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Donnie Everett


Who is that man in the Chiat/Day t-shirt cleaning a toilet? At 79 Fifth, we all called him Donnie as in "Donald Everett." If you don't recognize him by his face (see below), you may remember his accent. Donnie was a "Southie," as in "South Boston." His accent was as thick as chowder.

From '83 to about '87, he worked in the mailroom, ordered office supplies, cleaned the office and took care of the "odds and ends" which often required attention at Jay's apartment.

He also did a lot of painting of office walls and cubicles. He was always putting up nameplates, sometimes for new hires and sometimes for departures. (He knew who was leaving before they did.) He says that sometimes he just took them down to paint a divider and would sometimes forget to put them back up. The employee would come back to their office, find their nameplate missing, and race to Eve in HR to find out if they'd been fired!

Donnie is extremely well read. In fact, Jane Newman once took up a collection to buy Donnie a Barnes and Noble gift card.

He now lives in Santa Monica. On March 22nd, he had knee-replacement surgery. After a lot of physical therapy, he is starting to feel better and better and says that the swelling has subsided to the point where he can actually see his kneecap again.

I salute Donnie because he was one of the wonderful characters who made C/D such a special company.




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