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"I love the advertising business. I hate the advertising business."

This piece came to me via Bill Moreland, who got it from Bob Kuperman.

Hy Abady has been a copywriter for over four decades. This column, written for the East Hampton Star is a spot-on summation of what the industry was like and where it all went:

Doyle Dane ran an ad, a full-page ad in The New York Times. A cartoon, much like the ones that ran in The New Yorker by a cartoonist named Saxon.

The drawing was of the chairman of American Airlines, standing up, fists propped up on his desk, talking to co-workers. The caption/headline read: “We are not looking for another ad agency. We can barely stand the one we have.”

Is there a client today willing to be this clever and irreverent?

Is there an ad agency today willing to be this risky and even show an ad like this?

You watch television. You look at magazines. You tell me.

You can read the entire article here.

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