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May 28, 2012

Rose Marie Dorn

Rms Carolita Hq-1

My favorite Jay/Day emails are the ones from the REALLY good ol' days back on Olympic Boulevard. Here's a great one!

I'm Rose Marie Dorn (Stevenson), at C/D in '76-'78 in Media. Originally at the old Olympic Blvd. building -- the building with the ladies room featuring the art boards broken to a V-shape and hung strategically to funnel the occasional Los Angeles rain into the toilets -- since it was on the top floor and the roof leaked. And if you ever had to go to the bathroom there, you distinctly remember that yes, it does rain in Southern California. Well, you know, art boards are cheaper than a roof. Maybe the men’s room was higher class? Then we moved to the Biltmore. Never quite the same. Oh, the Biltmore -- where Jay was the first ever Advertising Head Honcho to declare that the office would be open cubicles "because it was more open to collaboration." We all knew that the real reason was that it was cheaper than the offices other agencies had -- including us on Olympic Blvd. with the leaking roof. Don't see that anyone told the story of how C/D got into Consumer advertising, being an exclusively trade/retail agency up to that point. I forget which was its first consumer account (do you recall?), but Jay won it by making the presentation, and then ending it with " … and we also do trade advertising." Pure Jay. Maybe Bill Moreland would remember. After Advertising I had a horse ranch for a while in Agua Dulce CA, then moved to Snohomish WA just north of Seattle where I remain with the two best Paso Fino horses I had bred, plus now a 44-year-old rescued old fella. Just started a blog BoomersAndHorses.com for Boomers who love horses and are looking for innovative ways to relocate and/or downsize with their critters. It's interesting how many ex-C/D'ers are in Washington state.

Sue Lamski

And by golly, here's another alum who has appeared out of nowhere!

Greetings, I just found this website and it brought back lots of memories. I worked in SF in the late 70's for Hoefer, Dietrich + Brown and for a while after we were acquired by Chiat Day. I was in the Accounting Dept - talk about a clash of cultures! It's interesting to read about all perspectives and to hear familiar names, Chuck Phillips, Hy Yablonka, Adelaide Horton…

I haven't lived in the Bay Area for many years - I'd like to learn more about what happened after I left until the office closed. Any suggestions?

Sue Bailey Lamski

May 20, 2012

"A Cry For Quiet"


Here's a fascinating article from today's New York Times about the difficulties posed by working in an open office. How many of these issues did we confront oh so long ago?


May 10, 2012

Ken Segall's book on NY Times Bestseller list!

Insanely Simple Book-1

Ken Segall's new book has hit the New York Times bestseller list!