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Ellen LaNicca


I receive so much mail every day, sometimes important stuff slips through the crack, like this great message I received back in JULY from Ellen LaNicca.

Ellen LaNicca here – former employee of Jessica Dee Communications and part of Chiat/Day for about 3 years when Jay acquired us. While our group never really integrated with the rest of Chiat/Day I have fond memories of Jay and I wanted to thank you for all of your work these past years. I will go on the site and download photos.

One odd memory – I was the one who oversaw the photography of Jay’s apartment in the Village… lower Fifth Avenue, I think. It was a loft. My assignment was to get photographs which we would then place in Architectural Digest. I got to know Jay then. He was already getting sick at that point. They were good years and they helped make ne a better PR person. I still work with Patrice Tanaka … we are last men standing here. We sold what became PT&Co. after we left Chiat/Day to a group called Carter, Ryley Thomas and the new agency is called CRT/tanaka. PT and I are the only ones left from the former agency and we’ve both lasted beyond our contracts. PT has made quite a name for herself in ballroom dancing and recently wrote a book, “Becoming Ginger Rogers,” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marcia-g-yerman/becoming-ginger-rogers_b_1174654.html

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