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Richard O'Connell


Every once in a while, a certain alum will pop into my brain and I wonder how they are. Last week, the occupant of my brain was Richard O'Connell. So I wrote to him and asked him for both a photograph and an update on his life. Here is the latest on one of our favorite account executives:

I have been in Los Angeles for 6 years after leaving SF. I spent the last 3 1/2 year at Disney/ABC where I launched various networks apps (ABC, ABCNews and DisneyChannel) and second screen products including the Academy Awards which won an Emmy for outstanding digital innovation.

Currently, I am consulting with small to medium size digital companies to help grow their audience and define their social media strategy. I am enjoying being in a more start up environment. Additionally, I am helping some agencies with their new business pitches. One of my projects is working with Gary Smith (Chiat/Day LA - 2000) who is the founder of At Play Creative. If anyone is looking for some consulting help, they can reach me on LinkedIn (www.linkedin/in/richardsoconnell)

Here is some other C/D alumni news

Gwen Lipsky has a thriving, strategy consulting business in NY called SoundThinking where she works with many media and entertainment companies

Leslie Engel is the head of HR for William Grant & Sons which coincidentally was my first account at C/D

Charlie Bidwell lives in LA and we recently had lunch. He is expanding his photography business and branching out into merchandise featuring his original photos.

Patty Reis is a realtor at Halstead Property in Darien, CT. Patty hasn't aged at all and is still the nicest person I know.

Elena Salij who was an account planner in the NY office is a whiz at Words with Friends. She has an expansive vocabulary and a competitive streak.

I hope you find some of the news helpful.

All the best,
Richard (aka Dick O'Connell)


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