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June 20, 2012

I hate "MobileMe"

It's a piece of software for the Mac that is supposed to keep all of your contacts and calendars in sync, from Mac to iPhone to iDon't Even Know. I actually run this list off of a PC and when Apple recently upgraded their MobileMe software, it deleted all of my categories, so I can't remember who is on the JayDay mailing list or not. I'd kill Steve Jobs but that would be redundant. So I am piecing together what I can from previous emails. One day, I promise, I'll get it all sorted out.

Franz finally got snagged!



Franz Kurath worked for me in IT in the Los Angeles office and I believe he swore that he'd never get married. But here he is, with his lovely bride Jenna, on the shore of Lake Como in Italy last autumn. They rented a villa overlooking the lake and invited 25 of their closest friends to join them.

I believe that Franz also swore that if I ever posted a photo of him on Jayday, he'd kill me. But I never paid much mind to that. I was taller than him.

Congratulations, Franz!!!