage figuring out how to add a G minor 7th chord to the other three we know.

And any tweets,blog posts,facebook linkage, or introductions to Adele's management team would be greatly appreciated.

BWT (not to be confused with BTO, or CCR, or OMD, or J-Lo) thank you for supporting very, very independent music.