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The passing of Marv Rich

Marvinrich 2000S

I received the news from his son, David, that Marv Rich, one of Chiat/Day's great ART DIRECTORS, died on Oct. 20. On December 1st, he would have been 79. (I made a mistake in the newsletter when I said he was a writer.)

He was a ubiquitous presence in almost every office. David managed to piece together a bio. Look at the incredible number of clients with which he worked. He also worked with some of the agency's best writers. He won many awards, including multiple Andys, Clios, IBAs, etc.

I can distinctly remember his "leprachaun" look. He was very talented and very kind and will be greatly missed.

Thank you to David Rich for going to so much work to put together all of this material for me. It really helps the wonderful memories return.

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Marvinrich 90S

Marv in the 1990s.

Marvinrich 80S
…and in the 80s.

Marvinrich 70S
And in the hip 1970s!

Marvinrich Illustrations

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