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Brian McKenna

I'm in Seattle (headed to Portland tomorrow) and had a wonderful brunch with one of the original employees of Chiat/Day Seattle, which eventually became Chiat/Day/Livingston. Brian was the senior writer there and remembers when this gutsy kid who had just graduated from the University of Washington showed up on their doorstep. It the late, great John Salvati. He told Brian and Roger that the U of W had this great intern program: they would pay half the cost of an internship. It was a total scam, but endearing in the only way John could tell whoppers. He got the job and a career was made.

Brian and I also spoke about Monty McKinney, who was one of the kindest gentlemen we ever met. Brian said that when Monty and a group of other executives were about to get in an elevator, Monty would always stand back and let the other enter first. He'd even hold the door. And when the elevator reached its destination, Monty would let everyone exit first, again holding the door. Same style at a restaurant: while everybody else was trying to grab the power seats, Monty would quietly sit down last. What manners. Brian said, "Now that's how you show real power."

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